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    GM: @Gowi AGM: @Lord Wraith

    Welcome to Ultimate Comics: DC, an intoxicating land where creativity for creativity's sake can take priority and enable you to render stories and events you could only have dreamed of in all of your previous mundanity. In this universe, nothing here is the mainstream continuity of DC - this is a world forged from people like you and a lot of work on my part. Continuity that exists in this roleplay is anything on the linked wiki in the information section and in the story above.

    We welcome you to a unique narrative opportunity to take any DC Comics character and reimagine them in a way that makes them pleasurable for you to write unique and original stories with.

    Whether you're one for emotional drama or a sucker for physical trauma, the vast range of characters available could fit any genre or any purpose you could reasonably imagine. The Flash as a sarcastic teenager coming into what responsibility truly means? Boom. The Question as a hard-nosed police detective serving a hierarchy he doesn't care for? Q'd up. Slade Wilson as not a mercenary but a successful military man looking to become President? Stroke it. As long as they have appeared in a canonical DC tale on either the page or the screen they're free for refurbishment. Here, the DC UNIVERSE is yours to mold.


    During the early twentieth century the idea of “metahumans” and “superheroes” were an obscure fragment invented in the course of fantasy seen in early comic books. However, the origin of the reality of the nature of such things were not merely fantasy. Such origins came out within the Second World War when eventually it became evident that a new type of arms race had begun during the world war as the administration of Nazi Germany exerted their own research into theoretical science and mythological magic as if such things were obtainable to win the war in their favor. Amongst these scientists in the company of the German war machine included Doctor Albrecht Krieger, who on report had believed he was close to cracking the code on perfecting evolution as rumors hit that a German expedition had acquired the Spear of Destiny. A task force was initially set up by the United States government whilst working with the allied forces to combat this alarming threat under the guise that it was not propaganda. Headed by Terry Sloane, the cover team comprised of Rex Tyler, Ted Knight, Lee Travis, Myron Mazursky, Elizabeth Lawrence, and Charles McNider. The team continued to work long after the war as a covert team of specialists until the team was disbanded sometime during the Cold War.

    For generations, the world that we know has for the most part been publicly void of the concepts that today we are facing. The dawn of the Superhero came vividly as in the year of 2009 the heroes that were out there finally decided it was time to reveal themselves. Two icons were made in what seemed like an instant Metropolis saw their 'Superman' stand in clear view as a plane veered off course whilst the Gotham underworld cried out as a 'Batman' made short work of their henchmen. These two icons would create a butterfly effect as men and women alike came out declaring their role in the world. These cities would witness men faster than the eye could follow, women with incredible strength, and seemingly alien constructs and forms; none of them manipulating these powers for ill, such vigilance made many romanticize these idols which sent individuals (like G. Gordon Godfrey), religious groups, and militant groups into aggressive tandem. The few critics of these superheroes would be the vocal minority and for the most part the American Government that should have been frightened or concerned only sat and allowed such vigilantism to go on as they dealt with what they felt was more imperative.

    The Age of Heroes

    In 2011, it was here a terrible force approached not the United States, but Planet Earth. This antagonist would be known as Star’ro, a parasitic alien that intended to use Earth as its breeding ground whilst it fed on the sentient life of the world. Despite being at a disadvantage, Bruce takes to his prototype ‘Batwing’ to respond to the threat which would occupy his primary concern for months as the governments of the world were overwhelmed by the force of the alien. Eventually, an alien named J’onn J’onzz reached out to Bruce and soon the caped crusader found himself fighting alongside with the other heroes of the world: Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and J’onn who likened himself as the Martian Manhunter. Through their combined strength and intelligence Star’ro found itself defeated. Superman realizing the scope of what they could do together suggests forming a “Justice League” to combat threats of this scale which at the time Batman seems indifferent towards but offers them his aid if they need it.

    In 2012, Then came the first organized group of villains that the Justice League found themselves contending against, they called themselves “Injustice Gang” as an ironic counter to the Justice Leagues own name – led by the former protégé of Professor Ted Knight named Justin Ballantine who took up the alias of Libra in an organized attempt to test his prototype weapon—the Trans-mortifier, a device with theoretical flawless energy with limitless capabilities. The first battle in a chain of conflicts that lasted a year began on the outskirts of Metropolis as Libra intended to see how much nuclear energy the trans-mortifier could absorb and “redistribute”. This caused a near meltdown at the power plant in question. The members of the “Injustice Gang” who were little more than paid mercenaries to bodyguard the project prepared to contend with The Justice League. This wouldn’t be the first battle Libra and his Injustice Gang would lose. As the Justice League contended with rogues galleries and the Injustice Gang, the anti-superhero programs (like H.I.V.E and C.A.D.M.U.S) began to see their projects finally breathe into fruition.

