Um, hello? Hello. ~

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  1. I'm horrible at introducing myself, so I'll leave you with this.

    × Call me AJ or whatever else you can think of if you ever get to know me.
    × I'm not new to role playing, though I recently got back into it (and by recently, I mean... maybe a couple of months).
    × I normally never try to come off as rude or mean. That's just how I end up sounding, unfortunately.
    × If you like FnaF and Fnaf 2, you're already cool in my book.

    You can check my profile for anything else, though I haven't bothered filling that out too much anyway.

    So yeah... nice to meet everyone.
  2. *bows* Hello! Welcome to the madness!
  3. Heh, thanks. Though one would have to be mad to not get used to madness.
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  4. Hi AJ, welcome to the community! :D
  5. Thank you... Diana. ~

    And oh jeez, no teeth. Aha.