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  1. Hey, I found this place whilst searching for a new spot to roleplay at. I've had a look around for a bit now and really like the look and feel of this place, and hope I can get into some Roleplaying soon.

    I enjoy roleplaying and am also a large fan of anime and manga. Generally I am active in roleplays quite a lot and try to reply both quickly but in detail. I really hope I can get into some RPs with some cool people soon, and can't wait.
  2. Hello Unbound :)

    Welcome to Iwaku! We have a lot of people who love anime and manga here as well, so I'm sure you'll find a bunch of people here you can talk to! I'm not sure if you're more into Group Roleplays or 1x1s, but we have plenty of open requests and sign-ups for both. Of course, if you'd rather just hop in without waiting around, we also have Jump-In roleplays in the group section. Those don't require a sign-up or character sheet.

    There's loads more to find, but I'm sure you'll see it all on your own or somebody else will be here to dump a bunch more info on you eventually, hahah.

  3. Welcome to the site, Unbound! I hope you enjoy your time here! If you're looking for something besides roleplays, such as a place to show Iwaku your next best selling novel, or your greatest masterpieces of art, the Museum is a great place to check out, especially if you want to have a character, banner, avatar, signature, or whatever you want drawn or be drawn by you for and by members of Iwaku! If you want to improve your roleplaying skills, head to the Institute! If you're bored of roleplaying, in addition, make sure to check out General Chatting and Cbox. Anyway, nice to see you, and I hope you make lots of great friends and roleplays!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.