Uh-oh, I'm back :o

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Hello, most of you probably won't remember me, seeing as I last came here about a year or so ago, but I was joined up for a couple of years before that. I'm Aki and I'm majorly embarrassed I let myself stay away for so long >_< I'm sorry!
Excuses: university, work, writing, Japanese practice. Yeah, now that's over and done with....

I'm quite interested in trying to roleplay again, having been in a bit of a writing slump and plus I need a good excuse not to write any more essays ;_;

It's nice to meet all the new kids around here, and say hello to all the old 'uns :)
Indeed! Welcome back AKI! Good to have you with us again!
Crap...we forgot to change the locks.

I mean....

Welcome back! Nice to have you around again. Where have you been?
o.o. . .
-Blinks at the stranger, known by most everyone.-
-hides under a table.-
:'D I feel home! Thanks guys!

And I've been stuck between working in part-time jobs and entering university to do Japanese combined with Publishing (that's a loooot of work DX). Sorry it took me so long to come back!
Oooh, it's Aki!
Welcome back, we forgive you your abandonment.
You've been well, then? :D
Ha, sort of. Had a tonsillectomy in February, but still sickly XD Fun times. I've been working very hard on writing, alongside Japanese revision.

How have you been?
It would probably make you feel better to know who I am, in case you've not noticed, I'm Kitti dressed up for the holiday as Nissa Revane.
I've been up and down, mostly well of course.
Sorry to hear that you took ill and all that. D:
Haha, thanks! I thought your writing-style seemed very familiar :)

It wasn't bad really, just a day in hospital and a week of painkillers XD Not much sacrifice for a life without tonsillitis!

Glad to hear you've been okay! :D
Welcome back Miss Aki!
We totally should run another Wonderland/Dreamland RP sometime in the future. :D
So true! :o I've just joined the Steampunk one XD Wonderland was really fun!!!