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  1. On the third floor of a building that happened to look like every other building in a three mile radius. Where one would have to take the stairs because the elevator was out of use (Since it's existence many years ago it has never actually been in use or been able to use. Its purpose is mysterious). Or perhaps climb, or fly...if they were able for that sort of stuff.

    Leras was not, he had to take the stairs. He had walked up there, because floating took forever and he actually needed to go to the bathroom rather urgently. And today was an important day! Today was the day his wonderful project would start off! A bright future was laid out for him and whomever would be joining him. (Hopefully there was at least someone joining)

    "Right then! There's the chairs...Hmm, Should I do a circle or a line? Am I publicly speaking or are we all talking..." Biting his lip, He started to shuffle the chairs into a vague oval shape. (An actual perfect circle, Laras thought. Would be too much effort. And was completely overrated.)

    Humming delightfully to himself, he looked outside one of the windows that lined the left side of the large hall. He had been looking for a view that was an actually view and wasn't just a side of another building. After months, he had finally found one overlooking the nature park. It would lighten the mood, he thought, or at least hoped.

    The sun shoved it's head above the horizon, it was early in the morning. A brand new day, Leras thought again.

    There was a knock at the door, Leras turned around. There standing was a man looking rather lost. Leras felt something in his stomach.

    Movement, change, form, change form? Change shape.....Shapeshifting!?

    "Uh, is this the....group for the....uh, you know"

    Leras clasped his hands, grinning delightfully. "Uuuuuunique~?" He drew out with a mild sense of pride.

    "Yeah...." The man rubbed his neck, somewhat hesitant to actually step into the hall. As if as soon as he his feet touched the polished wooden floor (Leras had worked hard yesterday making that shine) He would have to commit to this.

    "Of course! Please, come in. You're kind of early. But sit down, I have...refreshments! Yes, refreshments....that's a thing I have" Leras looked around nervously. "And...chairs...I certainly have chairs" He pointed to chairs, as if to erase any doubt.

    The man stepped in, well, now he certainly had to commit didn't he? Leras gracefully guided him to a chair. A biscuit mysteriously seemed to pop into existence in the man's hand.

    "So! What's your name...and what is your ability" Leras cringed inside his thoughts, was that too direct? He didn't want to sound rude. Oh, perhaps he should of practised this while he was-

    "Oh, I'm Paul and I can, well, shape-shift into an animal" Even Leras, who was slightly oblivious to social que's, could sense the tone of disappointment in his voice.

    Letting his head fall to one side, Leras looked at the man, now known as paul with a sense of confusion. Thinking for a second on what to say next, he marched on. "Oh, well, Paul...that doesn't sound bad. Not that any power is bad- uh...I mean, that sounds like a...." Leras would have liked for the floor to suddenly crumple and eat him up. "Good ability!"

    Paul, as if he was too busy wallowing in self pity to actually listen to Leras, sighed deeply. "Yeah," He waved a hand absent-mindingly. "But I can only turn into an animal once...Once I turn into an animal I can't turn back"


    "I don't even know which!" Paul exclaimed.

    "Oh, well how do you know-"

    "I only even know I can do this because it runs into my family! My father turned into a turtle!"

    "Oh, well I'm sure he's getting along fine-"

    "He doesn't get around much! Because HE'S A TURTLE!"

    "Oh, I'm sure-"

    "We don't even know if he's still in there! Unsurprisingly Turtles can't write back to the world!"

    "Maybe he was just unlucky-"

    "Oh, it could worse then that. His grandfather turned into a goldfish and suffocated in his living room!"

    "Well..." Leras clasped his hands together, once more, this time rather awkwardly. "This is why I'm- I mean we're here...when...the others get here as well...Any minute now" Patting Paul on the back and then leaving him to wallow in sadness. Leras took a biscuit. "Bright....future"

    Turning back around to face the window, he gazed down. "Ah, I think I see someone coming up...or is that the lady that lives downstairs. Honestly it's so hard to tell from...." Leras smiled to himself. "I think I can hear one coming up right now anyway!"


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  2. Show Spoiler

    Frieda wandered up the steps. She felt like she was a bit on autopilot mode -- stuck in her own thoughts, second-guessing what she was even doing here... And yet, she pressed onward. Most of her was convinced there was nothing positive to be gained from coming here, but what about the small part of her that desperately wanted something more...? Well, that part was winning.

