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  1. [rainbow]☆ DEFENDERS OF THE UNIVERSE ☆ [/rainbow]
    This is a typical slice of life anime role play set in Japan about a group of students who think their school has been infiltrated by aliens and is in danger of either total assimilation or destruction. They know they have to do something about it, but are they mentally sound prepared?

    This role play will pan out in episodes, with a random anime ending signalling the end of the episode. Post anime ending links for me to put in the roster, so everyone can have a turn.

    When Tsujo no Gakuen was first built, there were only five clubs; The Sports club, the Literature club, the Student Council, the Theater club and the Disciplinary Council. As the years went on all of the clubs except for the Disciplinary Council and the Student Council diverged and became smaller more diverse clubs. The Student Council gained more members and began changing the school for the better. At first the students were rowdy and rebellious, but after rules and negotiations were set in place, those rowdy students began to quiet down until there was no need for a Disciplinary council. The members of the Disciplinary council were at a loss. They loved their club and they didn't want to disband it. And so the chairman of the Disciplinary council, suggested that the club be renamed and given a different purpose. Instead of the enforcers of the school that no longer needed them, they would be the silent protectors of the school. When danger came, they would be ready and they would go to great lengths to vanquish anything that threatened Tsujo no Gakuen.

    And that was how the Disciplinary Council became the Defenders of the Universe.

    Twenty years later, Tsuji no Gakuen was still standing and still didn't need a Disciplinary Council. The students were just too nice and well mannered for their to be some kind of enforcement put in place. But still, the Defenders of the Universe group remained in function, although the member base has greatly decreased.

    The current members are;

    Shibasaw Mihoko, the captain of the club and direct descendant of the very first Disciplinary Council chairman. This girl is a strong and courageous young lady who never shows up to the club, but the members know that she's out in the world fighting for their cause. Every once in awhile, Mihoko will send a letter detailing her progress outside of school.
    Kato Kaiya a klutzy girl, but highly intelligent and earnest girl.
    Saiyuri Sano, an artistically gifted girl with a flair for cosplay and magic.
    Natsuki Mizushima a child genius with penchant for telling scary stories.


  2. This was by far the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to Natsuki. She, who was the by far the smartest seven year old in the region. She was the girl who could recite pi all the way up to two hundred and recite the Gettysburg address, in English and Japanese. She could do all of that, yet why can't she do this simple thing! This simple stupid primitive thing that probably a monkey could do with it's eyes closed!

    "Give me my candy! Give me my candy right now!" Natsuki shrieked at the vending machine that had stalled and was now dangling her delicious chocolate bar right before her eyes. The chocolate swayed above her behind the glass wall as if taunting her. Natsuki let out a fierce yell and slammed her tiny fist against the machine in rapid fire motion, but the chocolate would not fall. What made it even worse was that she had used her last bit of money left over from lunch and the machine would not give her her change back because it thought the process had been completed.

    If only she was just a bit stronger..."Oh! That's it!" Natsuki raced down the hall and darted into her class room, grabbing a chair and dragging it behind her as she returned to the cursed machine. Using all of her strength, Natsuki picked up the chair and began hauling it toward the glass--

    "Whoa there, little lady! No need to be so extreme!" A voice called from behind her and Natsuki turned to see Hibiki-sensei, the new principal standing behind her. The little girl blanched, because she knew that she was in deep crap now. She almost destroyed school property! Oh, what was she thinking--

    "There you go. Look, now you have two chocolates! Well have a good day! Be safe!" While Natsuki had been panicking, Hibiki-sensei had inserted coins to buy another chocolate bar which then pushed out the dangling one along with the one he had selected. Natsuki stared down founded at the two chocolate bars in her hands and then at the principal's retreating back.

    "Th-thanks?" She mumbled, looking and feeling extremely confused.

