U.S.S. King

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    he was just relaxing in her office room, a mere few feet away from the main Bridge of the U.S.S. King. The ship was named with a touch of irony to it. Star Fleet,. The earth military who journeyed space in the name of peace. Was doing one twisted test. They wanted to know if unisex ships would be more successful, or less successful, than that of the intergraded ships. For that they made this wonderful place! The U.S.S Coretta Scott King, named after the famous female activist. The ship was large, holding a compliment of several thousand on it. It was a giant space city essentially. She relaxed, her soft black skin was covered in the Uniform of this ship. A fully glad, tight, latex body suit with thigh high boots. The uniform showed almost no skin, unless one or two had the shippers off. They all wore tight latex gloves to increase sanitation on the suit. If a male were present on the ship no doubt he’d have a ‘stiffie for the uniform was so tight that almost no female on the ship could, or would, wear a bra. So if the temperature changed rapidly enough then their nipples would easily show. Moreover there was almost no doubt that each female had a camel toe, If even slight.

    The Captain relaxed there, well until she thought it best to call in one of her officers. So with ease she picked up her intercom and sent the message to her. Now if one were to just walk into the office there were several things they’d notice first. Firstly was the large amount of fish tanks everywhere. They were basically the walls. The Captain apparently had a fascination with them. Secondly was the dim light. This was because the captain had a sensitive pair of eyes. Thirdly was Cpt. Kelly Anderson herself. She apparently had quite the funk about her! The room smelt of body odor and it didn’t seem to bother the dark skinned captain. The female in question here was quite voluptuous. No doubt a rather curvy woman with her black hair up in a tight bun showing off her neck. She wore the red collar that all Officers were required to wear. OF course all members of the science Division, which included medical division, would wear their blue-green, and anyone that was involved in ‘ship maintenance would be wearing yellow. She was simply reading her data pad waiting for her friend, whom she had called for, would arrive.

  2. “Breath in . . . breath out . . . breath in . . . breath out,” Kaylie said to herself softly as she sat Indian style perched on a few crates in the corner of one of the dozens storage rooms on the massive space craft. She kept repeating the mantra over and over again. With every breath out she pushed a thought from her mind. Her duties as an officer on the U.S.S. King, her room 5 decks above her head that would never feel like home, her friends she’d made since come aboard, the friends she had left behind, and finally the home she’d lost long before. Silence. Not a thought in her mind was left. The only sound that could be heard was her deep breaths in and out. After several minutes the woman opened her chocolate colored eyes and reached her slender cream-colored arms above her head stretching.

    The ship was spacious and grand compared to others she’d been on working her way up in rankings but still there were seven thousand people on board, all of the women to boot! It became a little overwhelming at times. She’d discovered that inside the storage rooms you could hear nothing from the rest of the ship. Even in their private quarters the sound could only be muffled so much before it cracked through. Normally she heard women laughing like a pack of hyenas at least once during the day and on occasion she heard screaming from a fight in the distance. For a woman who had been raised in a small country town where the closest neighbor was 3 acres away in all directions it was a little irritating not having any peace. So if she had a few free moments Kaylie would go into the nearest storage room to have a little bit of stolen peace, no harm done.

    As she slid easily back to the floor Kaylie’s compact buzzed from her shirt as it was pressed tightly in between the top of her left breast and the tight uniform they were all required to wear. Kaylie took it out seeing that Captain Anderson wanted to see her in her office.
    “Perfect timing,” the woman said as she slipped the compact back to it’s place and walked quickly out of the storage room and maneuvered her way to her destination running her small fingers through her shoulder length fiery red hair making sure that there were no tangles. She knocked three times paused and knocked once more before pressing the button for the door to slide open. “You wanted to see me?” Kaylie said with a bright smile her fingers tracing the red collar around her neck as she walked into the office to see what her friend and commanding officer had in mind.
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    he captain eyed her commander officer. Her own full lips covered in flaming red lipstick her hair pulled back tightly. She said nothing at first as she stood up and gave a sharp salute. That should be the Commanders first sign that this was not an informal meeting. Cpt. Anderson eyed her once after her comrade would return her salute and then spoke.
    “Have a seat please I called you here for a business matter.” Her eyes fell to her data pad as she took her seat, her tight body suit appearing to almost burst as she took her seat. Clearly the female was very comfortable in the role of Captain, as well she should be since she had been in that role for a decent amount of time now.

    She scanned the pad for what seemed like an hour, but was really only thirty minutes. She shook her head once or twice and spoke.

