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  1. In a world full of powers beyond your imagination. Where day and night heroes and villains wage war against each other. You see, everyone has powers. Some have powers that could lay waste to cities. To lift buildings with a finger or control you to dance like a monkey. To control the oceans or to speed through the skies. To never die or to be the shadows creeping in every corner. Gods among men.

    You are not one of these people.

    You're quite the opposite. In fact your power is rather...useless. Take Dave for example, his power was to run as fast as any man could dream to be. He could of possibly been a famous hero. However, Dave is paralysed from the neck down.

    You are quite low in the pecking order...quite...low. The really terrible scum that even the scum on the bottom of the barrel avoids. People look down upon you, they think you are useless. People who will never make a difference. Stuck with low-end jobs. Spat upon. Discriminated against.

    Perhaps you wanted to be a Hero...or a villain. Maybe you even try now, while everyone around you has an advantage. Though often you will find yourself just living in a world filled with daily explosions and near Apocalypses.

    If there is any consolation, is that there also other people like you. With rather unfortunate levels of potential. You've joined a support group of sorts. People who know what it's like to be, in a way, the most unique of them all.

    Yes there is a underlying plot, though most of it is up to how you guys handle things

    We also start off in the support group. Sad little rascals...

    I'm thinking of the support group kinda forming into what one hero could do if the hero was extremely clumsy and blind. But we'll see.


    That's for later Jimmy, got to see if anyone cares yet

    I just wanna know if anyone is interested?

  2. I'd be interested in this
  3. Sounds halarious
  4. I'm up for that. Because, I too, am incredibly bored.
  5. Tis a curse

    Also, people!
  6. Sure, why not?
  7. Cool, It's good to know people are interested.

    I'll (hopefully) let interest gather for another day or two.

    This is your Christmas people
  8. Sorry about delays, It's a bit of me being busy and also slight laziness.

    The OOC should be up before the new year.
  9. Interested. c:
  10. This always started so follow the link above to apply
Thread Status:
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