Typical day for the Moderators

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  1. [video=youtube;5h14DwEIqhc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h14DwEIqhc[/video]

    October, Revi, and Grumpy are always here to protect you all from shit like this. Just remember that.
  2. Iwaku Moderators: We will **** you up!
  3. I need to learn coin missiles!
  4. It'd be very awesome Miss Ocha
  5. What is this I don't even
  6. wait which one are you guys...i see you guys more as the beaten ones....just waiting for you chance to attack only to be beaten back by the people you where attacking
  7. Nope, Revi, Grumpy, and October are the ones trying to protect themselves from the Microwave man and coin missile guy. But poor Grumpy got injured in the process. They protected you all from the evils of trolls.
  8. what did trolls ever do to you i mean really how can you not think they are oh so cute with their homes under bridges and shit
  9. You obviously never watched Lord of the Rings.
  10. werent they orcs and not trolls.....or am i really really confused
  11. The big thing with the orcs/goblins that attacked in the miners before the Balrog showed up.
  12. Trolls stampeded my peoples' women and raped our cattle.

    VENDETTA. >:[
  13. ​Can I be a fairy troll?
  14. No, you're a pixie. They are just trouble makers to begin with.
  15. ​ooooh :D
  16. Noone ever mentions the hatredcopter.
  17. its their own fault i mean did your cattle even put up a fight probably just sat their and took it.
  18. *Begins the ritual of summoning*

  19. Zuel is the only destroyer that should be called ^_^
  20. Your mincing is unsatisfactory to call forth He Who Dances The Final Dance.