Ugly Duckling

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  1. She was that fat girl in the back of the room. Everyone called her names, making fun of her stupidity. She simply endured it all. She became friends with a boy, a popular one in fact. She trusted him and he betrayed her. In front of all their classmates he bullied her like the rest. But in private he was different. She hated to admit it but she sort of loved him. But things got far and she nearly killed herself. With her worried parents, she moved away. Vowing to return and it's been 5 years later ... and now she's 17, different and a whole lot Skinner smarter and ready to kick some of ass.

    My character:
    Brooke Carothers
    Yes, this girl right here used to be bullied. Why? She wasn't the prettiest, nor was she skinny, and nor was she even smart. It was an awkward age for her and everyone goes through it at some point, but hers was just dragged out by some bullies. They led her to self harm and even suicide once, so her parents picked up and moved her to a more loving community. A small little town in Oklahoma called Bradley. Population? Less than 150, so she easily learned who was who. People were different though, she actually made true friends who also helped her. Brooke turned into the girl she is now. A force to be reckoned with. She smart, pretty, tough, and doesn't take crap from anyone. Brooke can be easily intimidating as she scares most guys around her, but they still love her all the same. Why wouldn't they? She has a nice body, intriguing aquamarine eyes, sun kissed skin, and a carefree attitude. A little too carefree though as Brooke says and does what she wants, she easily talks her way out of or into situations with girls and flirts her way with guys. Now come five years later she is keeping the promise she made to herself, she plans on just showing everyone in her hometown just how stupid they really were for bullying her. Now they'll see who's the bully, and as for the boy she made friends with well he had another thing coming to him.

    (I'll make the opening post after you post your character, or unless you want to.)
  2. He was always that smart kid, that athletic kid. He was the golden boy of the school. Loved by everyone including his teachers and his parents. As he moved from schools to his new one, he met her. She was chubby and fat. But he befriended her anyways. Soon enough the teasing got to his head. And despite the fact that they were from two different worlds, he still had fun with her in private. Eventually his feelings iced over and he felt no compassion. Even now, he acknowledges his bullying but he doesn't care. He let everything get to his head.

    My Character:
    Zander Bryant


    Like it's said. He was the beloved boy of everyone, even when he was a child. He excelled at things naturally. Whether it was academics or sports, he was like a star. Popularity eventually made him egoistic and heartless, cold to feelings and the words he spit out towards people. Truth is, deep down, he never forgot the hurt he inflicted on others. For now he's kept himself quiet, being even worse than the bully. He was being the bystander. Watching and not even acting. In closed away in his own shell, his memories of her were long hidden and tucked away in his head. He focused on his own life, when it came to social activities, he was reluctant and hesitant at times. Distant in emotions, he rarely shows his true thoughts, keeping his perfect poker face and his reputed golden boy status. This was the path he choose and carved out for himself. Too bad he doesn't realize that this year, everything will change. And it'll all start out with the victim of his past behavior.
  3. Brooke looked around their new, or rather old house. It was the exact same house they lived in when she was younger, and it was a pretty nice house. Brooke's family always had money, but she just never showed it. Well everyone was in for a surprise, she didn't think people would recognize her but it was possible. Maybe some would recognize the name, she doubted they would believe it though. Brooke would tell them since she wanted them to know, she wanted them to see just exactly how much a person could change and why you should bully nobody. Brooke would stop them from picking on other kids, but she would definitely give her bullies a taste of their own medicine. They need to know what it feels like to be on the other side, and that she was positive about.

    Finally deciding to get out of her red queen sized bed, she went over to her closet to find something to wear. Brooke developed a taste for the country style since after all she lived out there for five years, so she will be dressed pretty differently compared to others. She wanted to stand out though so that was fine with her, but she was sure nobody would say anything. Normally if you see a new kid dressed like the country you would want to start teasing them, but the way Brooke dressed she only had guys staring and girls getting jealous. She could care less if the school had a dress code, she was a straight A student with a 5.0 with advanced classes so she would bring their grading system up a lot. If they wanted to ruin that by the way she dressed then that was their problem, but based on where the school is ranked right now she was sure they wouldn't make that mistake.