    With her chocolate in hand, Natsuki made her way to the currently empty club room where she sat down and placed the chocolate in front of her. She was still terribly confused, the last principal would have called her parents and given her a suspension for the attempt..."Hmm...Maybe he was just feeling nice?" She mumbled to herself as she tore open the first chocolate bar and crammed it into her mouth.
  3. Kaiya was the last student sitting in Science class, Tsukioka Kiyomori sitting behind his desk and tapping his fingers impatiently. The bright haired girl, whose locks matched her eyes, looked up from her test, pencil eraser between her teeth as she thought to herself. Her wandering eyes landed on a poster, and she tilted her head, thinking about the tiger picture on it. Was that a Bengal tiger? She couldn’t remember. Perhaps it was…

    A clearing of the throat distracted her and she blinked, gaze quickly moving to the man at the head of the room. “Oh!”she blushed, smiling and looking back down at her test.

    “Pencils down,” he finally said, unable to take much more of the girl. Kaiya looked up sadly, pouting a tad before brushing some hair from her face.

    “Oh, alright,” she said quietly, sighing and then forcing her usual smile onto her face. She grabbed her bag and walked up to the teacher, handing him her test which was multiple choice with bubbles. “I hope the answers make a kitty!” she grinned, as she’d simply doodled the bubbles in to make a cat face. She skipped away, leaving the man with his face in his hands, while she hummed happily to herself. Her light feet made their way to the club room, where she saw Natsuki already there.

    “Hi!” she said cheerfully, starting into the club room when she hit her hip on the doorknob and tumbled to the ground. Legs in the air at first before she simply laid flat, lifting her head with bright red cheeks and giving an embarrassed smile. “Whoopsie,”she mumbled with giggle, scooting herself upright and crossing her legs.
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  4. Sano, Saiyuri's day had gone the same as just about any other school day for her. She had her classes, collected her homework, and she'd forgotten to eat because a new cosplay design had popped into her mind, and she'd spent the lunch hour sketching it out with footnotes about each item she would need. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all, and it left her feeling a little blue and a little useless. What good was it to have all of this potential to be a true savior of the universe if the universe didn't need saving at all? Honestly, there were days when she thought it was all in her head, and those days were pretty depressing.

    Clutching her books to her chest, Sayu made her way through the hallways, almost lethargically, to get to the classroom where there would be a club meeting. The beginning of a sigh formed in her throat only for it to dissipate when she heard a commotion. She stopped in her tracks, head tilting slightly to listen, but all she could hear were muffled voices that sounded angry. She crept closer, silent as a mouse, and pressed her back against the wall before stealthily peering around the corner.

    "...really think I would let you off the hook?" She heard. It was the Vice Principal, hands on her hips, her brows knitted with anger as she hovered over a fearful looking student.

    "B-but it's my first offense! Please, Kita-sensei! It was an accident! Please make me go through with it!" The student stammered. Saiyuri's blue eyes widened at the sight.

    "You should have followed the rules. No exceptions!" The Vice Principal's unforgiving finality was something the student had never before witnessed. Something strange was happening. When Kita-sensei turned on her heel toward the hallway where Sayu was eavesdropping, she student turned tail and ran all the way to the classroom where the club meeting would begin. She had to take a second to catch her breath, but she felt significantly more energetic than she had been just moments before.

    She burst through the door, twirling herself in a circle the way Sailor Moon spun during her transformation. Her long, blonde hair flowed around her until she stopped, feet apart in a strong stance, one hand on her hip and the other fanned out in the air. "Sano Saiyuri, reporting for duty as a Defender of the Universe! I come with news of the outside world." Unfortunately, the professionalism in her voice was interrupted by an ill timed grumble from her stomach. She really should have eaten lunch. Thankfully, the only person there to witness her embarrassment was Natsuki-chan. At least, that was what she thought until she saw Kato-sempai sitting on the floor. She dropped her pose, head tilting slightly. "What are you doing on the floor?"

