Uh... Hi? Again? It's been a year or something.


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So hi again. You might remember me from a year or so ago when I hung around for a while and never contributed anything of value to anyone's RP. So here I am now. If it's any consolation, I was too lazy to remove Iwaku from my favorites. The real point you could hop on is that I haven't had a good RP an ever, and now it's starting to drive me nuts, and, well, this is a forum for the it.

So I'm confused on the protocol here. I'm not new, although I might as well be. I never felt I was all that "in" when I was here before and I vaguely remember some people... about as much as I remember distant family members. I don't feel like I did or posted anything of note, so I've got a blank slate there. On the other hand, I already had an account and did something(not much, but something). So we'll go with "hi again" for now.

Heh, be a member for 1 year... easiest achievement I ever got.
Well... Welcome back? XD Quit lazing about and go find some RPs to play in!
Welcome -back- to the site. Hope you find whatever 'it' is that your looking for.
hey what to ya know! someone like me! but then I was gone for like 4 years so...
Welcome back. :D.
Hopefully you'll find some literate writers this time. :)
Hello, Spam, it's nice to see you back, I suppose.
I didn't ever actually meet you, but maybe this time around. ;)
If you haven't already, please fill out our roleplay resume.