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  1. So, Okay. I know my big comeback last time wasn't that great.
    I actually feel kinda bad about that and was a little scared to comeback...again.
    So, this time, no rushing into RPs.
    I'll probably just chill in the Cbox for a month or two to decide if I can spend a significant amount of time here like I used to.

    But anyway...
  2. Welcome back again miss patty! XD
  3. Patty! :3
  4. I'll be seeing you on New Year's...So if you don't make a come back, I'll super glue you to your computer. >:)
  5. O_O
    I really don't doubt at all that you would, Rory.
  6. Welcome back, Patty.
  7. Well welcome back pixie, hope you stay this time ^^
  8. Oh, she BETTER STAY

    *Locks the doors*

    Welcome back, Patty!