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  1. Hey everyone here is one basic rule have a picture of what your character looks like they can be real or anime! (All types of OC are welcome) oh and feel to use more than one character! (Oh note if you find a picture that fits but something is off go a head and use it ,but but a side note of what should be there)

    Welcome students to Kristofferson High. A school for the students of unique talents. Many students that come here are gifted and talented, may it be in speech and debate to ESP and all of the in between, this school will be a huge to help you hone your skills!
    But we have one rule...DON'T USE YOUR TALENT ON OTHER STUDENTS!
    306742.jpeg (This one pic is for both twins)
    (one twin wears a dog hat and scarf the other a cat hat and neckerchief)
    The bells rang with a joyous tone signifying the start of the school day.
    Thick fat storm clouds hung low in the sky as they waited for the right moment to begin the fall storms.
    Twin brothers Donn and Dohn trudge down the thick dark green lawn towards the castle like school.
    "Why ma and pa send us here again, its not like we have any special talent...." the twin the scarf said tiredly to his brother.
    "Not sure...but maybe we'll find it."
    With that the brothers walked into the school.
  2. Steve Loos
    Age: 18
    (Eyes are really black)


    Age: 16 spain_vector__hetalia_the_beautiful_world__by_cameliemimika-d6nnyfm.png

    (Green eyes)


    Steve and Ranae get out of Ranae's mom's car and walk up to the gates.

    Steve sighs, "I hate school. I hate the students, hate the teachers, hate the principals."

    Ranae laughs at Steve's hatred towards the school.

    "Does that mean you hate me?" They both laugh. They walk into the school building, dreading the day ahead.
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  3. The twins hear the heavy doors close with a thud and they turn around. "Hey are those the kids that were suppose to stay in the Harp Wing?" The dog hat twin asked.
  4. Ranae turns to the twins, horrified.
    "You mean we have to stay here!? My parents must hate me, what did I do wrong?" He falls to the ground like a whimpering dog. Steve just looks at him. Then to the twins
    "We HAVE to stay here? Or not, because I ain't up fo' dat" he says while helping Ranae up.
    "And how do you know all this? This ain't yo' first years here?"
  5. "You're right it's not our first year's hear its our third!" They said simultaneously.

    "And not particularly. Its obvious you guy's don't stay on campus, but there are some kids who find living on campus to be fun. Its not a boarding school but just a super rich public school. So you can stay or not." They continued together.
  6. AnimeDude.jpg
    Name: Hizoku Ubeki
    Age: 17


    Outside, the darkened clouds began to illuminate with lightning and loud thunder followed soon after. Droplets suddenly started falling from the sky lightly then increased in amount as seconds went by. Hizoku, as people called him, walked slowly through the sprinkle and gained no speed as the rain began to pick up.

    He wasn't one to attend school too often (he preferred hanging around the city, finding ways to "make a few bucks" ) but when he did go, he would always get in trouble just to be sent right back home, suspended.

    Today was one of those rare occasions of attendance. By the time he made it to the giant doors, he was soaked. Silently, he pushes the door open and notices a few students standing in the hall talking. Something about staying on campus. Hizoku's brown bangs are stuck to his face making it hard to see the group of four, so he decides to just ignore them (not like he's ever there long enough to know anyone) and try to find one of those bathrooms with the dryers to dry his clothes. At least he got here on time.
  7. Name
    Asuna Akira

