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  1. [video=youtube_share;e4QYkrp44us]http://youtu.be/e4QYkrp44us[/video]

    This is Finnish.
  2. I think I'm about to Finnish.
  3. The puns, they burn.
  4. Their porno empire will surpass the Swedes' in no time.
  6. And suddenly I feel like I'm on the 4chan Party Van's Team Fortress 2 server.
  7. It happens. Blame Finland.
  8. can I still blame canada
  9. That's cliched....Blame something else.
  10. Let's blame the Bosnians , they don't get blamed for enough. :/
  11. UFO PORNO!
  12. UFO PORNO!!!!!
  13. I will never go back to the same porn
    *puts my fist in the air*
    please dont join me for copyright reasons
    *whispers* its disturbed :o
  14. UFO PORNO.
  15. [video=youtube;7OSX79BG19c]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OSX79BG19c&feature=related[/video]
  16. [video=youtube_share;_7qVvtFA2dw]http://youtu.be/_7qVvtFA2dw[/video]
  17. I am not Francis Bacon.
  18. But what happens if you are?
  19. UFO PORNO!!!!!
  20. *Signals an orbital strike on finland's UFOPORNO empire*

    The xenos must be cleansed.