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  1. Saiyako bobbed and weaved around many of the students as they flooded the hall. She bit her lip in concentration, almost as if squeezing past each person was a game. Holding her books close to her chest, the girl also nudged her glasses onto her nose, the shoulder of her overly large sweater falling a bit. Saiya finally pulled herself free from the mass and let out a breath of air before pulling the shoulder of her sweater back to where it was supposed to be. Opening her locker, she placed the books she would need for later inside, and kept the one she needed for the class she was heading to. Lifting a free hand, Saiya pushed a strand of her short layered hair out of her vision, sticking it underneath a nearby bobby pin.

    "Alright, it's time to dominate!" she said to herself, pepping her mind for the dreadful lecture she was about to endure. As the rest period in between classes started to end, Saiya adjusted her books and walked into the classroom by herself, taking her seat by the window, as usual. She sighed and readied herself for the intense boredom of the day... math.

  2. Meeko was staring out of a window when he heard someone pull out a chair beside him. He smiled when he saw a guy beside him. This guy had a feminine look to him, but maybe that was just the way he appeared. Either way, a bright smile grew onto his face. "Morning!!!" He says quite brightly, shifting his desk closer to him. "Awesome! You like reading? Me too! What's your favourite book?" He began to pull some of the books she was holding away from her. "Can I see? They look so interesting!"
  3. Saiya was pulled from her thoughts as a male beside her began asking questions. A lot of questions. She opened her mouth to reply, only to have him grab her books and look through them. She could only stare in slight disbelief before she furrowed her brow. Reaching out, she grabbed her books back and raised an eyebrow. "Morning...? Yes, I like to read, and I don't have a favorite book. You can see my books if you ask, though, instead of grabbing them from me." Saiya said calmly, smiling politely. She then brushed a strand of hair behind her ear before raising her eyebrow once more. "Who are you, by the way?" she asked curiously. She had seen the male in the halls, but she couldn't place his name with a distinct name.
  4. Meeko was still smiling. "Meeko. Now can I see your books?" He says and then took a peek at some of the titles. He hadn't heard of them, he enjoyed reading but he would rather spend time exploring the world. He wanted to have a conversation with him though. Didn't he have any friends? What did he do in his free time? What were they even talking about? Oh, yes, it was books. He tried to push those questions straight out of his mind and focused on their current conversation. Books.
  5. "A-Ah, okay!" Saiya stuttered as the male, Meeko, looked over at her books. She gave a small sigh before grabbing the one she was currently interested in. Turning back to the male, she handed it to him and pushed her glasses higher on her nose. It was a small habit she had developed over the years. "It's a fiction story about a human girl who gets sucked into a book. She has to go on a quest to save a mystical land along with five people who are sent to protect her. Along the way, she falls in love and is faced with a lot of crazy stuff." she summarized, looking at the cover of the book as she spoke. Saiya then raised her eyes to Meeko and furrowed her brow. "Oh... sorry, I forgot to tell you my name. My name's Saiyako, but it's just easier to call me Saiya. I think you'd like that book, if you were into fantasy." she said with a small smile.
  6. "It's very nice to meet you Saiyako!" Meeko says and nodded his head as he looked through a couple of pages of the book he had in his hands. He hands it back to him. "Thanks for letting me see your books dude. What do you like to do for fun?" He asks, wanting to get to know him more. He couldn't help but stare further at this guy. He looked so feminine. Meeko was bisexual, but hadn't seen a girl or guy he liked yet. He wanted to find the right person for him. Some people didn't like his positive attitude all of the time, or the fact he enjoyed having conversations. Some people pushed him away a lot but he began to learn about rejection and knew that personalities clash.
  7. Saiya's amber eyes widened before she gave a bigger smile. "It's nice to meet you too." she said simply, grabbing the book that was handed back to her. She stacked it on top of her school book before her the male caught her attention with another question. "Fun? Well... read, draw. Stuff that other people would see boring, I guess." Saiya shrugged and took off her glasses. Closing her eyes, she cleaned them with the bottom of her sweater. "What about you?" she asked, continuing to clean her glasses with her eyes closed.
  8. Meeko just shrugged. "I like exploring. I go down to the beach a lot with my friends. There's seven of us that go. Do you wanna come after school? It'll be fun. I'm sure they'll like you and wouldn't mind you coming" He says and before he could say anything more the teacher had arrived. He was surprisingly focused on working and didn't really stop to talk to the guy next to him because if he did, the teacher would scold him like she always did. There were quite a lot of students but it was always him she blamed. He gripped his pencil tightly. "Stupid teacher" He grumbles under his breath, but she snapped her head up from marking papers and of course told him off.
  9. At the thought of going to the beach, Saiya bit her lip and ran a hand through her hair. She was about to respond when the teacher walked in. Furrowing her brow, she bent over her work and started to work on it, the question still burning in her mind. Suddenly, she heard Meeko mutter something under his breath about the teacher, and listened as he was told off for it. Saiya grinned a bit and laughed quietly, keeping her eyes in her paper. Then, grabbing a piece of notepaper, she wrote a message in black pen: 'I guess I can tag along... but I don't have a swimsuit with me.' Folding the note, Saiya waited until the teacher was facing the board before she leaned over and slipped the piece of paper onto Meeko's desk.
  10. Meeko read the note and decided that they should talk about it after class or else they'd get into trouble.

    There was a loud noise to be rung in the classroom. The end of class bell. Woah, it felt like he'd been in class for more than eternity. He goes over to Saiya and stared at him for a little. He was bisexual, so he liked boys and girls. He felt like he was attracted to Saiya already, it was something about him.. He was so interesting with all of the books he read and that feminine look.

