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Um....Hey People.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Domeki Sato, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. So Hey my name is Domeki Sato I am 18 Years old..I am New to this site but I am not new to RP.Trust me on that one any how I can't wait to get to know some of You guys and girls and hope to have Great Time here
  2. Whispers in the dark while I pet my Tiger.. Fu fu~

    Welcome to the Madness. Please enjoy your stay ..~
  3. Well Whats up dude hope you like it here.
  4. Hey all thanks for the welcome ^-^
  5. Hello and welcome.Oh and be careful...some people on here bite... *Grins revealing my fangs.* and I'm one of them. *Evily laughs.*
  6. O.o I will be Sure to look out then thanks for warning me. *laughs*
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  7. Hallo Domeki! :D Welcome to the siiiiiite!
  8. You're welcome Domeki. *Smiles then pours myself a glass of O Negative blood.Smells it then slowly sips it.*
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  9. Hello welcome to iwaku! I hope you make lots of fun here and make a lot of friends!
    if you ever want to RP just hit me up :3
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  10. *Hugs back*Sure I will do that *Gives flower*Accept this As a gift for your kindess
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  11. Awww thank you so much *takes flower and puts it in my hair* your so sweet i hope we can rp soon :3
    Hope you have a good day btw
  12. Anytime you want to RP let me know and thanks
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