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  1. No way to start this off than saying...
    Nya~! Hello! Hi! Yo! Hajimemashite! Namaste! Sup dawg!
    Jokes aside, I'm glad to be here as a new member. I've actually never attempted roleplaying before, but I do like to write. I went searching for RP sites and happened to see this one, which I thought was interesting and signed up right away! Reason as to why I'm here, my friend mentioned making a LARP group, and the idea stuck on me for some time. Long story short, here I am!
    Hopefully I can meet some nice new people here and improve my writing skills as well as get to learn some roleplaying!

    Nya-rigato for reading!
  2. Hey there my friend. The name is Domeki Sato. It's a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to Iwaku and of you need a buddy give me a shout. tumblr_static_natsu_happy.gif
  3. Hello hello,
    My name is Soul and welcome to the Hall of Stories, where Reality is an Illusion and Illusion is but the beginning of madness.
    In other words, welcome to Iwaku ^-^
    Hope you enjoy RPing with us
  4. Greetings Kami! Welcome to the siiiite!
  5. Welcome to the Madness xD. He be ~
    . Enjoy your stay here, as I am sure you'll find some Interesting things to catch your eyes xD
  6. Ola! -takes you, fresh, out of the oven-

    Sup? Nice to meet you, I'm a newbie here as well my fab. self joined last night, but nvm.~ Hope you enjoy your stay here and etc. If you want guidness through rp or smt, feel free to pm me! If you are looking for a rp partner, DO HAVE ME IN MIND.

    -puts you on the table, to cool off- Well, I'm gonna flee back, in my lamp ~~
  7. Welcome, welcome, welcome~
    Don't ever be afraid to message me, for a chat or anything you need!~ *hugs* please enjoy your stay!<3