    Brooke slipped on short dark daisy duke shorts that were in the ripped style, a form fitting red low cut tank top, and of course red cowgirl boots to match. The next thing she did was put on some mascara, she didn't need other makeup since she was already pretty. Brooke brushed her teeth before doing her hair, she decided to put it in loose curls. She freshened up and applied her favorite perfume Obsession by Calvin Klein, and lastly she finished getting ready by adding clear lipgloss. Brooke walked down the stairs and grabbed an apple, she was never much of a breakfast person. Brooke hopped in her 1965 red Mustang Convertible, she loved classic cars and the color red. She put on her sunglasses and ate her apple as she drove, she remembered the way all too well. Brooke smirked when she pulled up to the school, she got out of her car and locked it up. Ignoring some of the stares, she took of her sunglasses like you would see people do in a movie before walking to then into the building.
  4. Zander woke up earlier than he wanted. There he laid in bed staring up at the ceiling, white as the clouds in the sky. For what seemed like an hour, their he was laying on the bed awake. Finally when his alarm reminded him to get up, he groggily got up. Brushing his teeth and running a comb through his dark black-brown hair he glanced in the mirror for a second. His cloudy grey eyes reflected, showing him nothing but mere silence. At least this year would be the start of the end. He was almost done, almost done pretending to be perfect. Once he graduated, he could escape outside of this little in closed town.

    Pulling up a casual tee shirt and Hood, it complimented his tone skin from the summer. All he did was play soccer and have a little road trip with his mother, father, little brother and sister. Today would be just another day like the rest. All a repeat of the same procedure. Go to school, learn, hang out, practice soccer, go home and do hw, then sleep. Again, over and over. Despite the social interactions Zander had with other people, he still kept to himself for most of the time. This attracted the attention of all for some strange reason. Maybe because he was a mystery that no one seemed to be able to figure out. Not even his own parents.

    Carrying his back pack and grabbing a piece of toast and bottle of water, he waved good morning and good bye. There sat his car, nothing special, a simple blue Toyota It's modernness seemed to contradict the rest of the town where quaint towns and houses were situated with healthy green grass and sea blue skys. Throwing the bags on the seat beside him, he put in the car keys and listened to the familiar rumble of the engine. Slowly as it woke up, he grabbed the wheel and steered it down the road. With his index finger, he hit play. Pop music blared through his cars, keeping him awake and surprisingly focused. Pulling up in the parking lot, he already saw familiar faces. There stood quarter back, Ryan White and besides him was his bubbly blond idiot girl friend. She was chatting with another girl who's dark brown hair hung pin straight, Rebecca Owens.

    As he got out of his car, they all welcomed him with old pats and smiles. Zander simply smiled, noticing many people staring over his shoulder. A new girl. She wore daisy dukes that were on the edge of violating the dress code. Her brown hair framed her face nicely, her eyes standing out the most from the distance. Her features looked so familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it. Already he heard whispers, negative and positive.
  5. Brooke looked around as she saw the stares and heard the whispers, she just smirked at everything. Brooke blew a few kisses to some guys, she had their attention so why not toy with them. She almost laughed a little when one girl smacked her boyfriend since he as staring, she just shook her head before stopping in her tracks. She shook her head at some jock picking on a scrawny fellow with glasses and books in hand, she rolled her eyes when he knocked his books down and pushed him down as well. Brooke went straight up to him, she tapped the jock on his shoulder crossing her arms. The jock turned around with clenched fists, but he looked Brooke over and smirked.

    "What can I do for a pretty girl like you." he said with cockiness written all over him, she scrunched up her nose a little before smiling. Brooke ran her fingers up and down his arm, just part of the game. "Get out of my sight and leave him alone." Brooke said before pushing him back while glaring daggers at him, he scoffed and laughed a little. Brooke shook her head with a smile, and as he reached out to touch her cheek she grabbed his wrist. Brooke twisted it painfully behind his back, she then stood on her tippy toes a little to whisper in his ear. "You touch me or anyone else and I swear to god I will have you begging on your knees for me to stop." Brooke whispered with venom dripping off her every word, she smirked before pushing him away. "Now get lost." She said expectantly and he listened, he rubbed his arm too. Brooke was a smart girl and took many self defense classes, she took fighting classes as well so she wasn't someone you could really push around.

    Kneeling down to where the poor guy was scrambling to collect his books, she gathered up some of them as well. "P-please don't hurt me." The guy whispered, she smiled genuinely and shook her head lightly. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you sweetie. I'm Brooke." She said softly and held out her hand to him, he looked at her confused but shook her hand. "Eddie." He said meekly as he pushed his glasses up a little in confusion. "Well it was very nice to meet you Eddie." Brooke said as she handed him his books, she then stood back up and looked around her. She got a lot of confused stares since normally someone like her would be making friends with the jocks and bullying the nerds, but what she did was backwards though nobody said anything. With a wink towards the crowd that was watching she headed into the office to get her schedule, she picked it up then followed it to her locker.

