Ultimate Betrayal

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  1. It would've been a beautiful sunny day, had he not been sitting in the war-room of the castle. Marcos was going over battle plans, checking the locations of the enemy's armies. One army, in particular, had been slipping in through the north. He had had to evacuate that part of the kingdom.

    Now, the army awaited for his command. But... He was unsure as to what that command would be. If he sent out an army to battle in the north, he may leave another part of the kingdom unprotected. Who knew what the faeries were planning.

    Meanwhile, Almirah was at the archery range. Her hand wavered a little as she lifted the bow and fired, missing the target by a few inches. "Damn..." she muttered, "My aim is so off lately."

    She sighed and looked around, wondering if anyone had seen. If she was caught aiming so badly, they may make her keep training while the rest of the army headed off into some sort of battle. Nearby, she could see some warriors practice-fighting, but they weren't paying any attention to her.
  2. Denna walked slowly through the field, flexing her power like it was a muscle as she walked, opening the colorful flowers a bit early in the day. Denna sighed and closed her eyes, bare feet enjoying the cool dew of the grass. She hated war. She truly didn't want part of this. Denna was a woman who enjoyed the little things. The migration of the butterflies during spring, the buzzing bees, the brisk cold breeze at night and the singing of the birds. She wished everyone else was as easily contented as her. Then no one one be concerned about something like total rule.

    She couldn't neglect her duty though. She couldn't just watch her kind fight and die without doing all she could. She closed her eyes and flexed her power even harder this time. The grass roots in the ground rose up, wrapping themselves around her until her body was armored with earth. She extended her fingers, earth and plant both shooting out in a vine like form. It wrapped itself around a near by branch, and she pulled her arm back and tore it off. This was good, she thought. Denna preferred to stay back away from the front lines, but it was good to practice spells like this in case she ended up close to the real action.

    She relaxed her grip on her magic, and let the earth fall back to the ground. The area around her was uprooted so she stood in the middle of a circle torn up mud and dirt, and on top of a pile of earth around her. She went to sit on a large boulder not far from her in the field. That large use of her magic had tired her out. She had to conquer this, so she didn't become vulnerable during battle.
  3. Among the warriors practicing was Linoy, although he actually wasn't training but watching his comrades train "Hey! newbie, your left guard was open" he said to a knight who just got hit in as he said, the left. He sat down "what am I a babysitter?! watch yourselves, because out in the heat, that left..." referring to that one of the new knights. "...could mean your death" he noticed how serious he was and laughed to himself "hah this stuff from today almost makes me sound like that general of ours"

    He looks off and sees that It was just the same as always, only... where was the general? Oh well he couldn't focus on that he's one of the upper knights. It actually was his duty to babysit those others, but he probably forgot, since he actually tried not to get to worked up over this "hey someone take over for me I'm going inside." And inside he went.
  4. Faroh was training in the forest just north of the the castle, and encampment were most of the army was stationed, well, he would like to think he was training, but in reality he was firing a few arrows at a tree now and again, then sitting down and listening to the natural noises around him. He felt most at home within the forest, with the large ancient trees surrounding him, their branches swaying in the wind which also blew his cloak into his face every so often. He wondered whether this would be the last time he would be in a forest before his death, watching the water ripple as he threw a stone into it's depths, or the last time he would ever hear the birds around him cheeping, feeding their young.

    After what seemed like a few short minutes, though had been a few long hours, he picked up his leather quiver which housed his arrows, and slung it over his shoulder along with his Oak bow, making his way back to the castle, perhaps today was the day his battalion would be sent off to fight in the war? Perhaps not. It wasn't his decision to make, he just followed the orders, made by the higher ranks, who went the lower ranks off to fight, like chickens to be slaughtered.
  5. By now, Marcos was pacing around the room. "What to do... What to do...?" he repeated, over and over.

    After a while, he sat down in a chair next to the table where a map sat. He put his head in his hands and took a few deep breaths, willing himself to think clearly and figure out a formidable plan. He didn't want anyone to regret appointing him as general, so he would do his best.


    Almirah was facing the targets once again. Her bow and arrow were ready, but she was not. Something wasn't letting her focus on the target though. She was about to set down the bow and arrow, to go get some food, in case it was hunger. She hadn't eaten since the night before, and perhaps that was causing her to become unfocused.

