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  1. Interest Check ║ OOC/Sign UP ║ IC

    [rainbow]☆ DEFENDERS OF THE UNIVERSE ☆ [/rainbow]
    This RP is CLOSED.
    This is a typical slice of life anime role play set in Japan about a group of students who think their school has been infiltrated by aliens and is in danger of either total assimilation or destruction. They know they have to do something about it, but are they mentally sound prepared?

    This role play will pan out in episodes, with a random anime ending signalling the end of the episode. Post anime ending links for me to put in the roster, so everyone can have a turn.

    [Coming Soon...]

    - Site rules apply
    - No super powers.
    - No godmodding.
    - The rp takes place in the club room 50% of the time. The other 50% are spent elsewhere.
    - The excursions that the group can go on can only be initiated by the GM.
    - I am the GM.
    - Put Nya Nya Beam! If you read the rules.
    - No super sad backgrounds.
    - At least five sentences per post. No one liners.
    - This rp is supposed to be funny.
    - You have to pick a trope. You can suggest one, but that doesn't mean I'll accept it.
    -Read all of the posts that come before yours.
    - No weapons or followers*
    - One character per person.

    * In my last rp, a certain user kept having his character's followers make appearances and it was extremely time consuming and irritating. However, some tropes require follower appearances, so here's what we will do;
    If you have the Rich Kid, Animal Kid or School Idol trope, and you feel the need to have a follower appearance, I am granting you three opportunities. Meaning you can have followers appear three times and that is it. *
    * A follower appearance ex: Mimi the school idol needed her fans to help her get out of a ditch. Mimi takes out a whistle and blows on it. Suddenly a mob of screaming fans appear and begin diving into the pit, until finally Mimi, is freed from the pit.
    * On the subject of weapons, only toy weapons are allowed. BB guns are not included.

    [rainbow]T R O P E S[/rainbow]
    [You can choose up to two as long as they don't conflict with each other.]
    [Once a trope is crossed out, it is not longer available.]
    Foreigner -
    Someone from a country other than Japan

    Kid Genius [Age 7-11] - A child with a high IQ and the privilege of attending high school early
    Rich Kid - Someone with a lot of wealth
    Delinquent/Yankee - A troublemaker or 'gangster'

    Wannabe Magical Girl - Someone who really loves/wants to be/believes themselves to be, a magical girl
    Country Kid - Someone with a country accent
    Wannabe Ninja/Samurai - Someone who really loves/wants to be/believes themselves to be, a ninja/samurai

    Klutz - A clumsy person
    Cutie Patootie - Someone who is really cute, and does everything in a cute way
    Yaoi Fangirl - A girl who loves boys love
    Normal Person

    Horror Movie Kid - Someone who loves horror movies
    School Idol - A student beloved by all due to general likeable personality or because they are a teen star.
    Glutton - Someone who eats a lot

    Cosplay Otaku - Someone who really loves dress up
    Gentle Giant - A very large or tall person (or both), who is very sensitive/kind
    Hard on for History - Someone who's obsessed with History
    Cross Dresser - A boy who dresses like a girl/A girl who dresses like a boy
    Animal Kid - Someone who is great with animals.

    Character Sheet (open)
    Name: Last Name, First Name/Japanese Names unless Foreigner Trope
    Age: (15-18)
    Year: (1-3)
    Appearance (Anime Only)
    Bio: (5 Sentences Min.)