    Brooke put in the combination to her new locker, and once she got it open she put her things in it. Taking out the things she would need for her next class she set them in her bag, she could also practically feel people's eyes on her. Good. Brooke thought since that was the point, she was going to shake things up and that was now obvious to anyone who saw that little scene in front of them. Brook wasn't here to play even though it seemed like it, she meant business but of course nobody would catch on to that. Brooke made it a game to see how loong it would take everyone to figure out just who she was, she decided lunch was when it would start getting around. Brooke could be wrong though, but she just couldn't wait to see the reactions.
  6. Zander felt empowered as he entered into the familiar front doors. Besides him strutted the blond, Amelia, giggling as Ryan whispered comments. Rebecca on the other hand was glaring down at the new freshmen, her black mascara rimming her eyes with such a boldness that she seemed intimidating. One other joined their group, Tyler. He was that track star who often ran in the morning. He was the most positive out of the five. Tyler smiled cheekily while waving to a few girls who were blushing from his attention as he winked back. Zander on the other hand simply had to focus his eyes on any girl and they would immediately stare back in awe until he turned his head, then they began to murmur among their friends.

    Finding his locker, he turned the combo. The girl below him high - fived him, her wild red manes flowing everywhere. She wasn't geeky or a 'popular', she belonged in that in between. Just like himself in a way. While Ryan and Amelia remained at the top of the social ladder, then the power drifted down to Rebecca and her rebel group. Their singing, crazy acting and blunt comments. Then it was athletic stars like Tyler. The friendly people. Then came the suave geniuses. Zander felt like he belonged in another category. The school was like any cliche movie, divided within groups.

    Heading down to his first class which was AP World History. One of the limited classes that actually excelled in college curriculum Zander had taken most of the courses and his schedule was pretty much free besides the basics of English, History and math. Science he had long finished along with language. He took up sports for the hell of it and music. He had other extracurricular, they just weren't on his mind at that moment. The bonus of finishing courses early was getting home early and not giving a damn about what teachers said. After all, within a year, they were all graduating to college and going into their separate ways.

    Finding an empty seat, he wasn't surprised by the absence of students. There were only about fifteen people in the room by the time the bell rang. An fifty year old looking woman with a poker face entered. She talked about how crucially important it was to finish this course with the best grades possible. Like a five on the exam. Zander pretended to listen, understanding the procedure well enough by now. Looking around he spotted the new girl yet again. As the teach read down the names his ears perked up. Oh ... f-ck it was her.

    Brooke Carothers.

    He never forgot. But he never imagined that she would step foot back into this little town in the middle of no where.
  7. Brooke headed down to her class with her books, she took a seat randomly in the middle of the room. AP World History, she liked to learn and pretty much all of her classes were advanced. "Here." Brooke said casually just like all of the others, she smiled at some people who looked at her since they recognized the name. Once Brooke heard Zander's name called she rolled her eyes, she turned in her desk and looked over to where he was sitting. Brooke glared at him before smirking, she was going to make his life miserable. Brooke took out a notebook and set in on her desk, she crossed off a name since she already dealt with that person.

    In this notebook it had a list of names of all the people who bullied her, she also documented everything they did to her too. No Brooke wasn't like a psychotic killer, she was just giving these people a taste of her life. Rather how it used to be, she wouldn't let anyone get to her now. Brooke was going to give Zander the hardest time out of them all, she trusted him once and he totally betrayed her. Brooke never forgot and never would, she wondered if Zander even remembered. Honestly it wouldn't surprise Brooke if he forgot all about her, he probably would do that too.

    Now she probably wouldn't be mean to him right off the bat, she decided to play it a different way. Brooke would do what he did to her, she would make friends with him then betray him all the same. He needs to know what it feels like to have someone close to you hurt you, he was practically the only friend she made but it was all fake. A stupid little game to him probably, she didn't see how someone could do that everyone here practically drove her to suicide. Not practically, she did try though it was unsuccessful. Point was it should have never even happened in the first place, she thought nobody should have to go through that. Well now Brooke is different, and by the time she graduates this school will be different too.
  8. Shifting in his seat, he caught the sharp glance from Brooke. Biting his tongue he knew that she probably still hold a grudge. After all, it doesn't take much to forget about the guy who bullied you ... especially when he heard about her suicide attempt. She probably wouldn't believe him or listen, but he never intended the harm he caused. He just never got around to apologizing. He made a mental note to himself to keep off her radar. The last thing he needed was her running behind him and causing him trouble. Though he wasn't alone in the harassment, his friends ... Ryan, Amelia, Rebecca and Tyler had all been involved in some way.

