Um. Hi.

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  1. Hi. I'm someone who goes by the pseudonym, Volitaire(If you can even call it that, I simply like to feel special). Before one wonders, no. This name is not referencing the band. It's referencing the French Enlightenment Writer. I tend to get asked if I know the band pretty often, sadly I know none of their works as I'm very horribly versed with the musical styling of most artists. But before this goes off tangent, let me begin again.

    Ahem... I'm Volitaire. I uhh, do a lot of RP things as you all surely do. I tend to stick to very fictional Roleplays and for specifics you can look on my resume thing. I left it as fitting as I could. I'm sure I'll find a lot of bright minds here, this site looks to be abundant with an aspiring community of Roleplayers. So umm... Too keep this as not verbose as possible I'll leave it here. So, see you in another thread maybe.
  2. I didn't even know there was a band of that name, I have only heard of the writer-philosopher Voltaire. Welcome to Iwaku, may your stay be pleasant.
  3. Thank you, fellow person. :U
  4. Hey, Volt! Can I call you Volt?
    Have you found any amazing roleplays yet? I'm sure we can find you some!
  5. I welcome the name, Volt. So far, I'm co-admining one for a friend of mine. I'll probably look into joining more Roleplays when I'm not so swamped with things at my job. It's been a hindrance as of late. ._.
  6. Well, good luck with that, and welcome to the site! If you need anything I always have fresh cookies and good advice!