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    Be expecting a lot of random stuf like that from me...ANYWAYS! Um well HELLO THERE WORLD OF IWAKU! I you can tell I'm a very socially awkard person....anways I guess I was kinda dragged here against my will. When you're on a roleplay on a very buggy site and the owner of the RP decides to drag the whole RP over here I guess you may as well follow.
    This is the third roleplay site I have join, my first one having been a complete turd site. And I'm still active on the second. But don't be expecting inexperiance from me. I've been roleplaying sincd 4th grade due to some tramatic events. I've only ever finished one roleplay and it was a form roleplay. It was on a actual game. Probably the most insane thing I have EVER done.
    I am 13 years old, well for two more days, by the time most people see this it will be one day. December 28th.....yep CHRISTMAS TIME BIRTHDAY!!! Yipee for that one...
    From my name you can probably tell what kind of girl I am, and yes I am a girl. I am a major fangirl/musician. I even run my own bloggish tyoe account, my Instagram account in which I will keep secret cause it's my presious.
    Anyways I'm going to go either hide and play Final Fantasy VI or go and write....probably the first one cause I'm never going to finish a story.
    Goodbye for now my new friends!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku booksmusicanime! :D
    I noticed three things which your name which I totally love.
    1) I am a huge book fan, I have read more than 100 books (<-- not even joking on that part) so it's pretty refreshing to see another one who stays by the old and reads a book~ Or maybe you write books who knows? DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNNN
    2) I am a musician as well :D I sing, play the flute and a lil bit piano~ So nice to meet new musicians~
    3) Anime, since who doesn't love anime, well some prefer manga but even so, anime :D

    So welcome to Iwaku, I am sure you will enjoy your stay here^^
  3. Thank you Yuomi! In answer to your question about me either reading books or writing them I actually do both. I read and write, though it may be that I write fan fictions but oh well.
    As for my music skills I'm can sing, play guitar, clarinet, flute, and piano.
    Anime is my more preferred form of stuff, I will read manga if I am DESPERATE or if I realize there's more to the manga than the anime and then I'll read the manga.
    Sorry for that clearly unnecessary reaction of mine, but it's just very rare to find a flute player these days~
    I do both too, although I am pretty lazy so the book of mine is just at chapter 2 and probably won't come to chapter 3 in a while XD
    I am a manga reviewer so I constantly read manga, I actually read more manga than watching anime :O
  5. Hiiiiii booksmusicanime! Welcome to the community! :D Hopefully this site won't be a turd!
  6. I'm not that good with a flute but I'm getting better.
    I'm on chapter six on one story, chapter four on another, and chapter two on the final one. Then I also write reader insert one shots so that's always fun.
    I would review manga or anime I just comes down to that I have a really short attention span.

    Thank you Diana! The first site I was on was a turd cause the commuity on there was just terrible. All anyone on that site cared about was themselves.
  7. Practice makes perfect they say^^
    You're a dedicated writer I give you that :O
    It's really fun reviewing you should try it sometime~
  8. Welcome to Iwaku! Enjoy your leisurely (We Hope) stay on this awesome site! Hope you have an amazing birthday and have a great time on here!

    I also hope nobody you meet on here fits in with the description you wrote about the people of the other site. We're just weird and often heavily opinionated! :3
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