Uhm I am bad at these o.o

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  1. Shyly waves. Hi I am Selvi and like many others recently I am part of what they call 'the great migration' I am 23 almost 24 and I was lured in by this kind of roleplaying by several of the others part of the migration, namely Sarzu, Andrea, Tempest, Brovo, Kadaeux and Gat ^^.

    Uhm I generally are not that often behind a screen (because we only have 2 computers at home) but usually I am together with one of the others working on a post when I require to do so ^^ and I guess I would join what is interesting and what offers great opportunities for character development and wonderful interaction with other players.

    Don't know what else to say now o.o uhm except happpy to be here and see where this fork in the road will lead me too ^^.
  2. *bows* Greetings to a stranger, that was good for someone who says they are bad at it.:D..anyway welcome to your new home.
  3. Oh you do fine Syl, just put a bit more of Trix into your attitude and no one will even question it. :bsmile:
  4. ....

    Mate.... I never want to see her put a lit cigarette in a guys junk ever again... I still cringe when thinking about it, so thanks for the reminder.
  5. That was only the one time o.o
  6. ...and the shotgun?
  7. Which you called your boomstick and obliterated people with.
  8. .... Yeah, as much as Dee loved Trix... I adore Selvi just the way she is. *hides* please stay the same, Selvi.
  9. I think she only goes to such dark places when she is in character.... and some of the dark stuff being hints I provide :devil:
  10. Even you were shocked by the cigarette Andi :p
  11. That wasn't bad at all! Welcome!
    Please enjoy it at Iwakuuuuuuuuu.

    Ha, didn't think I'd forget you, did you Selvi?
  13. Hiiii Selvi! Welcome to us!