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Your first RP character and your latest RP character duke it out. Who wins?
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Lessee... That would be Yuri, a pretty ninja catgirl versus Kokone, a bakeneko in Zypher's latest RP. Funny that the first RP character of mine and the most recent of mine are both kitties with Japanese names. xD Kokone alternates her forms, though, from a regular cat to a catgirl to a regular human being. However, all her humans forms are stolen from humans she's murdered in the past.

Yuri has an actual fighting style. Kokone is more of a fiendish nightmare that terrorizes people, but when in a fight, she fights nastily with tooth and claw. She can also conjure up illusions to make the opponent lose their mind. Hmmm...

So yeah. Kokone would probably win. She'd use Yuri's fears against her and torture her until she's vulnerable enough to be killed. o__o;
That would be Maya aka Sailor Taurus from a Zodiac fan Sailor Moon RPG vs Robert Frank my sexy quasi-Italian butler from a magical family. Robert is older, and knows his magic a lot better then any reincarnated teen warrior even if her powers are stronger they're much more limited. Robert would feel bad about beating up a kid, but he's doesn't have qualms with hitting a lady if she was going to hit him.
Savage half orc with a low intelligence vs a cop...with a gun?

Helps that they're both using WoD stats... I can honestly say that the cop would win, unless the orc could ambush him and close the distance enough to get a hit in. Highly unlikely though, with the low intelligence.
Lets see first -RP- character...

Sailor Virgo a senshi VS Vivian the normal human teen with no powers.... Virgo would win. D: Crush that little teenager to pieces!
My first character ever (if I even remember him correctly) was a typical 14 year old named Jake who flailed a knife around to fight versus Taylor, a gay college student who majors in dance...

This would be really tough because neither of them are special or have powers or anything...I'd probably err on the side of Taylor simply because he's older and probably a hell of a lot stronger and if Jake lost the knife it'd be totally in Taylor's favor.
I'm not even IN an RP at the moment and I know my first character would win. Aurora was a death eater that killed people for funsies. She was also an animagus who turned into a Falcon. Badass. No Mercy. :P
Seeing as I am the first character I RP'd, or at least my internet persona is, that'd be Fel vs. Constantina. Fel can turn into a giant godzilla rip-off and all that cool nonsense, but Constantina can freeze people with her camera and is pretty bad ass with her many, many swords.

I think that mono e mono, Constantina would win.
Benedict the rapey Silent Hill cultist whose skin is unravelling


Reece, the shy muttery boy who owns possessed puppets​

*Imagines the creepy Silent Hill fight*
sMy first character was an assassin. I forgot his name. My most recent in a King named Eldren Durante. In terms of who would win? Probably the King in a one on one stand off, due to his power to harness the ice elements.
That would be a half elf ranger vs a Tech Marine..... Sorry Mr. Half Elf Ranger - you're fucked.
Hmmmmm....Well, my first RP Character was Rayne, and she was a vampire black panther hybrid, who was completely badass. However, my current favorite character, Aiden, who is a demon straight from the pit of hell is not only ridiculously adorable, but also utterly badass.

Mono e Mono....I don't even know! I think they would just tear each other apart.

I call it a tie!
Dr. Krad Dusk, a mad demon scientist, builds all sorts of weapons that combine magic and technology. Nearly ended up destroying the world to punish everyone for the way he was treated but then settled for becoming a war profiteer when that didn't go according to plan. Also invested heavily in making his giant spider creations for fun and for use as protection.

Vs Art Jones, a musician gifted with wind related abilities such as compressed air blasts, tornado creating and using wind to speed up. His director, Nero the iguana also is more than he seems to be... Think Scottish Kazuma, with bagpipes!

In a fair fight, Art easily wins, giant spiders don't like getting caught in tornadoes. Playing dirty Krad has better chances of winning with traps, special weapons or using some of his creations, but still could lose, it's hard to say who'd win, would be far closer.
Well let's see.

My first character was Geo who was the True Wind Elemental in the story I was writing him in. The latest would be Ivan, the historian vampire. Well that's a no brainer in my mind. Geo would mop the floor with Ivan's ass considering he's the embodiment of a god of nature.
Mary sue versus Mary sue.

The battle will consume and destroy multiple universes before 'Derpman', the time/space mage wins out because he saw how the battle went in a dream... while sleeping at a friend's house. It involves him 'connecting' a time/space portal with another portal used by his future self - The Derpman of the future, who likes to cheat at all the world's natural laws just to win at everything. The superior 'Derpman' from the future wipes the floor with the mech-pilot gunslinger dual-swordsman master of dragons character 'Jin'. Thus, my current creation beats out the imagination of my youth.

Derpman then muses that the creator will always be superior to the creation... by virtue of having created the creation.