    Each step echoed through the stairwell, sounding like the loudest knocking in the world in her own mind. She was inches away from turning back until she realized -- chest heaving and out of breath from the climb -- she was only five steps from the top. The door was right there. All she had to do was open it. "C'mon, Frieda..." She bit her lip hesitantly and squeezed the railing.

    She took the last five steps. She stood at the door.
    She reached for the doorknob.

    ...What's the worst that could happen?

    Ugh, Frieda hated when that thought crossed her mind. Because she knew what the worst possibility was, and she didn't like to think about it. She cringed at the horrid imagery, and -- once again -- she nearly turned around and went flying back down the stairs in a panic. But then she heard voices... Some people were already there?

    "I think I can hear one coming up right now anyway!"

    Ah... so they had already heard her. Frieda sighed. From the gracefulness with which she clunked up all those stairs, she supposed it would have been more disconcerting if they hadn't heard her. "Well, you're committed now, you big moron." So she took a deep breath, adjusted her glasses, put on her best smile and pulled the door open.

    To Frieda's surprise, she wasn't hit with the smell of a musty, abandoned warehouse attic. Everything was quite clean and very nicely put together, actually. Heck, she could practically see her own reflection in the floor. She glanced up to see two other people, one of whom was already seating in the ring of chairs that had been arranged -- the other looked like he might be the one running this shindig.

    Again, Frieda reached up and adjusted her glasses, offering an awkward smile in greeting. "Uh. Hi..." She waved curtly. "Am I in--y'know... in the right place here?" She mentally facepalmed herself. Was she trying to look like an idiot? "I mean, is this the group thing?"
  3. [​IMG]

    Brooklyn Gable

    She was so glad that she had opted for a tank top and not a formal shirt and sweater vest. By the time Brooklyn reached the third floor, she was sweating bullets and had to sit down and take a breather. She understood that no one was perfect--God, did she understand that, and that sometimes elevators broke down, but what kind of establishment didn't have more than one elevator? Jesus Christ, if she had known she was in for a workout she would have worn her running gear and not flip flops!

    After a minute, Brooklyn stood up and whipped a tissue out of her purse to dab at the beads of sweat on her forehead. When she figured she was presentable again, she entered the room and took a deep breath. Maybe for once in her life, if her brain just communicated to her stupid mouth that this was an important moment and first impression were important than--"Hell-FUCK-o! Damn it! Damn it! Shit, fuck, shit! Aah!" Slapping a hand over her mouth, Brooklyn waved at the other three people in the room, and sat down.

    "...." Deep breaths. Come on brain, you can do this!

    "Hi-i! I'm Brook--EEP-lyn. My nA-a-Ame is Brooklyn~nn~nn! Brooklyn! It's FUCK Brooklyn. I GAH have tourrettes." Another deep breath. "If I ever-er-er-er get to speak SHIT without-t-t-t all this," she waved her hands in the air dramatically "embellish-WHOOO-ments. Hexing, would be-eee my power."

    @Rithas @BB-Bauers

    Green is the tourettes
    Orange is purposeful speech.
  4. Another step, and another step, and another, and more to go. Calliope counted the stairs till the top in her mind to distract from the slight buzzing in her ears and the fact that she was practically hiking. She didn't find it that challenging, though, and it helped her mentally prepare for the task ahead. She was kind of glad the elevator was broken, but at the same time someone could pass by and ask her if she was going to the group thing, and she honestly didn't know how she should answer. Should she let anyone know? Is it smart answering at all?

    Almost tripping on the last few stairs, she suddenly snapped out of her thoughts. She was here already. She was here.

    Overhearing the voices coming through the door, Calliope already regretted coming here. They were talkative and loud... And her throat was feeling awfully dry today. At least she has her notebook and pen.

    Calliope entered the doorway and stood there, knocking to get attention.
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  5. Caden stared at the ceiling, laying on his plush bed in his lavish apartment. His phone was buzzing to inform him of the alram he'd set for the meeting. He grabbed an armful of blanket and rolled over. Going meant exposing himself to new people and new germs. Getting sick was now somewhat more affordable, but he still didn't want to deal with dying and all that it entailed. The phone went off again and Caden rose.

    Gotta get over this, Cash. You're a famous model, and if you could get over it you could be a famous translator, too. Woo ladies in... in other languages. But I'd have too... touch them... directly... Caden made a burrito out of himself. He didn't want to go and get sick.