    A long time ago in middle school, Zander had first met Ryan. He was a jerk at the time - well he still is ... but the point was that Ryan spent his time messing with people. It was cruel but he always got a laugh out of things. Zander knew one thing though, he bullied Brooke for the purpose of tease. He in fact had a crush on her and Zander himself swore to never speak of a word. At the time Amelia was miss popularity as usual, except she was pretty minus the dumb. Being a fashionista and diva, she judged everyone that wasn't in her clique. Rebecca at the time was just one of the people in the crowds who watched Brooke suffer, a simple bystander. Tyler on the other hand had caused stupid and rude jokes. Always insulting Brookes weight. Zander acknowledged that he did worse than all around him, he had betrayed someone. And lost their trust.

    As the bell finally rang, Zander escaped the classroom with out a word. Whizzing pass the next few periods.

    At lunch, Zander sat with his group of people. Which was the only five of them. The weird yet respected group. The jock. The queen bee. The golden boy. The clown. And the rebel chick. They had all become individual leaders in their own ways. As Zander ate, he listened in onto their conversation. Ryan spoke of a party that was happening this Friday. Apparently there was going to be booze and all that ... Amelia rolled her eyes stressing her prom troubles. Tyler spent his time making jokes while Rebecca sat on the table with her guitar, strumming a soft tune. They were a very strange group indeed.
  9. Brooke got out of her seat once the bell rang, she was amused how Zander seemed as if he was avoiding her. Brooke would deal with all of them eventually, but she wouldn't just jump right to it of course. What was the fun in that? Brooke went off to her next classes and easily found her way round, she even met some pretty nice people who she thought she could actually get along with. Aaron was a pretty average not too popular guy, but he wasn't a loser either and not to mention he was pretty cute. Grace who seemed to be the nerdy type, she wasn't drop dead gorgeous but pretty enough. Lastly there was Spencer, and he was quite the charmer in her opinion though he was dating some girl named Zoey and Brooke respected that.

    Luckily she had all of her classes with at least one of them except first, but that was just one class. Brooke found her classes all too easy, she already knew what they were teaching since the school she was attending was ahead in their curriculum than here. Brooke got along quite well with her new friends since they were nice, funny, and spoke her language; sarcasm. They also didn't pick on anyone either, she wouldn't be friends or tolerate anyone who bullied innocent people.

    As for lunch Brooke packed, she didn't trust the lunch here. Brooke sat at the table with the new friends she made, so far this day hasn't been bad. Brooke already had some guys liking her and some girls hating her. She gave them a reason to both like her and hate here, but in her opinion if girls weren't stupid and jealous then they would see it was pretty hard to hate her. If you were genuinely a good person then Brooke would befriend you, and she is someone you would want as a friend. Better a friend than an enemy. Brooke can either be the sweetest girl ever, or the most cunning and deceiving person. It all depends on how you treat her, and seeing as how there were a select few who didn't treat her well she would give them what they deserve.
  10. Zander remained quiet as usual as his friends went on and on about their day. While Amelia complained about school, Rebecca went on about her job at the music store down town. She was so different compared to this little town of theirs. Her urban outfit and interesting choice of music made her stand out. Tyler on the other hand was going on and on about the freshmen girls he had laid his eyes on. Like a predator waiting for his prey. Zander simply sighed, shaking his head at what they were saying and doing.

    He glanced around and took notice of Brooke. She was hanging out with the somewhat averagely normal people. From what he heard, Aaron was a tech nerd who spent his time figuring out gadgets and technology. Grace was that girl he sat next to in fifth grade where she kept annoying him. The girl seemed a bit clingy but exceptionally smart. Spencer on the other hand had been a friend of Zanders. They used to play soccer together on the same team but Spencer had quit after, exclaiming that he was just done with the sport. It was all because of an argument with a few of the other players as well as the pressuring coach. Sure these people weren't exactly the most "famous" of the school but at least they were decent human beings.

    Zander returned to eating his lunch calmly and coolly. The bell was about to ring and he grabbed his books and work. He passed by the different tables with all the unique people. This would be the last year where he would see all of this. And well, he might as well savor these moments. College would be different after all. All he had to make sure off was that he nailed his grades and got his rightful scholarship to Columbia.