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  1. So, yeah, i'm new. i don't know what to say really because i'm not a role-player. however a friend of mine who recently joined here, stole my computer, and put up this website. so for her, i'm here. i believe her reasoning was because i recently showed her a story i was working on writing and she liked and thought i might be good ad this or something. so basically, i am a novice. sorry. i guess i should say something about me huh, well, i don't really know what would interest you guys. aside from having crazy friends and being slightly *cough cough* crazy myself. oh, i mostly like reading and writing fantasy, but i'll do anything. :) there, thats about it... i think... maybe.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, haha no need to worry, a lot of us here are pretty *cough cough* crazy.
  3. XD thanks. just nervous about role-playing for the first time.
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  4. Its understandable :3
    I'm sure you'll do fine~
  5. Roleplaying is just playing pretend! If you can play pretend and write sentences, you can roleplay! >:3 It's a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy exploring some different lives!
  6. RP on Iwaku is turbo easy and turbo fun : ) We have tones of players of all play styles always looking for new partners.

    WELCOME! I'm October, if you need anything feel free to ask.