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  1. First off, thanks for checking this out! Before I list what I'm looking for, some info about me.

    I generally write between 1-3 paragraphs though it's usually 1-2. I don't mind how much my partner writes though. I like every genre except historical with the exception of feudal Japan and sci-fi. I have decent grammar though, like most, I make mistakes. For plot/sexy ratio I like between 10/90 to 70/30 depending on what the plot is. I play both genders as well as MxF, MxM, and FxF. Now onto the juicy stuff! More stars mean I crave it more From 1-5.

    Bleach ***
    Final Fantasy 7/8/10/13 ***
    Kingdom Hearts *****
    Disgaea ****
    Hyperdimension Neptunia *****
    Sonic ***\
    Tales of Symphonia/Abyss/Vesperia/Xillia/Graces/Legendia ***
    Log Horizon **
    .Hack **
    Vocaloids ***
    Sly Cooper ***
    Mirai Nikki ****
    Another ****
    Toradora *****
    Bakemonogatari *****
    Fairy Tail ****
    Homestuck ***
    Soul Eater ****
    Blue Exorcist ***
    Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles ****
    Card Captors ***
    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica ****

    Ask for more. Too many to list lol

    Basic Pairings:
    Older brotherxYounger sister ****
    Monsterxhuman ****
    Best friends ***
    Cursed guyxwitch ***
    MercenaryxPriest/priestess **
    Kidnapperxkidnapped ***
    Sister/brotherxbrother/sister's best friend ***
    HumanxWitch/Warlock ***
    NekoxHuman ***
    NekoxNeko ***
    Master/MistressxSlave ***

    Feel free to throw ideas at me too! The only no gos I have are piss and scat.
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  3. hmmm, sooo, going by your requests and their star ratings. How about a KH roleplay, starring an older brother and younger sister pair, with one of them being a heartless or nobody?
  4. Sure, pm me.
  5. Still looking?
  6. Sure! Pm me and let me know what you want to do.
  7. I'd love to either do the Older brother X Younger sister or the Kidnapper X Kidnapped =^.^=
  8. I'm up for some broxsis. Pm me.
  9. Still looking??
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