Ultimate Iwaku Character Questionnaire

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  1. The Ultimate Iwaku Character Questionnaire

    The following is a list of 101 questions meant to help you develop your character. It is not intended to be every question that should ever be asked, nor is it intended to be something that you must do. This is simply an option for those who wish to fill it out. Have fun and let your creativity flow!

    Character History

    1. What is your character's full name?
    2. What gender is your character?
    3. What are the names of your character's birth parents?
    4. Did your character have a pet?
    5. When was your character born? (Era, time period)
    6. What species is your character?
    7. Are they from a different planet/dimension?
    8. How old is your character?
    9. Who was your character raised by? List names and relationship to your character and provide brief descriptions.
    10. Who was your character raised with? Include friends, siblings, cousins or neighbors who impacted your character's young life.
    11. Who were your character's childhood heroes? Who inspired them?
    12. Did your character have a favorite toy as a child?
    13. What sort of employment has your character held in the past?
    14. What sort of education did your character have in the past?
    15. What childhood hobbies did your character have?
    16. What natural talents does your character have?
    17. Did your character suffer any childhood injuries or illness? Describe briefly.
    18. Has your character ever fallen in love? How did it work out?
    19. Has your character ever been banned from any place or organization?
    20. What did your character think they would be/ want to be when they grew up?

    Character Description

    1. What color eyes does your character have?
    2. Describe the shape of their face.
    3. What is their skintone and do they have freckles?
    4. What is their height, weight, and body type?
    5. What sort of hair do they have? Include color, length, style, thickness, and any other details.
    6. Do they have any scars, blemishes, or birth marks?
    7. What do their hands look like? Smooth or rough? Strong or dainty?
    8. What is their vocal range? Do they sing well?
    9. Are their earlobes attached?
    10. How much can they lift?
    11. What color do they wear more than any other?
    12. Describe their daily clothes or armor.
    13. Do they have an item or weapon that is always with them? What is it, and what makes it so special to them?
    14. What do they do with their hands when idle?
    15. What sort of underwear do they wear?
    16. Do they or have they ever worn anything for long enough that they either A) are still wearing it all the time or B) have lighter skin where it once rested?
    17. What do the soles of their shoes look like? (Condition, what's stuck to them, do they have neat designs or words?)

    Character's Current Status

    1. Is your character in love with anyone now?
    2. Who is your character's best friend, or are they a loner?
    3. Do they have a pet?
    4. A favorite mode of transportation?
    5. What sort of employment do they hold?
    6. Do they work for any cause or purpose or are they just out to make a living?
    7. Do they have any illnesses, curses upon them, or mental disorders?
    8. Do they have any degrees or prestigious honors?
    9. How well off are they financially?
    10. What sort of personality do they have?
    11. What is their favorite thing to order at the bar/pub/club?
    12. Do they have a mentor or supervisor they trust?
    13. Do they have any enemies? This can be anything from annoying coworkers to sworn nemesis types.
    14. What is their blood type?
    15. What is their favorite color?
    16. What sorts of things does your character do just to fit in, impress others, rebel from society, or just put on an air of strangeness or aloofness?
    17. Is your character serious, punny, comedic, or just bad at making jokes?
    18. What fears does your character have?
    19. What situations does their courage shine through in?
    20. What foods do they like? Alternatively, what do they hate to eat?
    21. How graceful is your character?
    22. Do they play any games or sports?
    23. What sort of music do they enjoy?
    24. Does your character see any of their physical features differently than they actually appear? Which ones?
    25. Does your character perceive their personality differently than others do? Howso?
    26. How friendly is your character?
    27. Does your character have any descendants?
    28. Do they donate to any charities? This can include charitable acts.
    29. How do they treat strangers they only expect to have to talk to for a few minutes at most?
    30. Is your character a pacifist or a fighter?
    31. What sort of fighting style do they most often employ?

    Faith and Morals

    1. Do they follow a particular god or goddess? How did they come to this faith?
    2. Does your character attend church or religious services regularly?
    3. Are they law abiding in general?
    4. Have they ever broken the law? Did they get caught?
    5. Is your character considered a hero? What about a villain?
    6. Does your character have strong ties to the natural world?
    7. Is your character more drawn to arcane and mysterious matters, perhaps even the occult?
    8. Does your character have a religious or secret name?
    9. How does their faith affect their diet?
    10. Do they follow any particular religious taboos?
    11. Has your character ever killed? What were the circumstances?
    12. Would they kill (again)?
    13. Do they have any sort of restrictions on who they will and will not harm?
    14. What is more important? Love, wealth, respect, or faith?
    15. What are your character's views on drinking?
    16. Do your character's beliefs restrict who they can and cannot spend time with or associate with?
    17. Has your character ever had to perform acts of penance?
    18. Does your character carry any memento, religious symbol, or lucky charm? What is it and why do they carry it?
    19. When does your character pray or wish? Only in dire circumstances, every day, or constantly?
    20. Does your character lie? How often?
    21. Would they employ a bounty hunter or mercenary to get an important job done?

    Hypothetical Questions

    1. If your character saw a stranger being robbed at knife-point, what would they do?
    2. What would a perfect day for your character be like?
    3. Given all the money they could ever spend, what is the first thing your character would spend money on?
    4. If your character was given the choice to give birth or to adopt, which would they do?
    5. If your character knew that killing one innocent person would save the lives of millions, what would he or she do?
    6. Would your character help a person they found wandering in the woods?
    7. If the world were ending today, how would your character spend their last twenty-four hours?
    8. Your character has a genie with three wishes to grant. They cannot wish for more wishes or wish for more genies. They have to make the wishes. What do they wish for?
    9. Your character is to be cursed for a crime they committed. They are to be turned into an animal for the rest of their life. What animal is it and why?
    10. If your character could be any gender, species, and description they wanted, what would it be and how would it differ from who they are?
    11. If your character was alone in a prison cell for a week, how would they pass the time?
    12. Your character can make one change to either improve or wreck the world. It cannot benefit them personally. It must either serve as benefit or detriment to the world and must have a major impact. What would they choose to do and why?
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