    Unfortunately, she accidentally let go of the arrow, with the string still drawn back. It flew rapidly, embedding itself deeply into a tree. Almirah sighed and looked around again, then began walking over to get it.
  6. Denna closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she felt the cool breeze play with her long hair. It spun it's way around the nature loving elf and lifted up fuzzy dandelion seeds as it went, departing upward through the branches of nearby trees. She thought perhaps it was time for her to go too. She didn't want to miss anything important. She stood and headed toward the heavy castle doors. She saw some others heading the same way, but didn't start up any conversation. She hardly knew anyone who wasn't in her ranks. She didn't min it being that way, either.
  7. "Vengance look, the elf is having trouble focusing, you expect going against us would give us trouble, but look they cant even find a good archer!" Wrath smiled and eyed his sister, frowning "Sister, we are supposed to be spying and your reading....what book is that again?" he turned and sat on his thighs and watched her.
    Vengance rolled her eyes and went back to her book, her red hair flowing down to the ground towards her brother as she leaned against the tree. Her Emerald green butterfly wings outstretched and flapping lazily "Brother, you have seen this book many times I assure you" she didnt look up at him, but saw his red hair shining from the top of the book, he eyed it curiously. Vengance sighed "Its Romeo and Juliet, Wrath" she picked up a leaf from the ground and pressed it into her book, to save her spot "I dont think its wise to be spying on them, if they should find us w-" she was interupted as her brother shook his head.
    Wrath smiled "Sister we are 20 feet away from them, the more we know the better" he watched her save her place in the book and shook his head again. He cannot foget how many times his sister has read that blasted book. She must have it memorized by now. but Wrath was out of ideas, his general might want him back by now. If only he wanted to go.
  8. Almirah sighed and grabbed the arrow. She looked around once more before heading back into the ring where the targets were. She popped her knuckles and held her bow tightly. "Alright. I'm not leaving until I hit the center target," she told herself determinately. She lifted her bow and arrow and fired. She continued like this for a while, each time getting a little closer to the target.
  9. Wrath growled and his wings fluttered angrily "I'm leaving I cannot take this anymore! She's never going to hit the target correctly!" he failed to find a reason for watching her anyways. Perhaps to see her fail and fail again. Wrath couldnt help feeling drawn to her, a feeling he put aside "are you going to stay here and read?" he turned to his sister

    "Of course I am, I'm almost finished, just 9 more chapters Wrath, then I shall come home" Her hair falling out against the ponytail she had it in, whipping around her face and flowing four feet till it touched her brothers chest. She heared him mutter curse words and snarl, tired of hearing him complain she grabbed her hairtie again and re-tied her hair back in its place.. She rolled her eyes before she continued to read, not really caring if she had anything to do at home, her brother would just do it for her and claim it was Vengance who did the tasks. She was lucky to have a brother like him, so trustworthy when he wanted to be.

    Wrath sighed, standing up from his place getting choked by his sisters hair, he should cut it for her when she is sleeping, she didnt even have to fight, she should just stand in the middle of the enemys battlefield and let her hair choke them to death. All he could remember from when they were little was her temper tamtrums about cutting her hair. "I'll be gone sister" he flapped his wings and gently kissed her on the forehead before he took flight and headed home.

    Vengance sighed contently, her dress under her weight, as her legs where on top of eachother. When she was sure her brother was gone, she stood up and glanced around. Setting her book down she felt her wings open up against the wind. They lifted her alittle bit and she had to force herself down, the wind had picked up considerably, then died down as fast as the wind had picked up. The weather was acting oddly today, maybe giving her a sign. She turned and snagged her book walking down the path that led to the elves flock of horses. She had constantly been around them, she brung them greenapples from her side of the territory. Making sure no one was there and the archer her brother was spying on had not seen her. She tended to the few horses that were there, singing to them softly. Her hair flowing over theirs.
  10. Linoy came back out after just walking around and sat on a step not wanting to go back down to the training area. He thought that as soon as he got there the training would end. "Oh boy... why did I even come up here..." He see's one image as it flies away Linoy figures it's a bird and turns his attention away and looks to the warrior group. "Ehh... they're doing fine I guess." He then turns his attention to the arching group noticing that not that many of them are there and that some that were there were having a slight problem but it wasn't anything serious. "I guess they dont notice the slight wind change since its a later time of the day, I wouldn't either haha..." He decides to walk back down to the group of warriors, unecstatically.

    When he gets down he says he's back and reassumes position.
  11. Finally, after a few more tries, Almirah hit the target dead on. She looked around and noticed some of the warriors wandering inside. Was something going on in there? Had she missed some sort of announcement. Looking around again, she realized that it was only a few, the rest remained in the training area. The ones heading inside seemed to be going there for no particular reason. Maybe even to see Marcos.


    Of course, by now, Marcos had had a small mental breakdown. He shook his head and stalked out of the room, heading outside. He would take a walk, tend to some of the horses, watch the warriors and archers in the training area. He wanted to look like he wasn't completely helpless, so he would look like he was sizing them up.
  12. Vengance leaned against a strwaberry roan mare, her mane as she ate the grass flowed. A couple other variations of horses crowded around Vengance, her soft voice making some of them sleep, some of them leaning on eachother. They made soft clicks to eachother and ate gently, their backs sizzling from the sun. A few of them flipping their tales angrily. Vengance just sang. Not noticing Marcos aproaching the horses in the pasture.
  13. Linoy saw that Marcos was back "yep... I guess nothing peculiar happened." He mutters to himself. Its so silent and becoming of evening why is he coming out now? Lin wonders for a while before going back in almost an hour later to rest.
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  14. Denna sat at the table for a while. Simply resting from her small exertions during her training. She sat up stiffly when she saw Marcos walk by. He probably didn't even notice her, sitting in the dimly lit foyer as she was. She watched him walk out the door, curiosity peaked. The mage waited a while after he had gone from view before standing. This was their leader, she wanted to know what he was doing at a time like this. Denna closed her eyes and called upon the water in the air around her.The elf mage was able to bind each droplet together into a type of shimmering wall, and twist each molecule of water so that it bended the light waves that struck them.

    Denna did not fully understand the science behind what she was doing. She was acting purely out of instinct. Water was not something she used often either, so the spell was not perfect. In effect, she was able to turn the eye away from her and reflect the landscape behind her. Making her nearly invisible. With her invisibility spell intact, she wandered out to follow her leader. She was really embarrassed she was doing something this sneaky and underhanded. Hopefully if she was caught, she could just say she was practicing.