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  1. {(This roleplay will be dark so please join/read with caution.)}×

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    A serial killer has kidnapped six people. Three males and three females; all in a range of different ages. Placing them in a special area, they are to be players to the killer's mind game. The game is simple, 'try to survive'. However everything has a catch...
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    Over all idea

    This roleplay may sound like everyother 'stay alive' type roleplay, but this one will be different from how it will actually be played. My goal is to actually have the players be playing this roleplay. The players will not know everything that is going on this roleplay. An example of how I plan on playing this;

    Someone's post: Alice is walking through the hallway, looking at her feet to avoid eye contact with the others.

    My response: I see this and I decide to send a private message to this player with this in it;

    Message; Your character, Alice, notices a paper on the ground. Play this out as you wish. If you wish to keep it from the others, reply to this message. If not, pick up the newspaper and reply as you will to alert the others. I will post a message afterwards of what it says on it.

    If they reply to my message I will send something like this;

    Message; It's an old newspaper dated back -some date-, there is an article about a mad doctor. Bla bla bal.

    Over all, I tell the information. Objects like this will most likely be clues or even letters the killer leaves for someone. More then just information will be placed like this. Sometimes it will be weapons, etc.

    Keep in mind not all information might be true. It can and may not be true, this is a game so be realistic and let your character be wary and such.
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    Rules and guidelines

    The rules will be simple and will just be there to help keep this game running smooth. There will be a posting limit so all players can have their input and have a chance to respond to things in game. Killing will be aloud, but with consent. To not give away the element of surprise, a player can have their character go for a kill any time. However they must message me before hand so I can keep things organize. After someone tries to kill another player, every player in that room/area will get a chance to response. With this said, no godmoding, etc. This is realistic, keep it this way. If I feel like your post is unrealistic I will ask you to edit it. Don't worry, you will get a chance to decide if your character dies (somewhat). After a player makes their 'killing post' I will message the victim. We will talk over and decide on if they get hurt badly, dies, etc. I will be using some form of dice rolling (online so I have proof), to decide on some things. Kinda' like D&D or GURPS.

    Other rules will be talked about once I know for sure others would like to join. (Which I hope they do!)

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    Reserves and character slots

    This might change, I plan for a small group, but if enough want to join, I will make more slots. Like stated before there will be six players; three female and three male, all ranging different ages. I'll let the players decide the ages, but I will not allow five eight-teen year olds, etc.

    Character slots;​

    Female slot one {(open)}
    Female slot two {(open)}
    Female slot three {(open)}

    squirrel96 {(age pending)}
    ~CrookedYoung {(Nine-teen)}
    Male slot three {(open)}

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    More will be added to this thread, as well as this will get neater with the show of interest. However I really don't want to make something pretty and put all this time into it if no one cares.
    If you're interested, please post here to let me know~! [​IMG]

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  2. I am interested if you would like to have me.
  3. Of course~!
    Would you like to reserve a slot?
  4. I would like to reserve a male slot.
  5. I'm interested in doing this. If I can I would like to reserve a male slot, please.
  6. Added you~.

    Also, would either of you like to reserve an age?
  7. Can you make mine 19 please.
  8. Can do~! c:
  9. Thank you!~
  10. No problem dear~!

    Also, I adore your avatar and signature. c: ❤
  11. Thanks! I also like your avatar, I saw it and thought it was pretty awesome. So is your signature, I love it.~
  12. Oh thank you.
    It's more bloody and gore related than usual since Halloween is near. ( >///<) ~❤
  13. That's what makes it so great!
  14. Agreed!
    I usually try to keep low on such however, since younger and even older ones might not like such. c: