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  1. Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you could smack the taste out of the mouths of the people who plucked your last nerve? That is my day in a nutshell. The funny thing is, I can't even explain why I'm so pissed, I just am.

    It started off when my daughter came home from her friends house in tears today, telling me that her friend's mom called her an idiot. After a bit of piecing together what happened (Because I couldn't believe anyone would call someone else's child an idiot....) I found out that the bitch, did in fact call my daughter an idiot. Not only that, she accused her of breaking something that her own son broke.

    I kept myself calm. I didn't drive down to her house and slam her head into a brick wall the way I wanted to. (Kudos for me!) But, the entire incident has left my nerves rather raw. Everything right now is getting to me. I mean literally everything. I snapped at the cashier at the grocery store for putting my milk in a bag. (I apologized instantly. It wasn't her fault I couldn't keep my yap from running before my brain could censor it.) Laid on my horn for some woman who took two seconds to go after the light turned green, and I won't even go into all the homicidal thoughts I've had about a half dozen people today. (If you ever hear about someone killing another person by stuffing a spork into their ear and trying to rip their brains out, it's most likely me doing the killing.)

    People I can usually tolerate have pissed me off to the point where I feel like screaming in their face that I hope every organ that's precious to them shrivels up and dies. I know it's stupid and it's just me having a fucked up day, but damn it! Can't the people who get on my nerves just disappear for the rest of my life? Or at least until I'm not an emotional wreck!

    On a side note, the one thing that did brighten my day made me feel like a petty bitch, but you know what? I don't give a flying fuck right now! Maybe it'll teach the fucker not to be a lying douchebag.
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  2. I think you should confront the other mother once you're calm. No one has the right to tear children down like that, regardless of whether the child is theirs or someone else's. She probably won't react well initially, but maybe it'll sink in later and she's revise her behavior so she doesn't hurt anyone else like that.

    I'm kind of worried about your daughter's friend, though. If she's so open about calling another's child an idiot, imagine how she must treat her own kids. =/
  3. The sad thing is, I don't think she cares. Her youngest son is a terror and a bully. She has to forced kids to play with him by saying if he can't play, than his older brother (the one my kids are friends with) can't either. Instead of correcting him, she blames everything on the other kids that are around saying that they made him do it. I hate being one of those mothers who tells my kids they can't play with someone, but it' already gotten to that point. When her kids come over my house, I make sure they eat, don't let them leave unless they're going in a group and I know exactly where they're going. But a few days ago she let my daughter leave without asking her where she was going or sending my son or daughter along to walk with her. I ended up nearly having a heart attack when her son came knocking at my door and had no idea where my daughter went off to. After fifteen minutes of driving around the neighborhood, I finally found her standing in a state trooper's yard talking to his daughter. I didn't know whether I wanted to punish her for scaring me, or hug her because she was alright. @_@
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