    Her gaze moved from the older girl to the youngest one, eyes locking onto the objects in the girl's hands. "Do you have chocolate?"
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  5. Natsuki halted in the cramming of chocolate into her mouth when Kato-san entered the room in her...own special way. t always baffled Natsuki how the girl was still living after her repeated physical blunders. Honestly the girl must be made of steel or something for her to be able to take all those hits and still be able to function properly! Natsuki thought to herself. When the older girl fell, the seven year old simply glanced back at her and continued eating her chocolate. True, the girl's clumsiness intrigued her, but not enough for her to really be concerned. It just wasn't her nature to be caring and worried about others.

    Sano-san's entrance however, forced Natsuki to stop gobbling down her delicious treat and she briefly wondered if she should run out of the room and never share. But...She doubted she could eat this much chocolate anyway. However that didn't mean that she would give the candy up that easily. Natsuki smirked, her face splitting into a terrifying smile.

    "Yes, I do have chocolate. In fact I have two bars, would you like one?" She asked sweetly, the grin still on her face. "If so, hop on one foot, while tapping your right index finger to your nose and recite the America pledge of allegiance!" She ordered with a giggle of glee. Not wanting to leave Kato-san out she gestured to her, whilst waving the second chocolate bar in the air. "You can try it too if you want."
  6. Kaiya looked up as Saiyuri burst in, twirling about gracefully before ‘reporting for duty’. If only Kaiya could turn so gracefully without losing her balance and face planting into the ground. She smiled though, giving a little wave until she was asked why she was on the floor. “Ummm…”she said with an embarrassed glance downward. Luckily, the blonde’s attention was quickly turned by the chocolate Natsuki had before her.

    Kaiya didn’t care too much about chocolate, but at the challenge the little girl genius gave her, Kaiya eye’s sparkled. “Ooo fun!” she giggled, standing up quickly. Kaiya took a deep breath, starting out by hopping on one foot. She started to slip up, and braced herself with one hand against the wall. There was no rule against that right? She had her left hand against the wall and hopped, poking herself in the nose with her right finger. “I pledge allegiance… to… America? Umm…” and with a gasp, Kaiya fell backwards, skirt flying up til she landed on her backside, legs spread out in front of her and hands holding her skirt down between them. Her lips made an ‘o’ shape while the apples of her cheeks reddened.

    “Ha well… almost,” she mumbled, brushing some long strands of hair from her face. “What news, Saiyuri?”
  7. Saiyuri hesitated a moment when Natsuki-chan gave her ultimatum, and before she could even respond, her slightly older friend took up the challenge. Sayu tried to grab for her as she fell, but the other girl always seemed to have the magical ability to fall too quickly for proper aid. Maybe she just wasn't quick enough to help. "Kato-san, are you okay!" The blonde exclaimed, rushing to at least help her friend up off the floor.

    That was mean, to say the least. Why would any of them know the American Pledge of Allegiance? She was willing to bet that even Natsuki-chan didn't know it. For a second, she wondered if it had been a jab at her mixed-heritage. Natsuki-chan was awfully young to be so cruel. It would have bothered Sayu more if she thought her father had been telling the truth about being American. She knew the truth. Well, she didn't know the truth, but she believed fiercely that her father was actually a true protector of the universe, off saving the Earth and other peaceful planets from destruction.

    Besides, Saiyuri knew the perfect way to get even. She walked over to the girl, a grin stretched her lips. "Aw. Natsuki-chan, you're so cute!" She said to her young friend and ruffled her hair. It wasn't very nice, but she didn't like when Natsuki-chan was mean, and it was significantly less awful than making cruel jabs or encouraging their friend to hurt herself. She slipped her bag from her shoulders and pulled out her lunch box. "I missed lunch, so I still have mine left over. I'll share with you both if you're hungry." She popped open the box to revealed pickles and rice. In a container beneath that was salmon, egg, fried sausage, and stewed tomatoes. In yet another container were some fresh apples. She offered them to her friends first.

