U.S Elemental War Experiment #2

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    In New York City 1987, there were 14 children who were chosen at birth to be a part an experiment. This experiment gave them powers over the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, Electric, Air, Spirit. Each element had a male and female experiment. The children were locked up and obverse closed off to the rest of the world. The Government later implemented them into a private school, which went horribly leading the school's destruction killing most facility members, but no one knows what happened to the 14 children.

    In 2000, the project was rebooted and another 14 children were chosen at birth. The school has been rebuilt, this time, ready to handle and "accidents" that might happen with the children. Now the students are heading to the new building in 2016.

    Now the children are being sent to Syria to fight forced by the government.

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  2. Neon sat on the bench at camp. She shivered and traced her pointer finger along her neon band of light on her arm. She peered over at the other kids, it was stupid: this war, this program. She was thinking of running away.

    "SOLDIERS GET REALLY WE ARE GETTING READY TO MOVE!" the commander yelled harshly. I cringed at the loudness and got up.
  3. Stormy stood up reluctantly when the commander yelled at them. She really didn't want to fight, but she didn't have a choice in the matter. That being said, she just did what they told her to do, so that she didn't get in trouble or worse. Stormy really hoped none of them died; they were the closest people to her, considering she wasn't going to get close to scientists or teachers.
  4. Adam sat straight up, feet together hands folded into eachother. He was calm but ready, he was trying to hide a smile that kept trying to creep itself up on his face. Inside his mind all he could think of was the battle field, a chance to really let loose and show everyone his true ability.

    He rubbed his hands together, the anticipation was killing him. Electric discharge was building sparking inside his palms. He looked around to see if anyone else was as excited as him.
  5. Wincing at the commander's loud voice, Driscoll pocketed his diary. He stood up briskly, reaching out in spirit to the others' auras. It didn't appear that any of them had good feelings about today's "mission". Most of them were absolutely terrified. Driscoll wasn't quite sure how he felt, personally. It seemed to be a mix of apprehension and curiosity. He couldn't help but think about their chances. It would be a tragedy if any of the children were lost today.
  6. Neon walked over to Adem. He found him cute and interesting, they both had the same powers. If she had to pet her favourite from the project it would be him. "Hay Adem.. I can't believe there making us do this," She spoke to him in a hushed tone, grabbing a heavy machine from the back of a truck.

  7. Alexis hopped up from his spot on a bench. Finally, something interesting would happen. He had thought about everything he possibly could think about already and surely would have died of boredom soon. Hearing the commander's voice brought a sigh of relief. True, war wasn't something that typically brought relief, but Alexis would rather be dead than in this place and war provided that opportunity. Nonetheless, he stood and followed orders like a good soldier.
  8. Nemo Dame

    Nemo sat quietly behind the inside of a truck, alongside the other members in this operation. He quietly toned out the world in front of him and entered his own. This is his first mission with a group of people with different array of powers. Of course sending a bunch of teenagers with magical powers would be crazy by many people, but I suppose the government doesn't really care about that anyways. Alot of them seemed a bit nervous, considering this is the real deal and not some kind of simulation. He also hated that there could be causalities between any of the kids if things went wrong in this mission.

    As the commander shook the room with his roaring voice, Nemo got up from his seat and looked at the commander. War was something that Nemo despised. As many countries sacrifice many of their people in order to fight for either survival or to settle a petty dispute between the others. Nemo didn't like having to kill people as he hated having to take lives for those who may have family or something very important to them, but he didn't have a choice. He was taken as a baby and raised to control the fabrics of water for the government's use. Nemo stood there as he awaited further instructions from the commander.
  9. Adam saw Neon walk over, another electricity user. She sat down besides him and spoke about being unable to understand the situation.

    "Really? You can't believe the place that made us into weapons are gonna use us." Adam's born leader mentality kicked in. "Look you'll be fine, babe. Just remember were Electricity incarnet, we're the baddest of the bad."

