Uh, hi ;-;

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  1. First time on this website. A friend recommended it to me but I'm still really freaking confused.

    So here goes :P

    My official RP name is Kinna.

    I am a female.

    (This is so damn hard) I've never RPed in a group but I'd love to try it out.

    I like a good argument/debate so bring it :)

    That's about it.
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  2. Welcome! I joined not too long ago either. I hope you find enjoyment in this site, and learn how fun it is to group RP!
  3. ^w^ hello and welcome hope you find the site fun and intresting and hope to rp with you some time
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  4. Heya! I am Domeki Sato! I welcome you to Iwaku. If you need a buddy gimmie a shout.
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  5. ^wait... what the?.... ~_~;

    Welcome to Iwaku! I, unlike you, am awful at debating! :D
    farewell here, and have fun debating like a master!
    Oh, and roleplay. roleplay lots.
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  6. Hello -puts hand over chest and bows- welcome to Iwaku Lady Kinna. I really hope you enjoy your time here