((Um if anyone roleplays Fullmetal alchemist or pokemon or anything reply please

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  1. ((i will introduce my characters for fma or pokemon and if you just want to plain rp they adapt easily that what i love about them *huggles characters* ))
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  2. Pokemon Rp would be great~ so will it be 1x1 or group?
  3. I've got quite a lot of adaptable characters as well. Four of my first OC's ever were pokemon based, as three gijinkas and one trainer. But would this be a 1x1 or group?
  4. probably 1 on 1 cause that stresses me out less
  5. I have a pokemon RP in the fandom section
  6. I see then I think I might skip this one out sorry..
  7. ((awesome <3 ))
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