Ugh, help?

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  1. I kind of have a plot in mind, but I'm all for alterations. I was thinking maybe some sort of fantasy-ish plot. Not limited to any set amount of mythical creatures or anything. Possibly a mercenary kidnapping a rival's heir (this may or may not turn into a sexual encounter, it's really up to how we're both feeling). Feel free to expand on this with suggestions, but that's a subplot I was thinking. I'm horrible at coming up with actual plots that aren't cliche. I'm open to pretty much anything. Mature, what have you. By fantasy, I mean mythical creatures, not necessarily powers.

    I'm for playing a male, or female. I really have no preference, but my characters are usually controlling, if a bit submissive at the same time (imagine that, huh?).

    The setting would be, perhaps, like a tribal camp, I guess is the way to put it. You know, the ruler's son or daughter gets stolen so that when the two "kingdoms" go to war, one will be at a severe disadvantage if he's killed.

    I'm really looking for a player that's interested, that's it.
  2. Go in depth with it! :D

    What kind of character will you be playing? What's the setting? Fantasy as in having powers and strange mythical creatures and that sort? What kind of player are you looking for?
  3. This is just my opinion, feel free to ignore it if you want.

    Someone getting kidnapped isn't a plot unless the story is about them escaping/being rescued. If that's not the case then it's just something that happens along the way.

    A plot is what drives the characters onward. Living in a kingdom filled with dragons isn't a plot; two rivals competing to slay a dragon and collect the reward is! Basically think of plot as another word for 'motivation' or 'story conflict'

    Also what Iliana said about getting specific helps. I find when I'm not sure where a story is going or nailing down a solid plot, that it helps if I shave away everything that's vague.

    If you want a story about two rivals, a good place to start might be what they are rivals for. (two rivalling companies? Two people competing for the same prize? Two religious sects or cults? Two sides of a brewing war?)