    Episode List (open)
    Coming Soon... There will be 16 episodes
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  2. School

    Kurosawa Hibiki ║ M ║New Principal ║ Very friendly
    Kita Masami ║ F ║Vice Principal ║ Used to be nice, but now is harsh and unforgiving
    Akira Akimoto ║ M ║ Nurse ║ Always asking for blood samples
    Sarah Hanson║ F ║English ║ No one understands her English or Japanese
    Onoe Sakamae ║ F ║ Lunch Lady ║ Forces students to eat 'new nutritious meal plan'
    Tsukioka Kiyomori ║ M ║Science ║ Always assigns dangerous class experiments
    Yamanaka Naho║ F ║Math ║ Has unusually sharp teeth
    Kawakami Masu║ M ║ Home Economics ║ Only eats burnt food
    Kurata Umeko ║ F ║History ║ Sniffs her students
    Satake Gonkuro ║ M ║Art ║ Always drinking out of a strange colored bottle
    Haruguchi Tomomi║ F║Music ║ Plays weird music and has her student replicate it

    Males and Females

    Defenders of the Universe
    Club Members

    Kato Kaiya ║ Klutz
    Sano Saiyuri ║ Wannabe Magical Girl + Cosplay Otaku
    Natsuki Mizushima ║ Kid Genius + Horror Movie Kid

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  3. I'll start working on my character sheet as soon as possible! What do you want us to record for the "voice" segment of the character sheet?
  4. @Thought Manifest
    It can be anything, from a typical line your character would say or just a word of greeting.
  5. Here goes nothing!

    Name: Kato, Kaiya

    Age: 17

    Year: 3

    Gender: Female

    Trope: Klutz


    Nya Nya Beam!

    Personality: Kaiya is, in general, bubbly, happy, and fun loving. She can be on the quiet side sometimes, especially when uncomfortable. She loves people, finding it hard to dislike anyone, and usually sees the best in others. Kaiya has a hard time sitting still and focusing for long periods of time, her mind often running at 90 mph. She also has some short term memory loss, as she tends to retain a lot of information quickly, and forget things she doesn’t apply right away (for example, she might forget your name if she doesn’t see you for a couple days after you introduce yourself. But if she interacts with you daily, she’ll remember useless facts about you even, like what you had for breakfast two days ago). Kaiya is a charming girl, used to getting her way with her innocent smile and big eyes. If she is disliked by anyone, it is usually someone that likes order and discipline, as she responds to neither. She is most known for her klutz like ways, getting distracted so easily she tends to run into lots of things, people, traffic lights…

    Bio: Kaiya’s father is into robotics, developing new tech constantly. She hardly sees him since he’s always at work or on the computer saying “Not now,” when she approaches. She does get to visit his work whenever she wants though, and sometimes messes around with the robot beetles and stuff. Her mother is a model, and quite ditzy. She has a personal assistant who tells her what to wear, do, and say pretty much all day long or the woman would never get anything done. She gets distracted by sales on clothes and shoes way too easily to keep herself on a schedule anyway. Kaiya is an only child, and grew up loving both her parents, though she disobeyed a lot. She could get away with it too since they were both so busy. She was known around her neighborhood as the mischievous kid, but really, she’s always just been curious, adventurous, and imaginative. She gets high grades on assignments in school, but usually bombs tests, as they take way too long and she has to sit still during them. Her favorite class is gym.

    Skills: Highly intelligent (if she can just remember and focus), Jumping (loves jump rope and just hopping to and from place to place), Being a leader (in some ways at least. She is not a planner, but a head first doer)

    Voice: She’s stuck again
  6. [​IMG]
    Nya Nya Beam!

    Sano, Saiyuri
    (Sometimes called Sayu by close friends and family)




    • Cosplay Otaku
    • Wannabe Magical Girl

    Saiyuri stands at the average height of 157.48cm (5'2") and weighs approximately 51.3kg (113lbs). Her long, pale blonde hair extends to her lower back, and she typically wears it half-up with a large, typically red, bow in her hair. Her large eyes are a vibrant blue, and her skin is very fair. A faint, natural blush seems to perpetually colour her cheeks. Her skin is largely flawless, without a scar or blemish to speak of, but she does have a series of small freckles beneath the left collar bone that vaguely resemble the star constellation Hokuto Shichisei (the Big Dipper).

