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  1. Hello! I'm not new to roleplaying, but I may need some tips! I...don't really know where to go, I like 1x1's and Group RP's but I want to start fresh with someone who wants a partner to RP with, or someone who can use a parter for their new forum. So...Do I just wait till someone PM's me if anyone ever (by some miracle) read my Bio?
  2. Hello. There, consider yourself talked to. If you're asking for RPs to join, either check the list of sign ups here (I like to get the page to organise by start dates to filter out the ones with 500 + posts), or check the individual genre pages. All can be got to from the "home" page. Just click "Forums" on the top bar. Additionally, perhaps you should consider filling in your roleplay resume (I forgot how to do it so I can't help there) which will tell people what kind of things you enjoy so they know if you might enjoy their RP. I will have a new RP created in a couple of hours, which you may join if you like angels and demons and the like.
  3. Okay...I will check it out.
  4. My goodness. I give you a long eloquent response like that and you respond with 6 words? How terribly rude of you :P and not even a "thank you" in there. It's as if you have no idea how to talk to an egotistical maniac who has a god complex.
  5. Uh...thanks. You have successfully made me not like this site so far, and I made my profile 10 minutes ago. Congratulations, are you happy now?
  6. ... You know I was joking right? Hence the :P and the describing myself as an egotistical maniac with a god complex? I thought about that post quite a lot too about whether or not you'd realise it was a joke. That's the third time I've done that now. I think I might just start avoiding conversation all together then.
  7. ....I'm so stupid.
  8. Don't worry. Everyone on this forum misinterprets my comments. If you check the members tab and click the most downvotes tab you'll notice that I'm the most downvoted person on the entire forum from just 2 posts. They weren't even in a main forum.
  9. I'll just wait for 4 years! Just finished my preferences! (Woohoo! Where's all the people that are supposed to be swarming me now?) Oh wait, there aren't! Thanks!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I can't swarm people when I am at the grocery store! ;__;

    Welcome to the community Angel! :D If you are looking for single partners, the One on Ones area will be perfect for you! You can browse people's request threads OR post up your own!

    *Whispers* Don't mind Rai.
  12. @Diana
    *In best cartman voice* HEY! No one tells people to not mind me! Even if they are an honorary god. *End cartman voice* In all seriousness, There are loads of people joining each day, so how come I always see the same ones around and barely any new faces when I'm scanning for RPs?
  13. Because new people are scared and shy! O__O
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