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  1. Hello there people im new here and thot id say hi and get to kno u guys :cool:
  2. Why hello, my name is Kitti and it's a pleasure to see you here.
    The best way to get to know members is through roleplaying together!
    You start in the OOC area to sign up, and then post in the other subsections.
    If you have any questions, need help, etc. feel free to ask me or really anyone you feel comfortable talking to :D
  3. well thanks if u dont mind i made a topic in RP basics that has a question i really need answered
  4. hey there nice to meet u
  5. Welcome!

    I'm Vay and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have (its my job 'round here).

    In disagreement with Kitti the best way to get to know the members is to talk to them. Though the best way to do that is to talk about RPs.

    To help us get to know you you may want to fill out a ROLPLAYER'S RESUME

    Most roleplays have an OOC that you can read over and post asking questions or making characters.

    Have fun and pop in the Cbox, there almost always someone there you can get to know.
    4 Corner TIME, CUBES EARTH.


    In other news, hi.
  7. That gets me thinking, 24 hour rotation means 6 hours of full sun per side and each entire side experiencing sunrise/set and having about 18 hours of night.

    It would be epic.
  8. [​IMG]

    Iseri Asakura



    "I am a warrior. Using your eyes against you my weapon is my beauty, and your temptations."
    Iseri was raised in the Tanchozuru clan, her parents were great merchants. Growing up she learn trade, and took up the art of dance and martial arts. She was always alone, probably due to her personality, which was far from graceful. She was a black sheep among the cranes. As time went on she realized this and decided that in order to make life easier she would have to change. She acted completely different the next day, rather than staying away from everyone she approached them and put on a mask of innocence, grace, magnetism and confidence. She started making friends that day, being accepted. Her acting was a little bad but with years of practice she got better and better, until she could change her personality instantly and dramatically. It actually began to worry people, making them wonder what she was really like behind that mask.

    At 16 she grew bored of her home and decided to leave. She stowed away on a merchant’s ship and hid there as it set to sea. She stayed hidden for a while until the ship was attacked by some Zai pirates. When they found the stow away they captured her. She managed to talk her way out of their ship’s dungeon and they took her in. With them she could be herself and they enjoyed her company, she fit right in.

    She stayed on the sea with the pirates for 5 years, learning their ways and becoming quite popular in the criminal world. She knew the many trade routes from her parents, and took advantage of this knowledge to help her new family. She made a name for herself ransacking trader ships from both the isles and from Zai.

    She returned to the isle and for the past 2 years lived by gambling, cheating, stealing, and evading guards. She doesn’t have a set home, just goes from town to town renting rooms and hanging out in the local Izakaya (tavern).

    2 iron fans
    A pouch full of colorful herbal pastes (used for makeup)
    6 ryo, 4 bu, 2,587 mon
    Lock picks

    "Everyone has their story... Unfortunately for you you'll never know mine."
    Athletic: You are naturally athletic, less prone to overexertion and you are capable of feats most humans have a hard time keeping up with.

    Deft Hands: you are a talented pickpocket and lock pick... Among other things.

    Fleet of foot: You are naturally adept at being sneaky and move quickly but silently.

    Merchant Ties: You know people, people who trade, who know the sea and air routes and can get you things nobody else has.

    Martial Artist: You have practiced in a dojo, or by yourself with a master of your own. You have learned to fight with or without a weapon, often to compensate for not having the sword training of a noble youth. Martial arts is a way of life for you, it has lent you both strength and peace of mind.

    Perceptive: You can easier spot changes in body language and shift in voice. You notice the little things, the way they change posture when they think nobody is paying attention. But you always pay attention.

    Persona alteration: You are able to change your personality at the snap of a finger, you know how to change the way you look through make up, and clothing, and you can even slightly change your voice.

    Manipulative: You have a way with words, being able to twist them in a way to get what you want. You do extremely well influencing the behavior and/or emotions of others for your own purposes.

    "Try not to bore me too much, okay?"

    Criminal Reputation: Due to the many crimes you've committed in your past, you are well known in the lands. Keeping a low profile would be best.

    Phobia (Heights): You will often correct one saying your fear is falling, not of heights, which is half way correct. Looking down to see the earth so far away makes you freeze in your tracks. Even with great determination the most you are able to move while in the air is very little.

    Materialistic: You enjoy material possessions and often indulge yourself in temptations such as alcohol, pleasure, and gold. Your body is counted among the materials category, you like to stay healthy and can be a bit obsessive about it.

    Nimble: You are more focused in speed and flexibility rather that strength, so you may be over powered by brutes, but your acrobatics and swiftness evens the playing field.

    "I do not fear battle, it brings a little excitement in life,
    don't you think?"​
  9. Hellooooo!


    Welcome to the site! I'm Trance Kitsune, but most call me TK or Julez, I'm in control of counseling and member relations! If you need any help with anything, let me know and I'll help you myself or direct you to someone who is better fitted to help! Don't hesitate to call on me!


    Skype: juliajrudes

    There's a lot of fun and creative RPs out as of the moment, most of them created by Zypher, and if you need any help with any RPs, I'm sure everyone would be willing to help you out!
  10. I have been wanting to learn some DnD lingo to throw at people in an argument...
  11. And i'm helping! yay!
  12. im here to rp like theres no tomorrow if u can put up with my grammer slip ups then will be gud rp buddys so give me a shout if u need people for a rp story
  13. What kinda DnD lingo you seekin' ta learn?
  14. Something threatening, or something about weapons and dice rolling. But we should keep this out of some ones greeting thread.
  15. Ok. Just join the Table-Top Tyrants and we ca talk there.
  16. Hello there and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

    *walks off into the shadows*