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  1. Hello there... I'm rather new here, and have spent some time looking around and trying to figure out how things work, and what is were and all, so I *think* I'm ready to introduce myself.

    My name is Elizabeth, and it is a pleasure to be a part of such a large and interesting looking group! I look forward to meeting new people and perhaps even making a few friends, and of course, role-playing with you fine sirs and madams!
  2. Hello, and welcome to the site! You'll likely find some good people to Role Play with here! Got any questions just feel free to let us know and such! Glad you found us, hope you enjoy your stay! :)

  3. Thank you very much! I am quite sure I shall. I'm rather glad I was directed here by my boyfriend, I think it will be great fun to interact with all of you here, just from what I have seen and experienced already.
  4. We're good people honestly. Seems you can find a RP for no matter what your fancy is. What kind of RPs are you looking for you think?

  5. I was thinking something nice, and sweet, for now. That may change next week though, and I could want something with a lot of blood and gore in it. Ha ha.
  6. Well that escalated quickly! Shot me a PM should you want a RP and such.

  7. Oh, I'm quite sorry about that.... I shall, thank you for the offer, at the moment, I'm working on getting a plot figured out with someone else, once that is done though I'll likely send you one.
  8. Tis no worries, just have fun mainly! Talk to you soon likely!

  9. Alright. Thank you. I look forward to it. ^^
  10. *Randomly poofs in and hugs Foxy-chan* Hello and welcome to show. Y'know for some reason, I always thought that foxes were cool.
  11. Welcome, Welcome! As you can see, I'm the Guardian of Iwaku, please to announce that we welcome you to a beautiful new world! Please enjoy and if you ever have the need to RP with the best RP players don't be shy, shoot me a PM (private message) and I'll show you what it's like ^-^

  12. *Accepts the hug and returns it* Thank you. Foxes are cool, beautiful, graceful creatures, although also fond of trouble making and can have a nasty bite. Ha ha.

    It is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for the warm welcoming, and I promise I shall, although be warned, I'm no noob to role-playing, and may give you a run for your money. ^^
  13. Welcome to iwaku! :lunaspin:
  14. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here! psssst Love the picture :D
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    Thank you!

    Thank you. I am enjoying it so far. Why thank you, I'm quite fond of it as well.
  16. Eliza or Beth? Anyway, welcome Foxy Lady.
  17. [MENTION=4333]DragonChaos[/MENTION]

    Eliza, is fine. Thank you for the welcome. ^^
  18. Hello! Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you enjoy your time here! Also feel free to send me a PM anytime so we can RP. ^^
  19. [MENTION=3861]Shadow Reaver[/MENTION]

    Thank you! I am quite enjoying it, so far. I will be sure to do that!