    His phone buzzed again. Caden peered at it from inside his burrito.

    "Come on, it's one meeting. You'll wear gloves and be extra careful, and it will be fine. Most likely the other people will have to be careful too. There are a million ways to get sick but only one to meet other people like you." Caden said to himself, as if trying to give himself a pep talk.

    It worked, Caden pulled himself out of the burrito and pulled on his gloves. He usually didn't need them, but today was foreign territory and it was better safe than sorry.

    It wasn't long before Caden arrived at the appointed building. He was only a little more than a few minutes early and he was already hearing voices in the room. And someone waiting outside. Caden winked at her, adjusted his clothes, and gabbed the handle to fling the door open with flair.

    "I take it that this is the club of unique people? Ah but of course I see nothing but the utmost stars of our age. As well as this lovely young lady waiting outside, whom I have yet to acquaint myself with."

    He gestured to the room, smiling broadly at the assembled group of misfits and waited for an answer to his crazed display.

    @Everyone in the room
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  6. There was someone coming?

    Calliope froze and tried to ignore the person. However she still her head to look at them once they stood near her, and was decently surprised at the wink.

    Unable to process what just happened, she decided to not mull over it and go in already. She awkwardly followed, or rather, stood behind him now, waving slightly.
  7. Ixchel was not actually sure why she had come here. Ambition? Frustration? Fear, perhaps? Her manservant had opened the door, and all she had to do was step into the room. She did so, and the manservant followed, wearing the typical slightly stunned expression of someone under hypnosis. She held the door open for the person behind her, a pink haired girl, however, the girl refused and seemed very intent on opening the door for herself.
  8. "Uh. Hi..."

    Leras turned to face the girl, his stomach twisted once more. He tried to focus on her words, but he only got the sensation.

    Thermal, Sight, Heat, Death, Vision, Eyes.....

    Leras blinked, there was someone else coming up. Another set of powers...hard to focus. It felt like being given some orange juice and then being force fed salt. "Oh, hello..." Leras had to pinch himself mentally. "Yes!.. This is the group Unique!" He blurted out.

    Another person walked in, "Hell-FUCK-o! Damn it! Damn it! Shit-" Leras wished it didn't hurt. Why did it have to feel like someone was twisting a blade in his stomach? Why couldn't it just be the feeling of a gentle waft of breeze. Or the smell of nice little flowers. Or that feeling when someone scratches your head for you. But no, it had to be the blade. Though sometimes, it wasn't a blade. It was a nausuas feeling, like he had just gorged himself then did a sextillion back flips off a mountain.

    Curse, Curse, Curse, Curse,

    Well, he think he could guess what that was.

    He zoned back into the female (Who was apparently called Brooklyn) talking. "Oh" He mumbled out. "Well, I'm glad you could make it anyway Brooklyn, I'm sure you're gonna have a great time here." Leras paused in his thoughts, was he supposed to say supporting time? Or, helpful time?

    He jumped a little bit when the door flung open, as a male entered the hall dramatically.

    "I take it that this is the club of unique peo-" Leras wondered why he bothered listening to new people at the start.

    Language, Touch, Speaking, Learning

    "-utmost stars of our age. As well as this lovely young lady waiting outside, whom I have yet to acquaint myself with." Oh, he was a flatterer. How nice. It was good for team spirit. And hight morals in the group was a key point in success!

    Leras peered over the dramtic enterer to see the 'Young lady' who he had been talking about. She was coming in after him, waving slightly. At least she didn't start talking

    Voices, Noise, Scream

    Waving enthusiastically back at the female, (As any polite person would know. If some one waves, you wave back. And you dare not speak) "Oh, we seem to be flooding in at this moment of time" He commented as yet another person came in. Letting out the awkward chuckle one did when they didn't really know what to do next. (He had to learn their names quick, Leras thought, He couldn't keep track of all these people without names. And forbid the thought of getting someone's name wrong. The horror.)

    Well, two people came in at the same time. Though one of them had the unmistakeable face of someone who wasn't quite themselves.

    Control, See, Suggest

    And for that moment, if anyone was studying Leras face. For that tiniest of moments, Leras face drooped into a frown. Before quickly lifting back up into the optimistic smile plastered on his face. Her....servant, was blank to Leras. It was something about being controlled. They weren't quite there, and such Leras couldn't get anything from them. A relief, he supposed.

