Ultimate Betrayal

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  1. On the now peaceful world of Prospera, the war between the Elven and the Faeries has been long ended.

    The two kings on either side made a peace treaty and now the two races live together, work together, play together. Everything is functioning well, perhaps even better than it did when the two races were fighting. The economy and agriculture are flourishing well. However, all good things must, eventually, come to an end.

    After the death of his father (by natural causes), the prince of the Elves became a kind, helpful king. He threw a ceremonial ball sometime after becoming king. At the ball, he met a young woman of Faerie desent. As luck would have it, this young lady was an assassin sent by the king of Faeries himself. He saw the new, young king as weak and therefore an easy opportunity to rule both Faeries and Elves.

    The young assassin was executed and, because the new king had no heirs, the Faerie King's plan worked out well and he became sole ruler. Eventually, though, someone found out about how he ordered the assassination. War once again broke out between Faeries and Elves.

    With no one to lead the Elven armies as head general, the strongest *generals were chosen to lead their warriors into battle. A new monarch has yet to be chosen, but first the war must end. Whoever comes up victorious shall rule, but the way things are, both sides are equally capable. The armies agreed that, as a long traditional term of war, they would not ask other races to ally with them and fight. Of course, he already betrayed them once, but will the Faerie king respect this term?

    Both armies have their soldiers seperated:

    The Mages: Soldiers who fight primarily with their magiks, casting spells and using sorcery. Usually in the front of the battle formations or mixed in the back with archers.

    The Warriors: Soldiers who fight primarily using blunt force. They use hammers, axes, swords, and anything else. They usually go in the middle of the formation or mixed in with the mages in front.

    The Archers: At the back of the battle formations. They, of course, use bows and arrows, sometimes using magik to enhance the arrows accuracy or effect.

    The Whisperers: These soldiers do not, in fact, fight at all. They act as "operators" giving the other soldiers the information that they need using "thought-speak". They are used to inform those on the battle field of changes in formations, battle plans, strategies, or anything else. Though they do not fight, they can be seen as the most important during the war. Should the enemy find a *Whisper-Nest and kill the Whisperers, the battle could end badly for whichever side they were on, if they can't deliver an important message.

    *{Whisper-Nest~ Large rooms hidden either underground or in HIGHLY discrete places. Whisperers need absolute silence to communicat with those on the battle-field correctly.}

    *{Elf Generals~ I need two more people to play as one of these ^^ There's one for Mages, Warriors, and Archers. I'll be taking over as one of them, so I need another two. If you're interested, please PM me.}

    Character sheets~

    Rank/Soldier Unit:
    Weapons/Favored Spells:
    Other Inventory:
    Anything else:


    [Ah, and Faeries in this world are human-sized with wings ^^]
  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Name: Almirah

    Age: 25 Elf years (pretty much the same as human years)

    Race: Elf

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Rank/Soldier Unit: Archer

    Weapons/Favored Spells: A silver bow and arrows. Likes using flaming arrows, arrows laced with venom, and also arrows with sleeping spells on them.

    Other Inventory: Carries a pouch with daggers. A deer-skin holder for her arrows, adorned with light blue feathers.

    Personality: A very nice woman, though very impatient and sometimes stubborn

    Anything else: She'll sometimes rush ahead, which sometimes gets her into trouble if she runs into an enemy and has to battle in hand-to-hand combat.


    Name: Marcos

    Age: 33

    Race: Elf

    Appearance: elvenMALE02.jpg

    Rank/Soldier Unit: Warrior General

    Weapons/Favored Spells: A steel-sword, silver daggers, as well as axes (though he only uses them on occasion)

    Other Inventory: a small medical aide kit and a vial of liquid given to him by a mage (he's not too sure about what's in it)

    Personality: Very stern and serious. He doesn't joke around too much.

    Anything else: Marcos prefers "up front" tactics, where he leads the warriors directly to the enemy. He thinks the warriors are the most important part of the army, so he sometimes leaves the mages and archers open and unprotected, though he hardly ever slips up like that.
  3. (alrighty I'll join it I guess)
    Name: Linoy

    Age: 27 (elven years)

    Race: elf

    Appearance:(drew it ofcourse since im too lazy to seach for some random pic that looks like him)
    (click for larger image)
    Rank/Soldier Unit: warrior

    Weapons/Favored Spells: steel sword

    Other Inventory: a pouch where he carries medics and such, and a headband to block his bangs from being seen (it distracts him in combat).

