U-Bahn Germany

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  1. The pounding of her pulse grew louder in her ears. Water splashed up around her legs as she ran. Amaia desperately needed more distance. It wouldn't be long now before her plan was set in motion. Without slowing her pace she lifted her right hand to her aqua tinted eyes. A digital count down reflected in the depths of her pupils. 00.10...00.09...00.08...00.07...00.06...00.05...00.04...00.03...00.02...00.01...00.00. At the end of the count down she bent her knees and launched herself downward towards the glistening gravel. BOOM! BOOM! CRASH! The rain soaked ground rattled from the sudden chaos. Screams could be heard in the distant. Everyone was in a state of trepidation. Slowly she rolled onto her back to stare at the night sky. Not even the darkness or ominous clouds could conceal the rolling smoke and sparking ash of the explosion. Deep down she already knew she couldn't rest for long. Soon the local authorities would be circling the area.
    A deep sigh escaped her lips as she sat up right. Every inch of her body felt like lead. Droplets of ice cold water pelted her head. Sticking the midnight colored strands to her face. Slowly she pushed herself to her feet. Once to her full height of five feet she simply waited. How much time do I have? Amaia thought quietly to herself. Tilting her wrist she looked down at her watch. Five minutes go by before the sounds of police sirens echoed in the distance. Their response time seemed rather quick, but not fast enough. She was already two miles from the Dresdner bank, and their would be no evidence of her existence amongst the rubble.
    Turning on the four inch heel of her leather boot she began to walk up one of the tight alleyways. This one seemed to lead to a main street. She could already make out figures of people on the sidewalks. Most didn't seem to move. Living statues is what they were. Amaia squeezed her way out of two large brick buildings,to join the horrified crowds before disappearing between them. Already she knew no taxis would be picking up strangers. Considering a supposed terrorist attack had just taken place. "Damn I have to walk....." She said bitterly before making her way towards the general area of her hotel. It had only been two days since she arrived in Frankfurt Germany and she already knew her way around the city. Weeks of studying area maps to plot made her feel like a local. It only took her forty five minutes to get to the front doors of her hotel.
    Before going inside Amaia looked down at her clothing. Her skinny leg blue jeans were soaked and ripped from sliding across the ground. The black leather of her jacket was scuffed and littered with droplets. She must of looked a sight to anyone who dared stare at her.


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