    Then Kato-san asked about the news Saiyuri brought. She'd completely forgotten. "Right! It's time for business." She began. "Okay! On my way here, I passed Vice Principal Kita-sensei talking to a student. Except, they weren't talking. Kita-sensei was yelling at him, and he looked like he was about to cry. I've never seen her be mean to anyone. Last year she was so nice. What do you think we should do?"
  8. "Hmph, fine." Natsuki grumbled, upset that she was deprived of her amusement. But still...At least Kato-san tried. The seven year old slid the chocolate bar across the table towards the other girl and turned her attention to Sano-san. She was surprised honestly. Kita-sensei was the nicest vice principal ever! She was always so understand and kind overall! But Natsuki believed Sano-san, as she had no reason to lie about it.

    "Maybe she was having a bad day? Um...She could be getting a divorce? I don't know if she's married though...Oh! I also have news!" Natsuki exclaimed, remembering how she had acquired the two chocolate bars. "My candy got stuck in the vending machine and I was going to break the glass covering with a chair but then Hibiki-sensei came and I thought he was going to suspend me or something, but all he did was insert money to get my candy out and then gave me the candy that pushed the first one out! He was acting super weird too! I mean, any regular adult would have yelled at me for almost damaging property!" She pointed out, folding her arms and chewing her lip as she thought about the occurrences. "What about you Kato-san? Did you notice anything odd today?"
  9. “Um yeah,”Kaiya smiled from the floor, giggling a bit after to save her embarrassment when Saiyuri asked if she was alright. She let her friend help her off the floor and proceeded to brush off dust the janitor always seemed to miss no matter how many times they swept from her rear.

    Kaiya giggled again when Saiyuri ruffled Natsuki’s hair and treated her like a little girl. Technically, well, she was, but considering the girl’s smarts they had all learned a long time ago that she was mentally well beyond her years. Sometimes. In some ways,

    “Ooo yum!” Kaiya said, grabbing the chocolate bar Natsuki slid to her and sitting in a chair while chewing on it as if she were trying to get it to last longer than just biting pieces off and swallowing. She continued to do this while her eyes widened, listening to Saiyuri’s story about their VP. And then Natsuki’s tale about how she should have gotten in trouble, but instead she got a second chocolate bar. By the time she was asked about her day, her eyes looked like dishes.

    “Hmmm…” she mused, muffled by the candy until she took it out of her mouth to speak. “Well, Sakamae switched out a few of the others lunches with this… gross looking pile of goo. And later on, they weren’t in class. I hope it didn’t kill them. Other than that… nope. Oh, did you know the answers to the science test made a kitty?” she said before chewing on the chocolate again while looking back and forth between the other two girls.
  10. "Kita-sensei always seemed indomitable. I can't see why she'd blow up on someone just because she was having a bad day, you know?" Saiyuri said. It just seemed weirdly out of character for the woman. She couldn't really comment on the idea that the Vice Principal had gotten a divorce. Had Kita-sensei even been married? She couldn't remember hearing any mention of a husband, but maybe it was just one of those instances where she was so absorbed in her own life that she didn't pay much heed to anyone else's.

    "Huh..." Sayu murmured thoughtfully as she absorbed Natsuki-chan's story. "That is strange. Are you sure he realized you were trying to break the machine?" It seemed like the only logical explanation was that the Principal thought Natsuki was trying to get a better vantage point, but that also implied that he was a bit clueless. What kind of Principal wouldn't realize when a student was being malicious toward property? With almost every other adult, it seemed like they could practically read a student's mind when all they did was think about doing something wrong.

    She took a bite of her rice, her attention turning to Kato-san when she told her strange story. Sayu had stayed in the classroom for lunch, and she hadn't even gotten the chance to eat her own bento until now, so this was definitely news to her. She set down her chopsticks. "This is all really weird, and sitting around coming up with theories isn't getting us any closer to the truth. We need to get to the bottom of this." She pounded her closed fist into the desk definitively.
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