    Another female, (How many people were coming in the space of two minutes, the group hadn't even officially started yet!) and this time it did make his stomach upturn. It felt like it was a million powers but at the same time just one minuscule one. A cocktail of feelings hit him like a truck. A truck which at the point of hitting him, exploded because another larger truck had hit him on the other side.


    Well that's a bit harsh,

    Rubbing his hands together, He gave this brief moment of no one coming in to the hall to actually say something. "Hello everyone, refreshments are over there." He spoke in one short breath. "I suppose it would be good to start off with...introductions?" Leras had to fight the urge to shrug dramatically and then throw himself out of the window.

    "Names would be good to start off, and..." He rubbed the back of his head. "Abilities and such" Well, this was exciting. He hadn't even expected this many people in the hall right now, and the meeting hadn't even actually started yet!

  9. Frieda McMillan

    It seemed that the whole group flooded in right after Frieda. She stood by the door and watched, her mouth agape slightly, as a collection of the most colorful characters and personalities appeared. So this was going to be the group, huh? An eclectic mix of washed-up outsiders from all different backgrounds, all carrying their own baggage -- and yet, all searching for some kind of affirmation in their lives.

    ...This was either going to have unprecedented success or end up exploding in everyone's faces.
    Frieda just hoped she wouldn't be the one to cause the explosions.

    As the last few stragglers came in, she picked up a can of soda from the refreshment table. Cracking it open carefully to make sure it didn't bubble over, some of the fizz splashed onto her glasses. Her nose twitched in response. As she brought it up to her lips to take a sip, the man in charge seemed to be trying to get everything started. Frieda shrugged -- introductions seemed as good a place as any to start at.

    She shoved her right hand in her pocket and strolled over to the misshapen oval of chairs that had been set out. She took a seat, leaning forward to rest her forearms on her knees as she stared into her can of soda. "Well, uh, hi everyone," she began warily, hoping everyone could hear. "My name is Frieda, and I--"

    Frieda paused. This was supposed to be a group of misfits with useless powers, but her power didn't sound so lame. Not without context anyway... She just hoped no one got angry or felt patronized by her being there before they learned her whole story. None of these people looked particularly quick to anger? "And my vision is..." She slouched back suddenly in her chair, sinking a bit, as she set her soda down on the floor. She took off her glasses -- as she often did when anxious -- and began wiping the lenses clean with the hem of her shirt. "I-I have laser vision."
  10. As soon as the door shut behind him, someone else entered the room with a manservant. That's brilliant. Wish I'd thought of it. Caden thought as their host began to offer them seats. Caden shook his head at the offer, he didn't know who had sat in those seats before, and he didn't want to risk catching anything.

    Caden chose to stand in the circle, smiling as though this were actually comfortable and completely normal to stand instead of sitting in a chair. Hmm, maybe Caden should go into acting next, because of this performance. The thoughts of becoming a movie star distracted him enough to miss the introduction of a girl with laser vision. He managed to realize that she had stopped talking, but that was all he caught.

    His his newly imagined acting career on the line, Caden spoke next. "I am Caden Cash. Famous model and able to learn any language through touch. I just... don't like touching people. Have no fear, however, for I am skilled enough to not require a vast repertoire of languages at my disposal!"
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  11. Calliope just awkwardly shuffled to the circle and sat on the chair furthest from laser girl- something about fries- and looked around. She almost immediately afterwards slumped, making herself a bit confortable, before pulling out a small notepad and pen from her pockets. Her jacket's pockets were actually quite spacious and warm, so she often kept her things in there.

    Knocking on the chair to gain a bit of attention, she wrote: "I'M CALLIOPE. I LIKE READING. MY POWER IS SONIC SCREAM. I DON'T TALK. NICE TO MEET YOU." and turned the notepad so they could see... If they were even paying attention.

    Sighing, the jacket's fur tickling her neck slightly, she rubbed the dark area under her eyes with her other hand. She couldn't wait for a whole session of boredom. Granted, could be interesting, but she didn't really care either way.
  12. ~Amber~
    Amber sighed as she gently rolled herself out of bed at the sound of her blaring alarm. Being up this early was absurd to the small female, and she grumbled the entire way out of bed. Despite her hate of cats, she found that they were very adorable, and if she didn't sneeze any time one was in the room, she would have had many wandering around her apartment. Sniffling slightly, Amber rubbed her nose as her long and pink tinted ears popped out of her messy hair. Feeling the sneeze build up in her throat, Amber groaned, the sound mixing with her loud sneeze. Amber was not a light sneezer, and she would never pretend to be. Reaching for a tissue, Amber headed for her bathroom, making sure to pile on the medication before starting to get ready.