    Sayu would describe herself as both dedicated and passionate. Others might classify her as obsessive and overly intense. She just loves what she loves, and those things just happen to be comic books, movies, novels, television shows, and above all cosplaying. She adores having in depth discussions about her favorite media, and she loves coming up with new cosplays. The more complex the better. Unfortunately, once she settles down and focuses on what she's building or sewing, the rest of the world tends to fade away, and she can become rather unresponsive. Worse yet, if someone manages to disrupt her creative flow or focus, she can be pretty snippy.

    On a lighter, or perhaps a more wishful-thinking, note, Saiyuri is certain she's special, and not just when it comes to her skill with cosplaying. A part of her has always believed she's destined for more than the life of the average citizen. Why else would she have been born with a star constellation on her chest? She isn't sure exactly what degree of specialness she holds, but she's pretty sure it's related to magic and/or protecting the universe.

    Sano, Saiyuri was born to a single mother who already had one child, a son. The three of them lived under the same roof as Sayu's grandparents, and she never really found out who her father was. Her brother used to tease her and tell her that she was adopted and that their mother found her in a spaceship that had crash-landed on Earth. For years, she believed it because she was so fair and light compared to the rest of her family. They all had brown hair and brown eyes. Even their noses were broad compared to hers. It wasn't until she was a preteen that she started to believe her mother when the woman told her she just happened to look an awful lot like her father who had been American. That was the most information she could get from her mom.

    It was hard on her mother, having to raise two children without a man of the house. Thankfully, Saiyuri's grandparents were loving and supporting, and she never felt like she truly lacked for anything. Sure, it would have been nice to meet the man who had contributed half of his genetic code, but her grandpa was pretty much a father figure to her, and her brother was pretty protective, too. Besides, what young girl could compete with her when she basically had two moms?

    While Sayu's mother worked odd jobs here and there, her grandfather was lead manage over a string of successful movie theatres, and that's where her true passions began. The perks of being able to watch new releases for free really enabled the match that was struck within her. She realized that she wanted to be a heroine just like the ladies in some of her favorite films, and she knew she had it in her. The constellation on her chest wasn't an indication that she was an alien; it was an indication that she had a powerful destiny far removed from the normal, everyday lives of other people. Her father probably wasn't just American. He was probably someone amazing who had to leave to follow his true path of heroism, defeating the evils in the universe. One day, Saiyuri believed she'd be awakened to her destiny, too.

    • Sewing
      - She learned the skill from her grandmother who was once a professional seamstress, and she's been doing it for so long that she can make complete outfits. She generally uses this skill to create beautiful cosplays of her favorite characters. Not only can she sew things from straight fabric, but she can also alter pre-made clothing to resemble something entirely new.

    • Prop Building
      - While her older brother was always best as disassembling objects, Sayu was always best at putting them together. Much like her love of sewing cosplay outfits, Saiyuri can also build the props for them whether it be Warbla or Craft Foam armor, weapons, or other gear. She can also make props out of everyday, household items on the fly. Her mom once used the term "MacGyvering" to describe the talent, but Saiyuri never really understood what exactly that meant.

    • MakeUp
      - Sayu's mom first taught her the magic in makeup. Interestingly enough, she's become quite adept at both everyday make-up and special effects makeup, often combining tricks from both to transform herself into an entirely new person. She loves practicing the art and trying new things.

    "Maybe try squinting?"
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  7. Nya Nya Beam!

    Name: Mizushima, Natsuki
    Age: 8
    Year: 1
    Gender: Female
    Trope: Kid Genius + Horror Movie Kid
    Personality: Natsuki can only be described as a prudish little smart alec. Since before she could even speak, she's been told that she was ten levels above everyone else, and she believed every word every time. She always walks with her head held high and she never fails to give a little giggle when someone gets a question wrong or states an inaccurate fact. That being said, Natsuki isn't always patronizing and snobbish, she has the capability to carry on a conversation without being snide and suffocating the room with her 'I know all and you know nothing!'-ness.

