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Hello hello!

So, I am new, if you all haven't guessed it. A dear friend told me that my role-playing needs would be satisfied here. I hope to be able to meet new people who are interested in the same themes as I am and hope to make friends a long the way.

So a little about me? I am a developing writer. What does that mean? I mean that I went from someone who hated everything there was about reading and writing in high school so did as little as she could to pass and focused more on math and art, the things she loved. Going from an Architecture major and taking a huge flip in changing her major to an English major. So my grammar isn't always up to par and if you ask me something an English major should know, I might not know.

Why change? Because I love writing. My mind is filled with so many ideas that I just don't have enough notebooks to put them in... And I am a hoarder of notebooks... I am currently working on a romance novel. YES... my obsession is romance novels. Smut is amazing. And I am not talking about 50 Shades of Grey, I am talking about taking that to a higher degree. Beatrice Small was my favorite author of all time. Amazing story lines and enough goodies to keep my interest.

I feel like role-playing has helped me develop into who I am now. I use to be one of those one-liner role-plays, but now I can post an average of 500 words if given enough to play off of. I have some problems with details, but I am currently working on that. I feel role-playing with others tends to help me develop myself to becoming better at what I love to do.

Well I hope to have fun with this community and I can't wait to start. Happy Role-playing everyone!


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