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TZS DeviantArt

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lunatic AI, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Like I said nothing special. I really REALLY want to get into the doll scene. My camera fortunately survived an rc plane crash so I'll be able to actually document some of my sewing projects...

  2. Very good work! I have to say that it's extremely respectable as art!
  3. Wow~ I like your style :D

    Especially in Baby Don't Look, the guy pointing the gun is done so well !
    The Purest Heart in Heaven is beautiful! She totally looks the part :D I'm amazed :)

    Your sketches are simple and flowy with details in all the right places, I really like your work ! And I can really see your personal style in your drawings :D
  4. Awww you guys are so sweet- flattery will get you everywhere...

    I didn't actually expect anyone to look at my stuff o.O Now I'm all shy about putting up my new stuff >_<;

    Baby Don't Look and Purest Heart are probably my favorites out of everything I've posted. I really need to start drawing again...
  5. You madam, are too talented to call your work doodles. change this now.
  6. You shuldn't be shy. If I were ever given the chance to shout out to people somehting I would tell them this. "I am a Furry and I would like to own my very own Fursuit for special ocations!!!"... Like now when I just typed it.
  7. Well, I know what to get you for any special occasions!

    I'm not shy, so much as I try to be realistic. I'm pretty good, if I could apply myself I could be rock sockem- but I really can't take the pressure, so sticking with doodling allows me to enjoy it instead of stressing over every little thing.

    You, sir have inspired me to start doodling animal people again. I dunno if they count as furries, just general anthropomorphs....I'll have to get off my lazy butt and post some of them for ya.
  8. I love your work and I adore your style! Keep at it!