    About half an hour later, Amber was in front of the building that the meeting was supposed to take place in. She would much rather be curled up in her perfectly designed sheets than about to meet a bunch of people that could make fun of her for having such a stupid allergy, or to think of her as something adorable that they can cuddle or just anything demeaning to the small female. She really gave no shits at the moment. Having thrown a grey hat over her head in case her ears decided to make a surprise appearance. Having slid on a large hoodie and a pair of jeans, Amber itched at her ears, moving her piercings around as she slowly walked up the steps. It was going to be a long meeting, that was sure.

    As Amber reached the door, she could hear a guy on the inside boasting about his ability to survive without having an abundance of languages. Scoffing to herself, Amber shoved the door open, trudging inside and flopping herself into the chair that was in the middle of nowhere, away from others as far as possible, and not saying anything.
  13. Leras grinned happily as Frieda spoke, "Well, Hello Frieda!" He threw a coke up into the air. "Welcome to this group-" He caught the coke. "It's nice to meet you" He cracked the can open, holding it behind him as he realised sadly too late that throwing a can around and then opening it probably wasn't a good idea. It dribbled on the ground as his eyes turned towards the girl writing something on a notepad. But he was quickly distracted by Caden talking about...something.

    "Welcome, Caden....I'm sure you be our fashion mascot" He joked, or at least, some people were sure he joked.

    Looking back at the notepad girl, He squinted his eyes to read what she wrote. "Well, Hello...Call...Calliope" He waved faintly at her. He looked above her when another person came in and promptly sat down away from everyone else. "Uh, Hi?" He waved his hands around his head to get her attention.

    Shape, Changed, Cat,

    "Right, If you don't feel like saying your name then that's okay. But first off, I just want to say thanks for coming here. And....baring anyone else coming in....The group...starts.....now!"
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  14. Fashion mascot? Caden thought after their brave leader's comment. Calm down, it's probably a joke. Don't worry about it or you'll end up throwing a hissy fit, like always.

    After Caden's introduction the girl next to him knocked on her chair. Caden looked to see her holding a notepad. Well, now it made sense that she couldn't talk. She either had no control or was completely mute. Poor girl had it worse than him in spades, though Caden wouldn't admit that verbally. Which was ironic in itself.

    Another girl entered and slumped herself into a chair, not bothering to say much of anything. She even put herself as far away from everything as possible. And he thought that he wasn't interested in sitting down or being a part of the meeting if it was going to continue the way it was now. Still he acted out his part and smiled at the newest arrival.

    "May I ask what exactly we're supposed to do? I didn't exactly come to bare my soul today, and I doubt anyone else is either." Case in point, Miss Antisocial in the corner, Caden thought to himself. "So what would you want us to do at this meeting anyway?"
  15. ~Amber~

    Amber sighed as she watched the man wave his hands in front of her eyes. Lifting her eyes, Amber's pupils tightened a bit, sniffling as she glared at the man. "Amber, can take form of a cat, allergic to myself, and it's too early." she grumbled, glaring at him before letting her eyes close again. It was way to early for her to be up, heck, the sun was still out. For most of her days, usual wake up time was 4, if she was lucky. Yawning, Amber covered her mouth before looking at the guy who claimed to be a model. He was being very, aloof, and she didn't like it. She gave him a glare, her pupils narrowing slightly before looking back at the director. "When will this be over so I can go back to my nap?" She asked him.
  16. Frieda McMillan

    The one named Caden still seemed to be the largest presence in the room, there was no doubt about that. But Frieda did still notice the girl that wandered in late and took a seat away from the group. Both of them seemed to be a bit antsy, anxious to get on with the point of this meeting. Frieda squinted at them. Isn't this group thing voluntary...? She couldn't help but wonder where they were so eager to go when they'd already taken the time out of their day to attend this meeting.

    "I mean, it is a bit soon to be jumping into our life histories," Frieda admitted, trying to ease what she was interpreting as a bit of tension in the room. "But maybe we could start with... with what everyone does?" She smiled awkwardly, inspecting her now-clean glasses and putting them back on. She crinkled her nose to adjust them. "I, personally, am a university student. And I know we have a model here..." Frieda motioned to Caden. "But what about everyone else?"
  17. Calliope didn't know what to say or do about of the two, so decided to lower her notebook. She was glad she almost couldn't talk at all, because she'd be laughing at the two stand-out's. A weird noise did manage to escape her throat though, something between a cough and a laugh.