    Adam looked around at the others. "We got an edge and if you stick with me we'll come back stronger than ever."

  10. "SOLDIERS GET READY WE ARE GETTING READY TO MOVE!" Marilla's upper body popped up out of the bed of a truck, shiny candy wrappers flying up in the air and tumbling from her chest on to the covered weapons she had been carelessly lounging on. She was giddy, or maybe just hyped up on all the candy she had eaten, but excited for whatever their mission for today was. "Sir, yes, Sir!" she yelled back, giving a military salute while giggling. The fifteen year old was far from anything a soldier should be but there she was, all smiles and excitement. The girl stood and clambered out of the back of the vehicle, leaping down next to Nemo then offering him a bit of candy she had saved; A piece of vanilla salt water taffy wrapped in wax paper. "For you," Marie stated then turned to grab the smallest bits of equipment from under the black tarp.

    The two silver pieces looked more like kiddie water guns, and they were exactly that only they were cut from metal with a few other fun surprises. She tossed a strap of fabric over her shoulder, multiple pressurized ovoid containers of water attached to it along with a trio of translucent, squishy spheres hanging at her hip. Marie wasn't sure if the others had specialized weapons ready to go, but she certainly did and she was eager to try them out. Her gaze drifted towards Adam and Neon, the electric duo that made her uneasy even though their elements worked well together. She didn't want to get electrified though and often did her best to avoid their location on the battlefield.

    After hooking her guns into their rightful holsters she skipped right by them and passed Alexis, lifting her arm to flick her fingers at him in greeting, droplets of water landing on his attire. She purposely avoided his face less she wanted to be singed by his potentially upset attitude alone. Marilla nestled herself between Stormy and Driscoll with a wide grin, bouncing her short stature up and down on her toes while speaking. "Hi, guys! Who else is having a good day?"

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  11. Bubbly chaos, stage right, Driscoll sensed. Sure enough, Marilla was now standing in the line between himself and Stormy. He gave them a small smile. "It's okay... so far," he replied in a quiet voice to Marilla. "I haven't seen my partner yet. I'm not too worried," Driscoll went on, "but at least you guys all made it fine. That's good." He absentmindedly began to twirl the strings of his hooded cloak.
  12. "I don't know about that..." Stormy said quietly in Marilla's direction. "War really isn't something to get excited over," she exclaimed. "I really don't think I'll be much help anyway," she muttered under her breath. She looked out at the landscape of their battlefield. This really sucks. I don't want to fight, she thought. She pulled on her hair and looked back at Marilla, who was way too excited in her opinion.
  13. "I don't want to be bad though," Neon whined brushing off the fact he faced her babe. She didn't want to be called 'babe' it was stupid and overused, though she didn't like it how he spoke to her that way. She couldn't tell if it was just a tease or something more.
  14. As Nemo stood there waiting for his next order, a familiar girl came up to him and offered him some candy. He couldn't really forget who the bubbly girl was whenever he saw her. Marilla. She, too, shared the ability to control water like Nemo. Which means she's pretty much Nemo's partner. Which seems ironic, considering that Nemo, who is a laid-back loner who keeps to himself most of the time, is partnered with Marilla, who is just a bundle of joy wherever she goes. They were different in their own way. While her excitement for everything seems to give a soft smile to Nemo, however, he is afraid that her sudden outburst of joy can cause trouble on missions.

    "Thanks." He softly smiled as he takes the candy from Marilla's hand. After she left, he unwrapped the candy and popped it in his mouth. Vanilla Salt Water Taffy. He remembered what kind of taste it was since he had something like this before in the past. As he chewed the taffy, he remembered the vast ocean that he used to watch inside of the facililty. Soothing and relaxing, it always keeps Nemo calm when in tight situation and helps him focus on the tasks ahead of him. The fresh taste in his mouth has helped set Nemo in a better mood for the mission.
  15. Adam rolled his eyes at Neon's whinning. "Don't be stupid. If we don't fight for these ass hats what do you think they'll do to us?" Adam saw she was getting uncomfortable. As they drove on the bumpy terrain tword their destination other kids started to get chatty as well.