    Bio: Natsuki was born to two 'average' intelligent parents as she often refers to them. Her parents thought that she would be average like them and lead an average life, but much to their surprise, she was born with an spectacularly high IQ. Her parents were thrilled and peppered her with praises and gifts to help further her neurological development, but they didn't really know what to do with her when she was on her quest for more knowledge. They themselves held average jobs in the workforce, with her mother being a kindergarten teacher and her father being a construction worker. Her parents feared that Natsuki would become dissatisfied with the life she had with them and so they decided to attend the local college to broaden their knowledge so they could pass what they learned onto their daughter. Of course with them working during the day and taking classes at night, they had to get a babysitter for Natsuki. However, the Mizushima's weren't very rich and so they could only afford to pay one of the local high schoolers in the neighborhood.

    The babysitter that they chose was a girl named Ami, who didn't really care for children and only accepted the job because she didn't have a computer at home and the Mizushima's did. Whenever the girl came over to babysit Natsuki, she would plant herself down in front of the computer and tell Natsuki to go watch tv.

    At that time of night kids cartoons were no longer airing and Natsuki despised game shows and reality tv, so she always ended up on the horror movie channel. Natsuki loved horror movies because of how illogical and exaggerated they were. The blood, screams and gore didn't terrify her as they would a normal five year old. Natsuki loved every aspect of horror movies except for one specific genre; Aliens. She absolutely, positively despised aliens, as she could not analyze something that wasn't on Earth and therefore she couldn't see how illogical they were. The aliens didn't scare her, but they did worry her, and her worry soon turned to a deep seated hatred for them. Which is why she joined the Defenders of the Universe Club when she was accepted early to the local high school.
    • Analyzing
    • On the spot calculations
    • Eidetic memory
    • Storytelling (Horror stories to be exact)
    Voice: "May I remind you that I have an IQ of 178? So if anything you're the child!"
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  8. I have questions. Are the characters going to be joining this club, or are they already a part of it at the start of the game? If they are joining the club, will it be obvious that it's about trying to save the universe from the alien faculty? If they were already members, was the club something else previously and ended up evolving into defending the universe?
  9. A place holder to show that I still intend to participate. Work is in progress, and I will complete the application as soon as life allows me to. Thank y'all kindly for your patience. If you need to start soon, please don't wait, I can catch up.

    Name: Nakashima Yoshiki "Yoshiko"
    Age: 16
    Year: 3
    Gender: Male
    Trope: Cross Dresser / Wannabe Samurai
    Appearance: Slated to borrow Kuroumaru Tokisaka's image from the popular manga UQ Holder. Yes, it's main stream, but the character's hairstyle is what got me when I tried looking for a samurai-esque hairstyle. Overall inspiration comes from Gackt's music video for Returner.

    Oh, and nya nya beam desu~
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  10. @Thought Manifest
    The characters are already apart of the club and somewhat familiar with each other. And no, it wouldn't be obvious at first. When the first episode starts various characters would notice weird things about the staff and finally someone would suggest it and everyone else would go along with it.

    There will be a prologue in the first post of the IC, detailing background information about the club and what not.
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  11. Thank you! I've never done an rp remotely like this one & I'm excited to try something different.
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  12. I anticipate much hilarity involving this oddball group of people.

    I've never done an RP like this either, and even though slice of life isn't my usual cup of tea, I see this as a fun challenge due to the voice acting and the anime-esque creation of it.
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  13. Okay, so, I got blindsided by illness, and my voice is all sorts of messed up right now because of my throatal problems. If it's not better by the time we start, should I forgo the voice acting part until I sound less like Joan Rivers, or will we pretend that I just don't sound like Joan Rivers when I do the voice acting?
  14. I do not recommend you to strain your voice while you have a sore throat. You don't have to do the voice acting while ill.
  15. @Vegnya
    I need a status update from you.

    I would like to start this rp before anyone loses interest.
  16. Just wanted to let you know my voice is back to normal.
  17. Awesome, the rp will start on Friday.
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