    Asuna was in the process of making her way up to the stairs that led into the school. Her red hair seemed to be blowing in the wind that came along with the storm clouds that were forming overhead. She began to feel small droplets of water falling from the sky, making her look up towards the sky for a moment studying the clouds as she then turned her attention back to the school making her way inside before the down pour would start, she didn't need to be caught in it today. Asuna being the shy girl she was didn't make friends very easily, which in return left her to focus more on her studies. She approaches her first class her red bangs now covering her eyes as she walked into the room finding a spot next to the window where she could watch the storm clouds roll in. Something about the sound of thunder and the beauty of the lightning intrigued her . Most people found this odd about her, being as typically when it would storm she'd be the first and only person stand outside as the ran came pouring down, enjoying the sounds and the fresh clean air that came with the rain. She props her head up on her arm that was resting on her desk as she kept her attention on the outside world.
  8. [​IMG]
    Alex couldn't believe it,his class was gonna start soon as he was running late.Damn traffic he thought,he was on a public bus due to the fact he had sneaked out the night before and fell asleep at a friends house from his primary school.the bus was slow, the traffic made it even slower.He sighed and got off at the closest bus stop to the school before smirking.He had a hunch he would be allowed to use his talent, since he wouldn't be affecting anyone.So he cracked his neck and put on a pair of headphones, that had random music playing and at the moment it had a dub step song on."what the hell..."he didn't know he had dub step on his mp3 so he shrugged and then started running into the wall.If anyone looked at him it would look so god damn weird,Yet when he got to the wall he went through it as if it was nothing.After all his talent allowed him to liquify to some extent the molecules of anything he touches if he so wishes so that he can pass through them easily.Main flaw with it, is that he can't stay in a object too long.Once he reached his classroom via entering different walls he walked through the door and sat down within his seat near the middle of the classroom."phew made it"laughing to himself.​
  9. Asuna glanced over at the blonde boy who had placed himself in the middle of the classroom. "I wouldn't worry too much about being late, the teacher is late most days." Asuna spoke softly but loud enough so he could hear her. Most of the students knew what their powers were, but Asuna didn't...the only thing she knew was that she was adopted at an early age..she became an Akira not sure of her true name at all.

    (This nice girl is the daughter of satan and doesn't even know it.)
  10. Miyu Tateyama
    Power: Compulsion (through voice and vision)​

    She was perfectly on time, she thought. That was, until she saw the clock on the wall above the entrance and almost swore out loud. With a sigh, she picked up the pace and wandered into her class, noting a blonde boy in a similar position to her in the middle of the classroom. There was no teacher in sight and she sighed in relief.
    "I assume this is General Maths?"
  11. He shrugged and looked at Asuna."eh well, I didn't wanna arrive late, do you know how slow public buses are?just gah" throwing his arms in the air within gesture of why.He then smiled at her before hearing a boom of thunder."oh i didn't realize there was a storm."of course he didn't he had his headphones on the moment he got off the bus and had been on a bus half a sleep.He paid no attention to anything when he was in that state.He then got up from his seat and then walked closer to Asuna before sitting down on the desk adjacent to her's."so, whats yah talent?"he had a thing for finding out other people's powers.He only wanted to make friends with people who's talents were able to be counteracted with his.After all friends most of the time did back stab and Alex was not one for standing by while it happened to him.there was a great aspect of his ability that came in handy to the school rules.He cant use it upon other beings, since if he liquified their molecules well..there would be mush.He could take them through objects with him thought, since he was only liquifying the objects molecules and not the other beings.

    He then looked around at the new girl who entered"yes yes it is,nice to meet yah im Alex and this here is er mm..I don't even know people's name's in my own class, what is going on with my life"he huffed and crossed his arms."Watching the new girl intently.
    (hence the red hair i take it? lol )
  12. Asuna took her eyes off of the storm that seemed to get worse outside to look at the blonde boy who had sat next to her. "Well, I don't really know." Her cheeks turned as red as her hair, she felt foolish telling other people that she didn't know what her talents were. Seeing as how most students knew what their talents was she figured she was the only one who didn't. "I'm Asuna, Asuna Akira. " she nodded in the direction of the girl who had just entered the classroom