    He motioned tword the chatty water user. "See. Not everyone is worried about this mission. Some of us believe in our powers. Maybe you should get on board with the situation. You don't want to get shot cuz you're afraid you'll be thought of as a bad guy do you?"

  16. Neon said nothing and stared at the ground pondering about what will happen, there was a moment before she decided to speak, "I don't.. I believe in my powers, I just don't want to hurt anyone with them," she spoke still staring down at the ground. "You understand right?" she continued on eyeing the dirt ground as the truck roared along the road.
  17. Max was setting by himself a sleep. He was then awoken by the yelling of the commander. "Come on keep it down." The boy then closed his eyes again and tried to sleep, but all the talking that was going on made it almost impossible. ~Well I wanted a good power nap before we get into battle but that seems to be to much to ask for.~ instead of going to sleep Max just stayed sitting down with his eyes close. He couldn't help but over hear the conversation that Adam and Neon were having. "Stop giving the girl a hard time Adam. She just doesn't want to get blood on her hands. Not every one is a killer you know."

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  18. Adam rolled his eyes. " no i dont understand. Maybe you should understand something. We are weapons plan and simple!!" He yelled out for sll to hear. "So we either do the killing or be killed. Do you think whoever we go against will hesitate to put a bullet in your head." Adam flicked Neon on her forehead as if it were a bullet. "Just come to grips with our fate and you'll be alot happier"

    Adam smirked at his sleepy comrade. "Nice of you to join us Max. You done with your beauty sleep?" As soon as Max mentioned killed Adam got upset. "What's that supposed to mean? Not everyone's a killer? What like me? You sayin' I'm a killer?"

    One of the soldiers in charge of keeping tabs on the kids pointed a rifle at Adam letting him know to calm down. "Ok I'm calm. Just hope nothing unfortunate happens on the battlefield."

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  19. Max smiled at Adam's response. "Well you're not exactly a peace maker Adam. To be honest I think you've killed more people than anyone in here. Another thing...." Max stopped talking as he heard the sound of a rifle going up. Adam quickly apologized to the soldier who aimed at him. After Adam apologize to the man, Max burst out laughing. "Come on man" he said as he wiped a tear from his eye. "You were acting big and bad just a second ago, and the back down when someone points a gun at you? What kind of weapons do you think the enemy will have? T-shirt cannons?"
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  20. "Oh, it'll be fine! We're all basically partners, no, better yet we're a team! So I got each and every one of your backsides!" She called out loud enough for all of them to hear though she doubted they'd pay any attention to the rambling, no one really did and that was fine with her. Besides, the others were being so quiet! Why were they being quiet? Marilla swung one arm through Driscoll's and the other through Stormy's, hoping to give them some of her confidence through physical contact. "I'm sure she'll be along soon, don't you worry one bit, Drissy," She commanded the male by nickname as she squeezed his arm into her side. "And war isn't fun, Storm-storm," Again, another nickname. "But we're here and it's not like we have a choice..." She trailed off, her voice becoming somber as her gaze fell to the ground.

    After a moment she lifted her head and perked right back up, grinning widely to maybe hide the fact water had collected in the corner of one eye. "So we just have to make the best of it, which includes kicking butt and helping others." There was no longer a hint of sadness in her voice though being in a sugar high helped with that. The sound of vehicles starting up made her release the two and gently steered them a few feet forward towards one by their lower back. "Keep your eyes peeled." Marie twirled away and hurried back towards Nemo, grabbing his wrist and tugging him towards a jeep without doors whose back and passenger side were open, leaving three seats to fill. "Here, I wanna ride in this one! You'll sit with me won't you?" It was no doubt a terrible idea to let her in something she could (and probably would) carelessly leap out from mid-drive, but she had already released her elemental pairing and jumped in.

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