Uh, Hello Y'all!

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  1. What do I prefer to be called on this site?
    Please call me "Hikari," which can be translated to light in Japanese!
    Boy, girl, or mystery?
    Hehehe, I ain't tellin' you that. Figure out yourself! ;D
    How old are you?
    13, turning 14 soon!~
  2. ;D

    Talk guys!
    Say hello!
    Say goodbye!
    I dunno.

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  3. Hihi Hikari! :D Welcome to the siiiiiite!
  4. Hello, Diana! Ah, this site is very entertaining! *cries* I must leave this site soon. I think this will be my addiction for a while! Have a nice day! ;D wwibe0gylh.png
  5. Hi there! I hope you enjoy your time in the site, and beware of the rabid plot bunnies!