    "You don't need a swimsuit, me and my friends usually play games out on the sand.. We don't really swim in the water. If you want to take a swim though you can borrow my trunks"
  11. Hearing the bell, Saiya let out a sigh and ran her hand through her short hair as she started packing her things. Looking up, she saw Meeko make his way over to her and raised an eyebrow, seeing him look over her for a bit. Shrugging, Saiya placed the books in her bag and closed it, slipping the strap over her shoulder. Hearing a familiar voice, she looked up and smiled at Meeko.

    "Oh, really? T-Then, I guess I wouldn't mind wearing trunks. I wouldn't want to get my clothes sandy... thanks." Saiya said with a thankful smile. She stood up and adjusted the strap of her bag before looking back at Meeko. He seemed much nicer than she had originally thought, considering he was one of the popular boys.

    "So... should I follow you? Or...?" she let her question fade away as she raised an eyebrow once more, not really sure how she was going to get the beach with Meeko.
  12. "Yeah, sure!" Meeko chuckle a bit.

    [Time skip to the beach]

    "Hey! You cheated!" A voice was heard in the distance.

    "No! Our team won fair and square" Another yelled.

    "Hey guys! I have a new friends with me, I met him today. His name's Saiya" Meeko calls out, he looked back to see if Saiya was still there and grinned.

    The other guys stopped their bickering and then one by one, they all greeted her.

    "So, how long have you known Meeko for?" One of them asked, the one who declared that the other team was cheating even though they won fair and square. Meeko shot him a glare and nudged him, making it clear to stop the conversation before it got awkward.
  13. Hearing Meeko introduce her to the other boys, Saiya's eyes widened. She opened her mouth, confused. He thought she was a boy? She shook her head and stuttered helplessly, trying to form words.

    "W-Wait--I, um--" she stopped when the boys started introducing themselves to her. She nodded, and went to tell them that she was a girl, not a boy, when a question was tossed toward her. Saiya blinked and watched as Meeko nudged the boy, like he was trying to end the conversation. She tugged at Meeko's sleeve and furrowed her brow slightly.

    "H-Hey... you do know I'm a girl, right?" she asked, biting her lip slightly as she looked at the other boys. She wasn't sure if the realization would mess up their potential friendship, and she hoped it didn't, but they had to know right away. A girl who seemed like a boy, surrounded by boys? It didn't seem fair to leave them in the dark.

    "I-I'm sorry if you didn't notice right away... I really do act boyish." Saiya said quietly, hanging her head a bit as she rubbed her arm. Nothing really good came out of situations like the current one she was in. Saiya felt her eyes sadden as strands of her hair fell, covering a bit of her face.
  14. "So... You're transgender? I'm sorry I didn't notice!" Meeko apologised, he moved her chin upwards so she was staring up ah him, he grinned. "I still like you and want to be your friend... No matter what you are" He looked over at the other guys, they weren't listening to their conversation and were busy playing about in the river, tackling each other.
  15. Hearing Meeko assume she was transgender, Saiya's eyes widened even more and she shook her head. She then blushed as she felt his fingers find their way to her chin, lifting upwards so that she could look at his face. A light blush started to travel across her cheeks as she listened to him speak. He was almost like a prince, that was the conclusion Saiya came up with. He was so kind. "T-Thank you. That means so much to me. You're the first person to say that." she said quietly, smiling happily as joy started to overwhelm her. "But... I'm not transgender, either. I'm just a girl... the barber accidentally cut my hair way too short before the school year started." she said, raising her eyebrows as her chin began to warm up from his fingers.
  16. "Oh! Sorry" Meeko says and blushed, embarrassed.

    "That sucks. I guess it's the other way around for me, I just let my hair grow long. My hair is almost at my shoulders now" He says, running his hands through his blonde hair that was just touching his shoulders.

    He just stared at her then, grinning and blushing. He really did like her. She was different, and she was very beautiful too.

    "The short hair suits you though" He grinned and ruffled her hair.
  17. Saiya giggled at Meeko's apology, tilting her head at the blush that had started to appear on his face. For the first time, she allowed herself to look over him, especially his hair and his eyes. A small smile graced her features and she laughed once more at his comment about his own hair. Feeling his hand in her hair, Saiya laughed and closed her eyes, blushing a bit more.

    "Thanks... and your hair suits you, too. I kind of like it." she said with a small smile. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head, and she felt her smile grow. Raising an eyebrow, she thought for a second before put her thoughts into action. Lifting herself onto her tiptoes, Saiya ruffled Meeko's hair messily before turning and running quite a ways from him.

    "Catch me if you can, Meeky-moo!" she taunted, yelling her new nickname for him as a set of giggles overwhelmed her. Saiya had thought of the name on the spot, and smiled slyly as it seemed to fit. Making sure he wouldn't catch her that easily, she laughed and started running.
  18. Meeko gave her a grin and soon enough caught up with her, he was pretty fast at running. Soon, a set of warm arms wrapped around her waist and picked her up. "Caught you!" He says and twirled her around a little bit. "Now.. You have to catch me!" He began to run ahead of her, since she had a head start.
  19. Saiya gasped and shrieked happily as Meeko caught her, twirling her around. She felt her cheeks warm up and she hung onto him, a little scared of being dropped. However, the twirling was short-lived as she was set down once more. Her eyes widened when Meeko said that it was her turn to catch him before running off. Saiya laughed a bit and ran after him, taking a bit longer to catch him since he was fast.

    "Haha! Gotcha!" she laughed. Her arms wrapped around his waist from behind and she tugged him to the ground, laughing all the while. Saiya's chest rose and fell from the running and she lifted herself to look at Meeko, a beaming smile on her face. "Geez... I almost couldn't catch you!" she said with an exasperated laugh, running a hand through her brown hair as a smile stretched her lips.
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