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Hello there, I usually go by the delightful name of Shy ^^; Uhm... I'm really knew to role playing with anything above one liners with a few friends. I'm called Shy for a reason, although it play's into my actual name~ Uhm... I'm a girl who loves the fantasy, sci-fi and smidgen of romance thing. Great escapes those genre's are. I do enjoy horror since I'm sadistic to any and most fictional cherecters. I usually play male cherecter that I either pull from my own stories or make up on the spot for either fun or... the old role playing cherecter was getting boring ^^;. I've switched cherecters quite a few time, but I've only changed universe's once, although me and my friend's roleplay universes are usually based off of what we come up with together. It's easier that way~ I usually play male cherecters, but I can play female's when I feel like doing so... and homophobes should probably ignore me, I enjoy making my men homosexuals a lot of the times. (She means all of the time >.>) [Quiet you!!] Uhmm.... looking at the next thing.... uhh.... i don't know what any of those things are ^^; And~~ My favorite song of the moment is Alice Human Sacrifice by the vocaloid group <3 Uh... that's it for me basically.... Hope I can learn and that some one here will be nice enough to have patience with me and roleplay with me.... ^^
Hell there and Welcome to Iwaku, Shy~
I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
We have lots of fantasy, sci-fi, and romance roleplays running all the time here or you can even start your own if you have an idea for one!
You should fill out our Roleplay Resume and then sign up for rolelays in the Roleplay Signup section!
If you have any questions, please ask. If you want to meet members, lots of them hang out and talk in the Cbox, you're more than welcome to join.
Hello and welcome to Iwaku! :D Dun worry about one liners or being new to roleplay, we have a lot of people that are really helpful.. plus a lot of workshop tutorials and challenges too that help people beef up their description skills. You'll get lots of playtime practice! XD

Plus, you can totally join us for the scheduled chatrp nights. >:3 those are MADE for short and fast posting!
Welcome to Iwaku. Enjoy your stay.
Hey there Donequis, I like that name. I can be shy too, but usually I just fake 'not' being shy and it works! Anyway, welcome to Iwaku and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask.
Wellcome, I'm also only about a week old in this site and allready feel like part of the family!