    In 2013, As New Year’s Day passes by, Batman finds himself in a strange situation as Oracle reports a meteorite’s collision with Earth which he requests Superman to respond to immediately through the Oracle network which has been adopted by the Justice League as an open method of communication between the heroes and to observe threats. At this point the founding blocks of “The Justice League” are set in stone though Batman adamantly only offers his aid feeling distant about being a ‘face’ of such a group.

    Current skeleton of the timeline:

    2009 - A mysterious superhuman dubbed as "The Superman" stops a 747 from crashing in Metropolis, beginning the "true" superhero era.
    2009 - A mysterious figure with the appearance that names him as "The Batman" debuts in Gotham.
    2009 - The Bat's Crusade effectively shuts down the "Roman Empire" as Carmine Falcone is admitted to Blackgate Prison.
    2010 - "The Joker" debuts in Gotham but disappears before he is apprehended. This signifies a rise of 'supervillains'.
    2011 - The Justice League forms as an alien parasite known as "Sta’rro" attacks the planet. This event is noted as "The Dawn of Justice".
    2012 - The Injustice Gang is formed by "Libra" and becomes enemies of the Justice League.
    2013 - Kara-El crashes in rural Kentucky, Superman appears on the scene. | January 1st
    2013 - An android named "Amazo" attacks the Justice League. | October-December
    2014 - Alan Scott disappears on patrol, is considered MIA. | January
    2014 - Present Day


    The Flash
    Green Lantern I (Alan Scott) - MISSING
    Wonder Woman
    Martian Manhunter

    Vandal Savage
    Lex Luthor
    Queen Bee - Head of HIVE, an organization she founded to build metaweapons.
    Ra’s al Ghul
    The Ultra Humanite
    Dr. Hector Hammond - Enemy of the first Green Lantern, psychic type
    < insert Flash villain >
    Professor Ivo - created AMAZO who attacked the JLA

    Ambush Bug


    This is an interest check to gauge whether we (Lord Wraith and @Gowi) have enough interest on Iwaku to keep a large sandbox RP up and running. We're in the process of rewriting the OOC and our CS's to make this a dynamic sandbox. There are huge plans for UDC this season and Gowi and I officially recognize our role as leaders of the game.

    Post here and we'll see what interest we get. Any recurring players from Roleplayer's Guild, PM with questions or discuss the future of UDC here. Any new players, we gladly welcome you into our fold!


    Current Roster
    Batman [x]
    Supergirl [x]
    Jade Scott [x]
    Black Canary [x]
    Scarecrow [x]
    Constantine [0]
    Green Arrow [?]
    Wonder Woman [?]

    x = confirmed
    ? = pending confirmation
    0 = current application ongoing
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  2. Interested :)
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  3. I'm interested in this very much.
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  4. Awesome! Having been in Ilium with you, I'm glad to see you again!
  5. What is going to be the policy on custom heroes?
  6. No OC's, your character is to be a reinvented version of a canon Hero.
  7. Fair enough. Do you have a character sheet or something I could use to get started making one. I'm way to excited about this than I should be.
  8. Yep just keep in mind the roster, you could potentially try and compete for a character once the OOC is up though.


    [B]| Identity |[/B]
    [INDENT] - Name and Superhero Alias[/INDENT]
    [B]| Origin & Backstory |[/B][/B]
    [INDENT] - Include proper historical background.[/INDENT]
    [B]| Character Notes |[B][/B]
    [INDENT] - Is there anything you want to elaborate on? Extra lore for the city you are home to? Notable NPCs?[/INDENT]
    [B]| Powers & Abilities |[/B][/B]
    [INDENT]This one is pretty straightforward.[/indent]
    [b]| How is this character different? |[/b][/B]
    [indent]Since the name of the game is reinvention or delivery; I’d like to see how the character is “ultimized” per ce. For example with my Batman I tend to use a variety of content from previous games, the films, the DC Animated Universe, and of course the comics combined with my own ideas. It’s not to say you have to reinvent the character where it’s completely foreign either as we’ve had players who play “by the book” per ce and things have worked just as well.
    [b]| What is your goal with this character? |[/b][/B]
    [indent]I’m just looking for motive and drive. If you passionately explain your goal then I can have confidence with you being active in this concurrent role-play.[/indent]
    [b]| Sample Post |[/b][/B]
    [indent]I’m looking for your “voice” with the character; samples will be theoretically backstory written or non-continuity posts. I’m looking for a few paragraphs with decent sense of narrative, mood, and characterization. For example, my Batman post goes through the motions of an entire response sequence to a criminal robbery at ACE Chemicals in Gotham City.[/indent]
  9. If I read correctly, The Green Arrow is open?
  10. As far as I'm aware, I know they've had a player for him in past iterations but I don't know if Gowi has heard from him this time around.
  11. Alright.
    I'm going to work on an application for him.
  12. I apologize that this interest check is a mess, didn't realize it'd look so jumbled.
  13. Yeah I tried to copy the one from your blog but that didn't go well and then the one on didn't quote perfectly so I just roughed out the difference. I figure we can blow them out of the water with the OOC though.
  14. Is it possible to play as The mistress of magic?
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