    (Yep, lol. I'll most likely have do something with fire)
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  13. Alex had raised an eyebrow, he had heard of the Akira's before, yet he didn't know they had a child."weird.."he muttered to himself, hoping no one had heard him."so basically, at the moment your just a normal girl?"he asked, rather intrigued at the fact Asuna didn't have a power or talent.All of a sudden he looked back at the girl who had recently entered, as if waiting for her to tell him her name, well that was partly the case.He wanted to know her talent already.Smiling softly at her as he waited patiently.
  14. Ranae and steve look at each other as if confirming each others thoughts.
    "Yeah, we'll stay. But a lot of the kids here have some kind of talent, right? Why dont we?" Ranae picks up his bags, along with Steve.
  15. "Pardon?" Asuna heard him mumble something but she couldn't quite understand what. Her family indeed was well known around this town and it wasn't a mystery as to why no one had heard of Asuna as she had been sheltered most of her life. They kept her in the home homeschooling her up until just recently
  16. Alex looked back around at Asuna"oh nothing, i just didn't realize the Akira's had a child"he smiled at her before looking down at his feet which he was dangling off the table and swaying back and forth.He felt his hand start to slide through the matter that was the table and pulled it out 'urgg Tom stop trying to play with my body' Alex thought to himself only to hear a mental laugh'but Alex your body's fun to play with' he heard within his mind.

    Tom was Alex's alter ego since he a split personality disorder.Unlike Alex, Tom's power was completely different, he was able to control other beings with his mind, almost like he had hypnotized them, yet he was able to do it by merely looking at the being with a single glance.He didn't even have to see the being to control them as long as he had seen them before in person. It was one of the reason's why Alex had a good fortune stashed away in his bank, Tom had met with a bank manager at one point when he was in control of the body and had given Alex's bank a sort of boost in funds.

    'I DON'T CARE' Alex growled back at Tom within their mind, before tom merely chuckled and left him alone, it was obvious Tom wanted out yet Alex knew it was best not to let that psychopath out.

    (red = talking , orange=thoughts ^^)
  17. "Mostly because they've kept me locked up in that house almost my entire life." Asuna spoke softly "Almost like they were afraid of something bad happening to me." Asuna sighed she was still curious as to why her parents had kept her a secret for so long. Were they afraid of the powers this sweet innocent young girl could have...were they afraid of her being a threat to others.
  18. In the bathroom, Hizuko had dried himself enough to be considered soggy. He sighed then looked in the mirror, his blue eyes dull and aggravated.

    "Why do I still come here?" He heaved out, brushing strand of hair from his face. He took off the top layer of his uniform, until he was just wearing a plain t-shirt then he stuffed the coat in his bag and left the restroom.
  19. nivek was running as fast he could on the roof of the school. "damn it faster man faster you wont make it unless go get the air" he said as he starpted the rope around his chest he ran.

    now nivek always loved taking risks his mind always ran wild no matter what happened he always took it as a challange he was that hyper kid in school people love to just beet for his stupidisy but in niveks mind it was just a new challange ready to be taken on. he may not know whats right or wrong but he'll stand up for what he believes weather wrong or right.

    nivek was still running on the roof "you guys will not chatch me this day" he said with a smile as the bullies chased him. the bullies chased him today because he just stomed in and pushed them to the ground after helping a smaller kid out earlier that day. so as nivek was running he jumped off the roof and held on to the rope as he swung down on it.

    nivek was falling one second te next he was swinging when the rope caught him and swung him one way then the rope wsung the other twords the building. "oh crap crap crap!" he said sa he saw the window he was hedding for witch had a students in the way "LOOK OUT!" he tried shouting then the rope disconected and he crashed through the window.
  20. Alex's head snapped towards the window as he heard the crash.pushing himself and asuna out the way.then he noticed the male that had caused the crash."well...someone knows how to make a dramatically entrance."he laughed before looking over at Asuna, realizing he had pushed her into the side of a table."oops.."running to the door just in case she tried to punch him for pushing her into the table.He then looked at the male again ,from where he now stood" names Alex..who are you?"He asked, trying not to laugh at the random thought of using a quote from Skyrim, oh how that quote made him laugh each time he got asked it when creating a new character.
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