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  1. So, yeah, I'm new, but definitely not new to roleplaying. I've been roleplaying off and on for about ten years or so, I started on neopets when I was heavily into writing Fan-RPs so I guess even longer than I thought, like 13 years or something xD

    I'm currently attempting to write a YA novel, I'm so slow though, I only have like 10K words or so since my muse hiatused on me in October. However, ideas are always coming to me for it, so it'll get done eventually. Haha.

    Basically I'm here looking for a fresh start to roleplaying, been on a few forums, and thought this one was well thought out enough that it could possibly become my new home. As for what kinds of RP I like, it varies. One day I want nothing but fluffy romance and the next want to have my characters kidnapped and shackled to a wall. So more than likely almost anything you offer me will be ok. I say almost because there are some things I will not do, but ask me first and I'll yea or nay them ^_^

    I have many varied hobbies, but most include fangirling over TV shows (HIMYM, DW, SPN, and others) and movies (HP, THG, MB, RE), drawing and reading - role playing too, but that's a given. Hehe.

    I think that's about everything, if there's something you want to know, go ahead and ask me :3
  2. *hugtackleclings* Hai my friend! I like your siggy. xD
  3. <333 Haaai~ Hehehe can you guess what it's from? ;D
  4. Duh, cannonball.
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  5. >>; I know I'm predictable that way, but that song <3 unf I love it so hard
  6. Hiiii there miss butterfly! welcome to the community!
  7. Thank you for the welcome~ ^_^ I really like this place already :3