Uhmm, hello..

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  1. Hello, I guess I might as well come here and greet everyone.. I'm new, obviously. Please help me out, I'd love to roleplay with you, as well as learn how to navigate the site. The roleplay site I used to be on disappeared so I went on a search, now here I am.. Well, hello again, thank you for having me..
  2. Hello hello for a more formal greeting, Momoe! :D Welcome to the site!
  3. Thank you, so much. Sorry to have asked you to change something so small, it was an error on my behalf. Thank you for greeting me and also for changing that for me, Diana. :3
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  4. Is not a problem! :D people make that mistake all the time, and it is my jobs. >:3
  5. Welcome Momoe! I'm pretty sure most people here will happily help you out if you ask them. We are all just a message away.
  6. Except for me.

    I'm a couple of threads, a wall post, and three messages away.

    Come find me.
  7. Challenge Accepted.
    I will find you. xD
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  8. Nuuuu....

    -dashes off through the threads and sub forums, skipping merrily along the way-

    You'll never catch me!
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  9. -chases after with determination.-
    I'll find you! You can run, but you can't hide!
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  10. O.O

    -runs faster as he looks over his shoulder and realizes that the person was chasing after him with some sense of resolve, attempting desperately to catch him for some reason. Had he truly said that as a challenge? Or was it something else-

    Hey there, do I owe you money or something!? Why are you chasing me?? ;.;
  11. -continues to chase him, but soon realizes that she has no real reason to chase him, so she stops, standing there quietly.-

    o-o I have no idea..
  12. Khan, behave!

    Welcome to the site. I have found everyone to be extremely accommodating. I hope you'll have a blast ;)
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