    “Aside from you I know none of the crew complement here, as well as the officers, I don’t like that. So your first duty as my Number One will be to relay a message to all active duty officers that at 17:00, which should be after we’ve shipped off – will be a dinner party in the Captains Private Dinning room on deck fourteen, attendance is mandatory.” She had a very somber look to her now, as if saying all of this was an issue. Clearly the captain wasn’t much for having parties but nevertheless she needed one in this case. Her body relaxed some the tension flowing off of her. She slowly stretched her hands above her head, her body odor flaunting itself through the air in a thick manner evoking a bad taste in anyone’s mouth. She slowly lowered them back down and eyed the Commander giving her nod that this was all she needed for now.

  4. Kaylie returned the salute to her captain knowing that she should have done so first. She was a talented officer who followed orders to the ‘t’, very reliable in times of crisis and always gave 120% of effort to everything she did however she tended to overlook proper etiquette when addressing others. She sat across from the other woman slowly. She was a little uncomfortable in the uniform they were all made to wear. At times she felt as if she was wearing nothing at all. It wasn’t that she wasn’t comfortable with her curvy figure, in fact she was confortable in her quarters wearing nothing at all. It was the fact that the uniform was so tight she felt like there was no point wearing them at all, anyone could see every curve and movement. It would take some getting used to that was for sure.

    As the captain was scanning her pad Kaylie looked around at the numerous fish tanks in the office. There were all different species of fish in the tanks. Kaylie had often wondered why it was that the captain was so interested in them though she had never asked. She looked back at Kelly just in time for her to shake her head and begin to tell her why she was summoned.
    ’A dinner party?!’Kaylie thought excitedly. Her mind was a whirl of excitement and anticipation. She’d often been called a social butterfly and this would be a perfect opportunity to stretch her wings so to speak.

    Kaylie smiled knowing that the captain didn’t like parties that much and hoped that she’d be able to ease the night along so it wouldn’t be to torturous for her friend.
    “Am I correct in guessing that everyone in attendance needs to be in uniform so it’ll be easier to determine ranking?” Kaylie asked just to clarify so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding when she relayed the order to the other officers. While awaiting the answer Kaylie began going over a list of officers she needed to tell knowing she’d double check with her compact. However before the captain gave her an answer she stretched her arms above her head and Kaylie took in a deep breath before the odor reached her.

    With her stomach already upset with her for not eating lunch yet Kaylie didn’t want to risk getting sick. She kept a polite smile on her lips as the seconds ticked by. Slowly Kaylie was releasing the breath and just before she was about to have to take another breath the captain lowered her arms and dismissed her with a nod. Forgetting her question she returned the nod and stood once more.
    ”Leave it to me Captain,” Kaylie said as she exited the office and pulled out her compact as she walked along the corridor wondering where she should start to pass the order along.

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    aptain Anderson smiled when her first officer was about to leave and responded with a quick.
    “Your correct.” Right as she was about to head out of the room. She herself didn’t mind the attire and uniform. She felt like it was a thing of beauty. People didn’t have to worry about clothing getting caught on items and sharp edges as they worked. They never needed to worry about being ‘exposed’. In her past experience all the females on staff would seek to look pretty, walk and talk pretty. They’d waste so much of their life away trying to be sexier, high classier, than all of the other people around them that it was suffocating. With this exposed outfit she felt like it evened the playing field, everyone knew what you looked like, what you really looked like. There was no hiding it, or at least very little hiding it. Also this particular outfit just so happened to be made of extremely breathable material so though one would work a good sweat it always came out nice.

    Lt. Commander Three of Five – a telepath once apart of a mechanical abomination known as the Hive and was liberated by Captain Anderson some two and a half years ago – was busy doing her rounds. As chief of security she was currently looking over the camera activity, making sure no thefts have occurred or that no one has done anything out of the ordinary. Honestly it was a boring, yet efficient, way to do things. She scanned and scanned, her communicator compact at her side, her eyes fixed on the screen.

    Lt. Commander Three, as her friends called her, looked to be a rather interesting woman. She had long white hair that was wrapped up into a tight bun on the back of her head so as not to get in her way. Her right eyebrow was formed of machinery, telling anyone who knew better that her right eye was mechanical. Her left hands veins being mechanical, as well as her heart and 90% of her muscles in her body were also organic machines. In short she gave off body warmth, she felt human, but she was actually machinery. Needless to say she was very logical and not very expressive. So it seemed like she didn’t like most of the people she actually found enjoyable.