Ultimate Doom

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  1. The year is 2171, Humanity had destroyed itself once, war over finite energy. Over time, civilization was rebuilt as the new government merged with the Union Aerospace Corporation, the largest conglomerate of military and civilian technological advancement and production in the New World. As if it weren't even a secret before the war, UAC released a statement that it was able to produce such advanced products due to reverse engineering of extremely ancient technology found derelict in our solar system, and as they say it "took a stab in the dark" at using copies of the technology.

    The Human civilization was reborn, and under the leadership of the UAC it began to branch out of its own world. Its first base was on Mars.....


    M1, the first laboratory to be built, met with disaster during an experimental weapons test, but with UAC's unlimited affluence and funding, M2, a second Laboratory was built. Simultaneously, a laboratory was placed on both of Mars' moons.

    The purpose of the Moon bases were unclear, and their connection the planetside base was never disclosed either. The UAC publically stated that the three bases were to ensure future advancements and possible human colonization, however their true purposes were a bit more experimental and bizarre. Secretly they unearthed mummified, fossilized and skeletal remains of humanoid creatures, identical in everyway to a human being, albeit that they are dated to have been living during the Late Cretaceous period of Earth.

    With evidence now supporting a theory of these beings being responsible for the KT event, and after finding an ancient teleportation device called the Ark, one was constructed on Earth for strict UAC purposes only.

    Yesterday, April 5, 2194, Earthside UAC offices lost communications with the Olduvai research facility on Mars following interference during an interstellar Teleportation test. Having no contact over the course of 7 hours caused a bit of worry until one message got through. An older fellow appeared on an S.O.S screen, rambling about anomalies and monsters.....demons he called them. He also mentioned an experimental superhuman serum test going wrong, and that Military support was needed. UAC called up the Jump squad, a group of space trained marines stationed on our moon, trained in the use of powered armor advanced weaponry and Ark travel, they're the ones who gets the call when someone drops the ball.

    The Mission:

    Once on Mars, locate survivors and secure them, locate, identify and neutralize threat, Extreme Prejudice, find cause of threat and neutralize, retrieve Valuable UAC data from compromised sectors. If Necessary mission becomes search and Destroy.

    The Jump Squad is comprised of 8 of the Hardest marines Humanity has to offer.

    The base on Mars designated Olduvai, emplys a permanent 85 scientists and their families, population: 245

    The Base on Phobos is smaller only employing 70 Scientists with no civilian life, population: 70

    The base on Deimos houses an Automated staff of work drones, fabrication units, and 30 human engineers and mechanics, Population: 30


    As this is a DOOM based Rp, A Health System will be in place

    Your current Health should be at the beginning of your posts, as is the level of your Armor's integrity

    Bleeding, Broken Bones, Toxic contamination, Burns, All of those gradually sap your health as time goes on without treatment.

    Ammunition is important, never leave your weapon unloaded or out of your reach, and keep the Safety off.

    Marines are NOT the only Playable characters, you are fully able to play a civilian living on Mars or a Security Officer on Mars, a Scientist, mutant, Robot, or even A Demon.

    Though the above Mission description doesn't include being on the Martian Moon bases, the overall plan is to ahve things go progressively worse to ensure that the survivors will either simply end up there, or have to go there.

    Character Sheet:


    Age: (I would prefer you have a character over 18 but under can be acceptable as well)

    Species: (Robot, Human, Demon, Mutant)


    Starting Health: 100 (Everyone starts at 100)

    Starting Weapon: (Everyone starts with one Weapon be it real or improvised)

    Starting Ammunition reserves: (How many bullets do you have?)

    Location during Incident: (This will be your Starting area as well)




    THIS IS A SCIENCE FICTION HORROR RP, though the term demon is used, the creatures are not metaphysical beings, but an Ancient race of advanced extraterrestrial beings, however, they are evil, pure evil, and were the inspiration behind the Devil or Satan in Christian Lore