    She quickly regretted thinking anything. God, that must've sounded embarrassing.

    Her attention was drawn away when the glasses girl started speaking. Coming up with a quick reply, she began scribbling- but paused. Would glasses girl even see or read her chicken scratch? The what-was-his-name could barely read her name. Glee slowly turning into annoyance, she crumpled up the paper and aimed it at Caden's head, then raised her notebook to him, since he seemed closest and most of the attention was on him. "SIT DOWN."
  18. She really is like a cat. This is late for me to even sleep in. Caden thought as Amber spoke. Then again I have to get up early every day for makeup and shoots and stay there all day if I'm lucky.

    The laser-eye girl started to try and ease tension in the room, and Caden realized that his standing and trying to figure out the point of the meeting probably looked confrontational. He just liked to know what the reason was for the group, he hadn't meant it like he didn't care about the group at all. He just wanted there to be more conversation.

    A piece of crumpled paper hit Caden in the head and he turned to see who had thrown it. The mute girl, Callio... Cullio... Callie had thrown it and was showing a notebook with the words, 'sit down' written big on the paper. Caden stared at it for a minute before shuffling his feet.

    "I can't. There's germs on that seat and I have to be careful not to get sick. I'm fine standing. But," he said, trying to regain his former presence, "worry not, so I'm used to standing for hours on end so it won't bother me!"

    Maybe he could bring his own chair. At least then he knew that he could be somewhat safe. He didn't want to end up in the hospital again, and he didn't want to take the chance that he would. He had enough memories of the last time he ended up sick like that.
  19. Leras smiled, for, what else was he to do? Some of his new colleagues seemed awfully quick to go. He hoped they realised they could leave at any moment, it's not like he was keeping them against their will or anything. Blowing out his cheeks when Frieda thankfully eased the mood asking what everyone did. Leras watched the small interaction between Calliope and Caden. "I'm an student. Good old....." He drifted off into a slightly agitated stance before quickly relaxing.

    "I'm a builder" Paul mumbled out, still wallowing in his own sadness.

    "Very good...Paul, uh, anyway, yes, the things we do in our lives." Biting his lip, Leras thought for a moment before shrugging. "The things we do in our lives, our jobs, our dreams. Are always effected by our abilities. People often have to reshape their whole lives because of their abilities. While some may get a free pass into whatever they want to do. If their lucky enough-" Leras frowned. "No, if it just so happens to coincide with whatever they wanted to do. I do believe it's a good start to get to somewhat know each other before we really get into..." Leras laid his two hands on the seat. "The grit of it?" Once, he realised what exactly 'the grit of it' was, Leras was sure it would all work out.

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  20. Frieda McMillan

    "A builder?" Frieda repeated after Paul. "That's pretty cool. I--"

    A sudden impulse. She inhaled sharply.

    Frieda pinched her nose in a panic. ...Oh no. She managed to catch herself and hold her breath, but there was no mistaking the tickle in her nose. It tingled more and more, turning into an itch. An itch she couldn't scratch without doing one thing.

    "I... I..." Frieda wanted to keep talking as if nothing was wrong, but she couldn't pretend any longer. "I-I..." She must have inhaled a dust bunny or something because she needed to sneeze really bad. Like, really, really bad. And this was exactly what she had feared the most.

    "I-- uhh-- p-please excuse me!" Frieda half-shouted, shooting out of her chair in a panic. She dashed across the room -- maybe she could make it outside before the sneeze hit? -- but only made it to the door. "Ah... Ah...!" She gripped the handle and was about to leave the room and enter the stairwell, but it was too late.


    Not only did the sneeze echo through the whole room, but there was a sudden flash of red, followed by a loud boom / crash! Frieda's laser vision had accidentally shot off with the sneeze, blowing the door clean off its hinges. It clattered to the floor, the force of the blow sending Frieda flying backwards. She landed on her rump with an "oof!" as her glasses clanked to the floor, lenses shattered.

    An awkward silence settled over the room, along with the dust and the damage. Frieda slowly reached for her glasses, remaining seated on the floor. "Uh..." She dusted them off, despite knowing they were no good anymore.

    "I-I'll pay for that..."
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