Uh.. Hello everyone.

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Who is Jam Kaisaki?

  1. Some old lady no one knows.

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  2. Oh yeah that one girl.

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  1. Hello everyone, er.. More so everyone that reads this post! My name as you can see is Kanoi. I also go by quite a few names; Jam, Kunoichi, Akali, Neko or pretty much whatever nickname you want to give me. There's not really much to know about me other than I play games, RP and sleep. Heh. Meeting new people isn't bad either so I hope that can happen as well~
  2. Hello Kanoi, welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Thank you very much ^_^ I'm starting to get more and more excited looking about the site.
  4. It's a good site. Trust me when I say you'll get even more excited once you start joining some roleplays. (;
  5. Oh goodness, that seems a bit... Risqué cx
  6. Well! Someone's mind is firmly rooted in the gutter, and for once it isn't mine!
  7. Haha! Not even! You where the one who worded it in such a way knowing good and well how it would sound. Not to mention that little smiley at the end >.>
  8. O.O..........can we be buddies...
  9. Heh, Sure. If you would like to be.
  10. I assure you, my intentions were entirely innocent.
  11. I suppose I can only take you word.... This time....
  12. OMZ YES! *hugs* welcome to Iwaku where Insanity has no limits. I am Hiroki Shoma.
  13. G-Goodness! -Giggles lightly and hugs back- Such excitement. And thank you~ I look forward to being around a lot.
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  14. Heya! Welcome to Iwaku! I'm pretty new here myself, But if You are ever interested in a Roleplay, Just send a message! :D
  15. Will do, and thank you ^_^
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  16. Welcome to the community, Kanoi~! :)
  17. [BCOLOR=#808080]Thanky c:[/BCOLOR]​
  18. S-small text Overload! GAH!
    Welcome? I'm not sure if I saw you on this site earlier or if someone else has the same Avatar ~.~
    Happy Play Rolling...
  19. Hallo Kanoiiii! Welcome to the siiiite!
  20. Hullo and welcome to the den of madness and wonder that is Iwaku! We're all pretty friendly around here except Grumpy but he's too awesome to be socially correct so don't be shy! I have a few things going and am open to new 1x1s, so hit me up via PM if you feel like doing anything ^^