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  1. Group Link Here

    This RP idea is a reboot and fusion of my old group RP's (all of which have been extremely successful and reputable) which are Ultiverse, HiPer, and The Ulti. Some of which have led to successful spin offs and the works. Due to the old groups system being updated, I figure this is a good a time as any to jumpstart things back into gear! ^_^

    I need people who are interested in OC heroes in an OC universe where you all make and shape the lore and history of that universe. Together it will create something unique and exclusive only to those who are involved.


    It's a new era.

    Everything's changed. You remember those stories you read growing up? The fantastical adventures of your greatest heroes and their triumphs over impossible odds. How we'd immediately run outside with a towel or blanket on our backs with our stick swords in hand, ready to take on the world. You remember how even as we aged we always thought in the back of our minds what if...what if we were placed on this earth with a different purpose...a higher purpose. What if we were the one in a trillion that would literally one day revolutionize the world with feats of the unimaginable. How we'd talk about what we'd do if we had this or that...replaying the fantasy over and over and over again...

    And then the day came where that was no longer a dream. This vast, amazing, wonderful, exciting planet Earth we live in became something that turned our most radical machinations into the surreal. Reality. We don't know what triggered it, where it came from, or why it did...but the world all see one shared vision in wake of this gripping history: This was no fairy tale. The average everyday person has become something more...super. Supreme. Where were you the day The Ulti were born?

    Unless you are one.

    For all interested, I have a system to randomly assign superpowers to whoever would be interested in the rp. You do not have to do this, you CAN provide your own skill/ability sets. Each person will be generated a power and will have to learn to adapt and develop their characters as well as their powers in a setting with crime, danger, and real world events just as probable and imminent as It would be in everyday life. The initial setting of the rp will take place in the fictional city of Mecca City, which is placed in the middle of the USA (on the edge of Missouri) but has urban status like Los Angeles. Note that this was created to house a central setting for the rp, and all other locations on Earth are based off real locations. Of course people will have to decide if they'll do justice or chaos, and know that every action taken will have consequences.

    Overall this will be a epic and fun rp, but with undertones of a more grounded universe. Won't be any aliens or magical overlord wanting to control the realms so to speak. Only you would help shape the world to what it'd become. This will likely be done in a group so that arcs, stories, information, and etc. can be organized nicely, and we can spread to as many plots/stories as we'd like (after the first arc). I want this to be collaborative and expansive (like building our very own Dc or Marvel, except real world and humanized 100%)

    +Characters that have been approved will be categorized by a power grid using the DISSEC grid (Durability, Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Energy, Combat). You won't see these until approved. Multiple stories will spark from different power levels, but everyone will begin with the initial start plot. I want this to be free-based RPing, with a structured and centric plot driven story.
    Now, let's get to the good stuff. Time to shape a universe. How it's shaped is entirely up to you.

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  2. Count me incredibly interested. I've been waiting far too long for a good superhero RP and this one has such an impressive premises. I'm really hoping this will have a successful jump start, good luck!
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  3. Interested.
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  4. This idea, I like it.
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  5. I'll do one of those Thor/Wonder Woman/Aquaman-type characters and a character based on Shazam.

    Maybe a third character who is part of a Divine Pantheon.

    My favourite part about expansive hero verses is the magic.
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  6. I'd like to play as a shapeshifter (a dragon shapeshifter....) so if that's allowed, that'd be awesome.

    And if a second character is allowed, I'd like to do a shadow-controlling one.
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  7. I'd say...hold off on the multiple character thing until you see how things go. It'll be pretty expansive and I don't want you guys to get jumbled between multiple plot arcs and what not.

    I'm not really against extremely powerful characters (remember they have to get approved though), just make sure it makes sense and is grounded in a sense. Can't have street level missions if everyone is born-this-way cosmic ya know?
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  8. Right, right, of course. I understand.

    Alright. I'm sticking with my dragon shifter, then, and hoping she gets accepted when I can get her sheet up.
  9. Very well, I will go with my first choice then.

    His base physical capabilities are somewhere between Atlantean's and Amazons.

    My character(or characters if you count his horse who will display evident signs of sapience) will have a supernatural flair to him. He's a Faerie, but I'm using the more traditional definition as opposed to the more modern, one-body-type depictions.

    I'm guessing that supernatural flair isn't what you desire for this RP?
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  10. You guess wrong :], I don't limit boundaries of characters or anything, it just has to make sense and be sorted enough to justify how and why they are the way they are. You can even make them mysterious on the CS, just PM me the actual full details if you dont want others to see.
  11. Working on the clan now!
  12. *bounces excitedly*
  13. This sounds fun
  14. Be happy to have "You" xD

    I'm so punny
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  15. I'd like to join with a villain. Hehehehehe.
  16. That's fine, you just have to PM me details since the 1st arc will already have a villain. I'm going to keep it relatively street level for the beginning so we can try to fit your character in the right place.
  17. Well I would love to do that but the pm system is saying that I may not start a conversation with you. :( *gross sobbing*
  18. :{ I'll reach out to you! *grabs your hand*
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  19. Hello. Interested. Um, saw the clan request button and clicked it. Thought it was a link to something else. What was it?
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