Uhm, this is awkward. Bear with me, yeah?

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    Hello there!
    Uhm, I'm not very good at this kind of thing. I hate being first to speak or post or starting first. I never know how to react. > . < And I personally don't like the pressure involved. But, this is me trying.

    SOOOO, after that boring start...

    All i know to say is that the name reads Miss Raezor Blaede. But, you all can call me Rae. I am in my mid twenties in real life and work a lot so I don't often have time to quickly post. I ask a bit of patience when speaking with me.

    I am in a steady; 3 year; monogamous relationship, but I do view Roleplays differently, so I am not selective on the rp type/theme. I am a multi character roleplayer. I prefer moderate level usage of English but, hey.; As long as you're trying, right? Uhm, I really don't like one liners... Atleast 3 lines. > > Please. <3 I'd appreciate it.

    Simple enough....so far so good, right?

    ;A small sweatdrop formed at her temple as she felt a bit or pressure weigh in.; Ah-ha.. Uhm as a roleplay character, I mainly play Rae who is, in short, an escapee experiment from Area 51 who seems to have bonded with nuclear enegry. But she isn't entirely uh.... what's the word. Uh.... stable? Yeah. That's about it until I decide to work on another character profile page.
    > >

    P.S, I uploaded the photo of Raezor so you have a general idea of what she looks like. This is a photo that i found an altered and is in no way mine. :3

    Thanks for taking time to read this. Feel free to send me a message/starter so we can get started! Anyway, take care.
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  2. Herro!

    I remember this one time when you were a ball.
  3. Yes. I do too. Quite vividly at that.
    As though it was yesterday...
    ..Oh, but wait. It was just a maybe an hour ago and change, no? xD
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  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Rae~! :)
  5. Three sentences? Mwahah! Most of us drop three paragraphs! >:D
    One paragraph is fine enough, no worries.

    Well... Time to spout the usual stuff I guess...

    Hey, you! Welcome to the site!
    Ask around if you need any help.
    Happy roleplaying!
  6. Thank you,, Chained Fiction. I look forward to being a long time member.~
    Ser K, that sounds fantastic! I can't wait to get my Roleplay on.
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