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  1. Yo, I guess I'll be refered to as Piercer since it's much easier to type than my whole title. I used to regularly RP on yugiohcardmaker.net, but I stopped going to the site a few month ago and when I tried to go back a few days ago I couldn't access it. I tried earlier today, but like before I couldn't access it. So I decided to look for a new site where I could RP and with a simple google search I found this website. This forum looks nice and based on what I have seen by creeping on a few threads you all seem like good people. I hope to have fun with you guys when I actually join an RP. I already skimmed a lot of the forum rules and how stuff works on this forum, but I'll probably give them another read when I visit this site tomorrow. As for now, I'm gonna go watch anime and then head to bed.
  2. *jumps out of the shadows* OOGBOOGABOOGA!

    Yeah! >:3 Bet we dun look so nice now! Welcome to the community! :D

    *Cackles and runs away!*
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  3. HI POTH

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  4. Lol Diana I freaking love you. Anyway welcome, Piercer! And yes this site looks beautiful, runs beautifully, and has great peeps :).