    Personality: He is serious half of the time but occasionally brings up a joke at the most un-approved times he's usually cheerful and cares about those close to him but he's stubborn and obstinate.

    Anything else: He'll usually stay in the back of a big group not feeling to rush nor panic.
    hmm I guess you can call him a slacker.
    (so is Linoy accepted? )
  4. (I wanna join!)

    Name: Denna
    Age: 23
    Appearance: theelfofthewood.jpg
    Rank/Soldier Unit: Mage
    Weapons/Favored Spells: Denna loves earth type spells.
    Other Inventory: Staff made from carved cherry wood, with a rose carved into the head. Also herbs and medicines.
    Personality: Surprisingly sweet and non- confrontational. Not what you would expect from a soldier.
    Anything else: Denna Stays near the back along with the archers. Despite her otherwise peaceful nature, she does not take her job as a soldier lightly, and does not hesitate to fight or kill.
  5. Yes, Linoy and Denna are accepted :D
  6. yays :D
  7. Name: Faroh

    Age: 23

    Race: Elf


    Rank/Soldier Unit: Archer

    Weapons/Favored Spells: Elven Bow with sharpened Elven Arrows

    Other Inventory: A curved dagger hidden inside a cloak he usually wears, also a vial of poison for the arrows.

    Personality: Relatively intelligent and sensible, however when a friend is in danger would not hesitate when making rash decisions, therefore would not be a good general.

    Anything else: Fast oh his feet and can make a good scout, however if in a one on one situation (Melee) will often get overpowered due to his slenderness.
  8. Approved! :D

    (Almost forgot I needed another character xD)
  9. So when will the main thread be posted? ^^ (Sorry, I'm new here)
  10. Im guessing when we get more players or atleast 1 or 2 faeries join.
  11. (Love it=P)


    Name: Nera
    Age: 19
    Race: Faerie
    Appearance: Pale skin with flowing blue/black hair. Wears black runed white robes with black elbow gloves. Wears a silver circlet encrusted with onyx jewels to focus magics.
    Rank/Soldier Unit: Mage
    Weapons/Favored Spells: Raises the Dead (Raises fallen allies or enemies for a short time to help fight or give information), Sucks life from enemies to bolster allies or raised dead.
    Other Inventory: Has a belt with certain runes inscribed all around, when she touches a certain rune and says the right combination of words, she can summon a Demon from the underworld to take direct control of (still mastering this skill, has only gotten to the point of summoning simple imps and hounds)
    Personality: Quiet, unless you're a close friend then will talk to you openly about almost anything. Is extremely loyal to her friends.
    Anything else: Her family was killed in the Old war of Faerie and Elves. She was only but a child when her mother died, and her affinity for necromancy came to life as she resurrected her mother just to say good-bye.
  12. Wonderful ^^

    Yes, the main thread will be posted as soon as we get a few more faeries and maybe a couple of generals xD Though, I'll keep the OOC open after I make the IC thread. That way, if we need characters, they can keep joining. ^-^
  13. well... better to keep the thread on the front [Fantasy] Signups/Plot Discussions page.
    So those lazy peoples can see it. silly willies.
  14. Can I join? :3

    Name: Aurora

    Age: 18

    Race: faerie.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Rank/Soldier Unit: whisperer

    Weapons/Favored Spells: she carries a small knife in her boot just in case.

    Other Inventory: she has her mother's necklace which helps her concentrate.

    Personality: Aurora is a quiet, down to earth faerie. Aurora can also be hard headed at times. She's also quite the flirt.

    Anything else: Despite being young, Aurora is a very smart faerie. Aurora is a lover not a fighter. She loves animals and creatures of all kind but she'd do anything to protect her own kind, even if it means helping to kill.
  15. Great! :D You're approved.

    Now we have two faeries ^0^ I'll get the IC up as soon as I can
  16. wooooo! :)
    btw i haven't rped in awhile so i'm a little rusty.
    but i'm excited to start again :D
  17. Yay, I though this thread had died a lonely death.
  18. let's hope not ~_~
  19. good thing I spoke up hmm ^^ lol
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