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  1. Hey.

    My name is Tenebrae, formally known as Tenebrae.

    I'm new here. Obviously. But not to role playing. Ehh I've been around, but things people places and websites just got pretty weak. Either that or I was just starting to get pissed at them.

    So here i am. I promise I wont get pissed at you guys. That banner kinda says it all.

    Oh, and no. I am not a panther.


    (oh...and this thing is really easy to navigate. sweet.)
  2. Why hello there and welcome! :D I'm glad out banner reflects our total lack of suck. >:D

    I'm also glad we're easy to navigate. Gooood, goooood, hours of work comes to fruition....

    Take a gander at out lovely sofas, roleplayer resume, and open RPs. We've got several looking for new players!
  3. Mine says we're shitting rainbows, it tells me where skittles comes from.

    Welcome to the site, Tenebrae!
  4. Good day to the two of you.

    I am currently trying to locate these "lovely sofas" of which you speak...
  5. I'm glad that you think we're easy to navigate! Yay!
    I'm Kitti, and welcome to Iwaku~
    It's good to have you here, I hope that you find lots of fun stuff (I saw you registered in an OOC, so I'm not worried! <3)
    If you need any questions, please feel free to ask.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku. Hope you enjoy your time here and I look forward to seeing you in some RPs!
  7. [video=youtube;qvgYAwDORo4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvgYAwDORo4[/video]

    Pretty sure that's where skittles come from.

    Also, welcome!
  8. :D Hi Tenebrae! Welcome to Iwa--

    *watches video*

    .... *sigh*

  9. Hi Tenebrae! I'm also new, so no advice or reassurances from me. ^^; I'm not much of an RPer but I bet you'll find something to play around here. Welcome and have fun!