Uhm... hello...

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  1. Yet another newbie...
    Greetings! ^^'
  2. Iliana: Some...one say...n-newbie...?

    Amarthiel: O V O

    Iliana: !!!!!

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    W-Welcome to Iwaku, Amarthiel! Now that you have...very terrifyingly...awoken me from my slumber, I'd like to say hey! I am Iliana and it is nice to meet you!
  3. Yay! Someone replied. I can die happy now.

    Pleasure to meet you, my lady! :)
  4. welcome to iwaku :D where all the insane people gather ^^
  5. Thank you :D
    Sounds like home to me.
  6. I'M not insane. Usually. >>;;

    Hello there lady with the ginormous siggy! Shrink that picture for me and I won't have to send the kittens after you. >:3

    Also welcome to the community! <3
  7. But I want the kitties! :(

    And thank you ^^
  8. But they are evil Space Kittens! You dun wanna mess with those. D:
  9. Evil or not, they're cute.

    Wait... space kittens? Like nyan cat? o.o
    *backs away slowly*
  10. Not like Nyan Cat! Like... uhm...


  11. Hahaha.
    Poor dear looks like it's freaking out. I would too if I suddenly found myself in space.
    But it's still CUTE! ADORABLE! *brain explodes*
  12. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Niomi the Neko Nyaa >^.^<
    If you ever need someone to roleplay with I'm always up for it x3
    And just to show off the new group that I'm trying to start you can click thishttp://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=7616 to sign up and I'll see if you seem to qualify nyaa ^.~

    And if you're not interested in it you can just jump in to one of the great role plays that's already going on or make your one. Plus you can make a one [x] one roleplay here http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=61which is one of my favorites.

    I hope you enjoy your stay nyaa :3
  13. =D Hi, I'm OT, a fellow newcomer. It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Welcome to Iwaku! =D I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. ^_^

    I hope you enjoy it here at Iwaku as much as I have been! =D You made a good choice joining us.

    See you around! ;)

  14. Hello Ammy! Can I call you Ammy? :]

    I'm Ozzie, and welcome to the forum! I take it you like MLP.

    Don't believe Diana. She's nuts. 8D